3 Day PM2.5 derived from VIIRS AOT and AIRNOW PM2.5

3 day PM2.5 derived from VIIRS AOT and AIRNOW PM2.5 shows 3 day animation satellite derived PM2.5, AIRNOW PM2.5, fire radiative power (FRP) overlaid on RGB image. PM2.5 (Particulate Matter with diameter greater than 2.5 $\mu m$) is estimated from VIIRS AOT through predefined regression relation, which are derived through model simulations as described in van Donkelaar et al. (2010).The AOT-estimated PM2.5 and AirNow PM2.5 datasets use the same color coding scale, so the agreement/disagreement between satellite and ground observations indicate how well the VIIRS instrument is capturing surface aerosol concentrations.

Users can select region of interest by clicking the icons at the bottom of this page. Seven regions can be selected: Southwest, Northwest, Southeast, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, CONUS, and CONUS+Canada. The default region is CONUS.


van Donkelaar, A., R. V. Martin, M. Brauer, R. Kahn, R. Levy, C. Verduzco, and P. J. Villeneuve, Global estimates of ambient fine particulate matter concentrations from satellite-based aerosol optical depth: Development and application, Environ. Health Perspec., doi:10.1289/ehp.0901623, 2010.

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Last updated: May 31 2016 15:25:30 UTC