GOES Temperature and Moisture Soundings Profiles 

The GOES Temperature and Moisture Soundings Profiles are displayed in Skew-T Log-P diagram format.  These diagrams include both the GOES and the first guess (model data).  Also included are several derived parameters to the right of each diagram.  The GOES thermal gradient winds (derived from the Soundings) are also displayed on the diagrams.  A Sounding may not always be available for a given site, if cloud cover exists.  Site selection for the profiles has been split up into three regions in the links below:  Atlantic and Eastern U.S., Continental U.S. (Mexico and S Canada included), and Pacific and Western U.S.

GOES Soundings (SKEW-T Plots) Available for Three Geographic Regions

Note: As of December 9th, 1999 the Skew-T diagrams have been modified to display the lifted low level GOES parcel, and the areas of negative and positive energy have been shaded in. Please read the updated SKEW-T INFORMATION PAGE for a detailed discussion of the skew-t diagrams displayed here.

North America, Central America and Coastal Waters

Pacific Ocean and Western North America

Atlantic Ocean, Eastern North America and the Caribbean

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