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Document Matrix for STAR External Review Process
March 9-11, 2010

This matrix provides links to the documents and the organizations that author them, to depict the relationship between the planning and activities of NOAA, NESDIS, STAR, and JCSDA. It is a copy of the public version of this page and will be updated to reference the document versions relevant to the STAR external review process.

Some documents included here are not for public dissemination. Please honor any such notes or directives included in the documents themselves as appropriate.


STAR Planning Matrix - Image Map - click on documents to download JCSDA Operating Plan JCSDA Strategic Plan JCSDA Roadmap NESDIS Satellite Flyout Schedule NESDIS Strategic Satellite Plan CoRP Division RoadMap SOCD Division RoadMap SMCD Division RoadMap STAR Program Plan STAR Strategic Plan NESDIS Strategic Plan NOAA's 5-Year Research Plan NOAA 20 Year Research Vision NOAA Strategic Plan