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GSICS Coordination Center

GSICS GRWG Web Meeting

December 16, 2008, Hosted by EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, Germany
Time Presentations Speakers
12:00 UTC Introduction of Agenda Fred Wu
12:05-12:15 UTC Explanation of Web Meeting Tools Tim Hewison
12:15-12:45 UTC GSICS Hierarchical Algorithm Update
GSICS Hierarchical ATBD Generic Table
GSICS Hierarchical ATBD SEVIRI-IASI Example
Tim Hewison
12:45-13:00 UTC Actions from EP-5 and Agenda for GRWG-4 Jerome Lafeuille
Member Reports
13:00-13:15 UTC NOAA Update #1 Fred Wu
13:15-13:30 UTC NOAA Update #2 Likun Wang
13:30-13:45 UTC JMA Yoshihiko Tahara
13:45-14:00 UTC CMA Peng Zhang
N / A KMA Dohyeong Kim