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breaking ocean wave photoSTAR Values

Professional staff and government, contractor, and university employees are critical assets; their diverse talents are the main reasons for STAR's success. The Center maintains a culture that encourages creativity, initiative, and collaboration from the staff. It has professional administrative support staff and an Information Technology (IT) support team that are essential to this success.

STAR engages in research and development (R & D) according to four principles:

Create: Be New.

Generate fundamentally different ideas, instruments, techniques, or prototypes. This leads to concepts.

Produce: Be First.

Complete and introduce into the knowledge base a theory, scientific tool, product, or process that is very different from existing ideas or technologies. This leads to products.

Improve: Be Better.

Incrementally improve or standardize an existing model, technique, product, process, or technology. This leads to enhancements.

Master: Be Sustainable.

Generate incremental advances in knowledge, in order to master or extend existing ideas, techniques, or technologies. This leads to mastery.

Responsibilities of STAR
Throughout a Satellite Mission

Chart: Star Satellite Life Cycle Responsibilities

Data, algorithms, and images presented on STAR websites are intended for experimental use only and are not supported on an operational basis.  More information

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