ACSPO Regional Monitor for SST v2.1
2021-06-05 AHI_H08 L2C Data Missing As of 2021-06-18, AHI_H08 data was not complete from ACSPO output for 2021-05-05,
resulting in only 300 images being generated.
There are 1140 missing images.
2021-04-26 OSTIA L4 Data Missing As of 2021-04-26, OSTIA data was not available from PO.DAAC for 2021-04-22 --> 2021-04-25 .
Affected comparisons with L4 OSTIA data.
The missing data was received 20210427.
2021-02-25 G16 Data Missing G16 data was not available for this period.
Affected L2C and L3C output.
2021-02-[20,21] MUR Data Missing PO.DAAC MUR data set is missing two days of data, 2021/51, 2021/52.
ARMS MUR related output is not available for those days.