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Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian animation, ATMS

Dorian, now a Category 5 hurricane over Atlantic with maximum wind speed of 155 knots (180 mph), is moving closer at fast pace to Florida, Georgia and Carolinas. Satellite observations on its developments are essential in closely monitoring the hurricane's intensification (in particular its upper-level warm core structure) and potential impact regions. To help facilitate the hurricane forecast and strategic planning, as well as scientific investigations on hurricane intensification and trajectory predictions, NOAA scientists produced the following 3D animation of the Hurricane Dorian on September 1, 2019 that captured the temperature differences between the outer and the inner portions of the hurricane, known as the upper-level warm core structure. The images are generated using the vertical temperature profiles derived from limb corrected and gap-filing ATMS data from channels 5 through 12 and the VIIRS cloud top reflectivity at band I1 (0.64um) as background.