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MSG/SEVIRI -- VH Directories

Several data sets have been created for the research on vegetation health product. Most of them are in HDF format. Below is a summary.
Data Set Description
MSG-SEVIRI MSG SEVIRI data of full disk, 11 bands; From 01/01/2005 to 10/23/2008 data were archived in 15 minutes interval. Staring from 10/24/2008, only half hourly data were archived. The new real time MSG server is too slow to complete data transfer in 15 minutes.
MSG-Static Data fields Static data fields in the same dimension of MSG full disk, including latitude/longitude, land types, terrain height, and sensor zenith and azimuth angles.
Snapshot images One pictture per day, showing the snapshot of all available images of that day. It provides a convenient way to review the data quality and availability of MSG/SEVIRI dataset.
Quality Cehck Result Data quality check was performed for every MSG/SEVIRI images. The results are presented in web page and saved in "Data availability files". User may use the "Data availability files" to select the data files to use.
Reflectance/BT (sampled) Sampled dataset for research only (Reflectance of band 1 and 2, and brightness temperature of band 9, taking one of every 4 rows/columns of full disk. )
Could mask The cloud masks were generated for half hourly SEVIRI images (2005-2008) by using a simplified cloud mask algorithm. It is a temporary substitute for the formal cloud mask product developed by GOES-R Cloud Team.
Sampled cloud mask The sampled cloud mask data by taking one of every 4 rows/columns of full disk. It helps save a lot of time to perform statistics on cloud.
Data at validation sites It contains data in two levels:
(1) radiance counts of 11 bands for 102 selected validation sites.
(2) Reflectance of band 1-3 and BT of the band 4-11.