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The Satellite Climate Studies Branch (SCSB) exploits the capabilities of Earth-observing satellites to study the climate variations of the atmosphere, the land and the oceans. The Branch also uses remote satellite observations as well as model simulations to detect, monitor and forecast the effects of climate change on the environment, including effects on its ecosystems.

Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites (CICS)

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Documents Updated: October 2011

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Microwave Hydrological Products

image from MSPPS project - section of map

Microwave Hydrological Products

Advanced Precipitation Algorithms

image from Advanced Precipitation Algorithms project - section of map

Predicting Sea Nettles in the Chesapeake Bay

image of a sea nettle
Ecological Prediction, (PDF, 90 KB, 5/4/2011)

Long Term Climate Analyses -
Surface Temperature and Precipitation

image from precipitation analysis RPP

Predicting Harmful Algal Blooms

image from HAB document
Ecological Prediction, (PDF, 90 KB, 5/4/2011)

Monitoring Marine Algae from Space

image from marine algae
Monitoring Phytoplankton Variability, (PDF, 103 KB, 5/4/2011)

Ecosystems Modelling

image from Ecosystems Modeling plan - Chesapeake Bay

Microwave Infrared Retrieval System (MIRS)