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Hurricane Iselle - August 2014


August 8, 2014 - Tropical Storm Iselle, recently downgraded from hurricane status, made a rare landfall on the Big Island of Hawaii. Had the storm made landfall as a hurricane, it would have been the first to make landfall on the Big Island in recorded history. The center of the storm came on shore about 5 miles east of Pahala, on the islands southern shore, at 2:30 AM HST, with maximum sustained winds around 60 mph.

ATMS Brightness temperatures for all 22 channels from August 1-8.

August 1

Channel 17

Images of ATMS brightness temperature from channel 17 show Iselle weakening as it encounters the colder waters of the Central Pacific.

VIIRS DNB image of Tropical Storm Iselle - August 8

A VIIRS Day/Night Band image retrieved shortly before landfall. The storm had been weakened considerably by interaction with the large volcanoes on the island and colder water surrounding it. Source: Curtis Seaman, CIRA

VIIRS True Color Image of Hurricane Iselle - August 7

A VIIRS True Color composite image retrieved on August 7, as the storm approched the Hawaiian Islands.

CrIS Image of Hurricane Iselle - August 7

Images of the 11 um brightness temperature shows both Iselle as it approaches Hawaii, and Hurricane Julio, which would ultimately pass to the north of the islands.