Listing of MOBY Spectral data

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In Oct 2016, a reprocessing of the MOBY data began. Three problems are being addressed: 1) the method to extrapolate radiance attenuation coefficient (Kl) to the surface has been improved to include Raman scattering and chlorophyll fluorescence; 2) the arm depths used in retrievals was increased by 0.234 m; and 3) a single pixel shift in the data for the RSG collected at a bin factor of 384 for deployments MOBY203 to MOBY253. Initially only MOBY254 to current deployments were reprocessed. These deployments did not have the red spectrograph (RSG) single pixel shift problem. So for MOBY254 to current deployments only correction 1 and 2 are applied. As the older deployments are processed the data will be added to this directory. MOBY203 to MOBY253 will have had all three corrections applied.

In Nov 2017, a reprocessing of the old MOBY deployments began (203-248). This reprocessing changed the stray light correction (SLC) from using the old modeled data and an iterated correction to used the new interpolated matrices. The matrices are for the even buoys the 2008 matrix and for Odd buoys the 2011 blue spectrograph (BSG) and Odd 2008 RSG matrices where used. To make the matrices work on the older deployments with lower amounts of SLC we applied a mutlipication factor to reduce the stray light to the correct levels. We did not see any reason to assume changes to the features or shape of the stray light over time just in the level.

File name explained: MDDD_YYMMDDHHd, M = MOBY, DDD = deployment number, YYMMDDHH is the date as a 2 digit year, 2 digit month, 2 digit day and 2 digit GMT hour, d = derived file with Kl and Lw data.