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In-Kind Research - NESDIS

  Title Description Principal Investigator /
Point of Contact
Fiscal Year 2011
1 Hyperspectral Data assimilation Guidance and expertise in hyperspectral data utilization (cloud-cleared radiances, channel selection) for AIRS, IASI C. Barnet
2 NPP BUFR Tool Development (Lead) Guidance and leadership to project to develop BUFR format files for NPP data; Provide CriS, ATMS, OMPS and VIIRS data in a BUFR format to JCSDA partners, ahead of NPP launch W. Wolf Walter.
3 RT and Satellite Calibration Expertise in RT science and cal/val activities for high-priority sensors for the JCSDA. F. Weng
4 JCSDA Software integration Assist the JCSDA in the software integration and resources utilization E-M. Devaliere and A. Pratt
5 Hyperspectral Data assimilation Assist in the cloudy radiance assimilation of AIRS and CrIS Sean Casey
6 MiRS 1DVAR Pre-processor Provide NWP-independent first guess and QC tool for microwave data (rain contamination detection, ice detection, convergence, etc) for AMSU, MHS, SSMIS, ATMS, TMI, AMSR-E S.-A. Boukabara
7 JCSDA Readiness for JPSS CrIS and ATMS Provide OSSE experiments to get ready for JPSS CrIS and ATMS S.-A. Boukabara and L.-P. Rishojgaard
8 NESDIS/STAR Support for Ocean Data Assimilation HYCOM-based Ocean data Assimilation project E. Bayler
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