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The United States invests billions of dollars annually in satellites that monitor the everchanging environment of the Earth. The Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR) adds value to this investment by offering sound, satellite-based information about the Earth.

The mission of STAR is to create satellite-based observations of the land, atmosphere, and ocean, and transfer them from scientific research and development into routine operations. In addition, STAR offers state-of-the-art data, products, and services to decision-makers. STAR is a leader in planning future satellite observing systems to enhance the nation's ability to remotely monitor the environment. STAR also calibrates the Earth-observing instrument of all NOAA satellites to provide reliable measurements for assessing the current conditions on Earth in a timely manner, predicting changes in conditions, and studying long-term trends in the environment.

  • Describe the current conditions of the Earth and its environment in a timely manner;
  • Predict future changes of the environment;
  • Study long-term changes on the Earth

STAR Product Categories

  • Climate
    Understand climate variability and change, to enhance society's ability to plan and respond.
  • Ecosystems
    Protect, restore, and manage use of coastal and ocean resources through ecosystem-based management.
  • Weather and Water
    Serve society's needs for weather and water information.
  • Commerce and Transportation Support the nation's commerce with information for safe, efficient, and environmentally sound transportation.
  • Critical Support
    Provide support for NOAA's mission, including its observing systems, which are a critical part of its infrastructure, and essential for measuring more than 500 environmental properties

Data, algorithms, and images presented on STAR websites are intended for experimental use only and are not supported on an operational basis.  More information

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