The SQUAM development is done under the:
  • Polar PSDI ACSPO and NPOESS Data Exploition (NDE) Projects funded by NOAA/NESDIS (Program Manager: Tom Schott)
  • NPOESS SST improvements and Ocean Cal/Val projects funded by the Integrated Program Office (Lead: Bob Arnone)
  • Algorithm Working Group funded by the GOES-R Program Office (Lead: Mitch Goldberg)
  • Ocean Remote Sensing Program funded by NOAA/NESDIS (Lead: Paul DiGiacomo)
  • Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation (Program Manager: Sid Boukabara)

Thanks to:
  • ACSPO colleagues: Feng Xu, Xingming Liang, John Stroup, Denise Frey, Nikolay Shabanov, & Boris Petrenko for discussions
  • Doug May and Bruce McKenzie, NAVO (SeaTemp L2, K10 L4)
  • Pierre LeBorgne and Hervé Roquet, Meteo France (O&SI SAF FRAC L2)
  • Bob Grumbine, NCEP (suggesting to add L4 analyses, RTG L4)
  • Matt Martin and Jonah Robert-Jones, UK MetOffice (IC TAG activities, OSTIA L4, GMPE)
  • Eileen Maturi and Andy Harris, NESDIS/STAR and CICS/UMD (POES-GOES Blended L4)
  • Jon Mittaz, NESDIS/STAR and CICS/UMD (ice-mask usage discussions & better calibrated AVHRR data in future)
  • Ken Casey and Deirdre Byrne, NESDIS/NODC; Bob Evans, U. Miami; Jorge Vazquez, NASA/JPL (PathFinder L3)
  • Bruce Brasnett, Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC 0.2 L4)
  • Yi Chao, NASA/JPL (G1SST L4)
  • Helen Beggs, Australian BoM (GAMSSA L4)
  • Mike Chin, Jorge Vazquez, Ed Armstrong, NASA/JPL (MUR)

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