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Speaker Dr. Rochelle Wigley and Dr. Shachak Pe'eri
University of New Hampshire Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping

Overview of NOAA’s Nautical Chart Adequacy Workshop

Presentation file posted here when available.

Date Thursday, July 16, 2015
10:00 a.m. - 12:30 pm EST
Conference Room 4552, NCWCP, 5830 University Research Court, College Park, MD

Show Abstract

The International Hydrographic Office C-55 publication addresses the need to improve the collection, quality and availability of hydrographic data world-wide, while also monitoring and rectifying possible deficiencies and shortcomings that are presented on the chart. This task of evaluating the adequacy of nautical chart products poses a challenge to many national hydrographic offices. This stems from the dearth of readily available spatial information: namely, the lack of reliable and accessible vessel traffic data, and little means to assess the changing nature of both near-shore bathymetry and shoreline in a simple and reliable manner.

A workshop was designed and developed internally at NOAA headquarters by Dr. Shachak Pe'eri and LTJG Anthony Klemm for International Hydrographic offices to use publically-available information. The goals of this workshop are: 1. Develop a chart adequacy assessment procedure using automatic-identification system (AIS) data and satellite-derived bathymetry (SDB) that can be applied in OCS. The procedure will be low cost and could be readily applied by HO's worldwide. 2. Train an international group of hydrographers through a two day workshop in Silver Spring, MD in summer 2015. 3. Replicate the methodology internationally 4. Develop a globally recognized, documented procedure for assessing chart adequacy based on the depth, main traffic routes and the last available survey in the area (without ranking based on regional/local geo-political prioritization, e.g., tourism or military).

Also in attendance will be GEBCO Scholar students and workshop participants who may give short summaries of their work


Karen Marks, 301-683-3327
or Nolvia Herrera, 301-683-3308

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