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High Density GOES-East Hourly Visible Winds - Continental U.S. and Gulf of Mexico Coverage

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These winds are being produced in concert with the CAMEX (Convection and Moisture EXperiment) field experiment currently being conducted over the Continental US and Gulf of Mexico regions. It is anticipated that these winds will be produced on an hourly basis through the conclusion of the experiment (0045Z on October 01, 2001). For more information on CAMEX click here.

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Wind Vector Key

600 - 800hPa > 34kts

801 - 950hPa > 34kts

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GOES-East Hourly Visible Winds - Latest 24 Hours

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General Information on Winds Production and Image Interpretation.

Obtain more information on GOES-E/W high density winds derivation by Gray et al, 1996

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Hank Drahos, Chief, FPDT, hdrahos@nesdis.noaa.gov

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