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GOES Sea Surfcae Temperature: Validation

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution, within NESDIS, generates a matchup database for validation of the GOES-SST retrieval algorithms. This is important for the maintenance and improvement of the GOES-SST products. The global ship, drifting buoys and the TOGA TAO moored buoy array, which are extracted from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction, are matched with GOES-SST retrievals within one hour and 5 km. Matchup files are stored in the NOAA Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship(CLASS) for user access.

An validation system has been set up to use the matchup files as input to generate the statistics and plots from GOES SST aginst buoy SST data for monthly and timeseries. Also both of GOES validation and POES validation at CoastWatch regions are provided.

Click on the desired area of the image below to view monthly validation for the individual GOES CoastWatch region or all vailable GOES area (outside of white boxes ):

Time series of difference between GOES SST and Buoy SST: (Click on image for a full size)

Click on image for a full size


  • 4/14/2010, GOES-13 replaced GOES-12 as GOES-East operational Satellite.