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GOES East and West Sounder Temperature and Moisture Products

Product Name & Link Description

thumbnail image of horizontal sound field map of the southwestern U.S.Horizontal Soundings Fields

Total Precipitable Water (TPW), Lifted Index (LI), Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE), and Convective Inhibition (CINH) fields. Full U.S., Pacific, and Regional displays

thumbnail image of derived convective available potential energy for the continental U.S.Soundings Fields Archive

These links point to the 24 hour archive page for each of 6 different GOES Soundings parameters: LI (Lifted Index), TPW (Total Precipitable Water), CAPE (Convective Available Potential Energy), 850mb temperatures, 700mb temperatures, and 500mb temperatures.

thumbnail image of vertical sounding profile links for the continental U.S.Vertical Sounding Profiles

Hourly Skew-T diagrams for over 450 sites across the U.S., Mexico, Caribbean, West Atlantic, East Pacific, and Southern Canada (including 24hr archive)

thumbnail image of 24 hour JAVA loops of Skew-T diagrams for the continental U.S.Vertical Profile Loops

24 hour javascript loops of Skew-T diagrams for all above mentioned 450 sites

thumbnail image of Cross section from GOES Soundings (23L) - Memphis, TN to Cape Hatteras, NCCross Sections

Equivalent Potential Temperature (Theta-E), Mixing Ratio, Relative Humidity (RH), and Wet Bulb Temperature cross sections for 18 selected pairs of end points

thumbnail image of Cross section from GOES Soundings (23L) - International Falls, MN to New Orleans, LACross Section Loops

Theta-E, Mixing Ratio, RH, and Wet Bulb Temperature cross section loops for 18 selected pairs of end points

thumbnail image of 3 hour time difference for the GOES Soundings Time Trends - Lifted Index - Northeast U.S.3-Hour Time Difference Fields

TPW, LI, CAPE, and CINH fields showing 3 hour changes for various U.S. regional sectors

thumbnail image of GOES Imager Cloud Top Pressure - Northern HemisphereDerived Product Imagery (DPI)

Images and loops of various parameters derived from the GOES Imager and Sounder. GOES-East and West Derived Product Images (DPI) are produced hourly by the OPDB from both Imager and Sounder radiance information.

thumbnail image of GOES Precipitable Water Coverage and AdjustmentsPrecipitable Water Coverage & Adjustments

Display showing latest GOES Soundings coverage with color coding showing GOES adjustments to first guess

thumbnail image of GOES Lake Effect Snow - total precipitable waterLake Effect Snow Support

Hourly GOES Total Precipitable Water Estimates for Great Lakes Region (Seasonal)

Raw Soundings Files

Binary format and McIDAS format Soundings data

Cloud Montage Imagery

Operational and developmental Cloud Top Pressure (CTP) and Effective Cloud Amount (ECA) field comparison. (This product is no longer being maintained.)