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GOES Sea Surface Temperature: Time series Validation

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Time series of Histogram of GOES SST minus BUOY SST for five consecutive days (Click on the image for a full size)
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  • From 07/20/2010 to 08/12/2010(jday 201 to 224), incorrected coefficients impelemented made GOES-13 SST bias shift.
  • From 04/07/2010 to 09/08/2010(jday 107 to 220), the GOES-11 Imager and Sounder patch temperatures were changed from their LOW set points (91 K and 89.1K respectively) to their MID set-points (98.9 K and 99.9 K). This modification made the pattern of histogram of GOES11 SST minus BUOY SST change.