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Updated: 12-17-2018

Name ResearcherID E-Mail Division Branch Employment
Adeyeye, Adedoja SMCD EMB Visitor / PostDoc
Ahmad, Khalil SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Ajayi, Adetokunbo Front Office: IT Contractor
Allegrino, Americo E-7939-2011 SMCD OPDB Contractor
Allen, Kerrie SMCD OPDB Contractor
Alsweiss, Suleiman SOCD OSB Contractor
Atkins, Thomas SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Auligne, Thomas JCSDA Front Office Visitor / PostDoc
Bai, Yan SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Bailey, Andrew SMCD OPDB Contractor
Baker-Yeboah, Sheekela SOCD Visitor / PostDoc
Bali, Manik J-7518-2013 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Bayler, Eric F-5575-2010 Front Office US Govt.
Beach, Eric F-5576-2010 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Beck, Trevor SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Bennett, Clarissa Front Office Contractor
Blonski, Slawomir G-3609-2011 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Boukabara, Sid F-5577-2010 Front Office US Govt.
Bresky, Wayne SMCD OPDB Contractor
Brown, Charles SMCD OPDB Contractor
Brown, Christopher B-8213-2008 CoRP SCSB US Govt.
Brown, Lori Front Office: IT Contractor
Brust, Joseph Front Office: IT US Govt.
Bunin, Stacy JCSDA Contractor
Burns, Jessica SOCD OPB, LSA Contractor
Buzan, Eric SMCD OPDB Contractor
Cao, Changyong F-5578-2010 SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Carrion, Ana Front Office Contractor
Casey, Sean JCSDA Scientist Staff Visitor / PostDoc
Chalfant, Michael F-5579-2010 SMCD OPDB US Govt.
Chang, Paul F-5580-2010 SOCD OSB US Govt.
Chen, Junye SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Chen, Mingshi SMCD EMB Contractor
Chen, Ruiyue F-6708-2010 SMCD OPDB Contractor
Chen, Weizhong SMCD OPDB Contractor
Chen, Yong E-4321-2010 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Choi, Taeyoung SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Chu, I-Wen (Mike) SOCD MECB Contractor
Cikanek, Harry Front Office US Govt.
Ciren, Pubu E-6542-2011 SMCD EMB Contractor
Claar, Sandra JCSDA Front Office Contractor
Clark, Nikima SMCD Contractor
Comarazamy, Daniel C-8246-2014 SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Connor, Laurence E-7930-2011 SOCD OPB, LSA US Govt.
Csiszar, Ivan D-2396-2010 SMCD EMB US Govt.
Daniels, Jaime E-7933-2011 SMCD OPDB US Govt.
D'Antonio, Carolyn   carolyn.d' Front Office US Govt.
Das, Bigyani SMCD OPDB Contractor
De La Cour, Jacqueline E-7920-2011 SOCD MECB Contractor
Devaliere, Eve-Marie SMCD SCDAB Contractor
DiGiacomo, Paul F-5584-2010 SOCD US Govt.
Divakarla, Murty E-7936-2011 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Dorsey, Jerome Front Office: IT US Govt.
Duncan, Kyle SOCD OPB, LSA Visitor / PostDoc
Eakin, Mark F-5585-2010 SOCD MECB US Govt.
Egido, Alejandro SOCD OPB, LSA Visitor / PostDoc
Esmaili, Rebekah SMCD EMB Contractor
Fan, Meizhu SMCD OPDB Contractor
Fang, Li SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Farrell, Sinead F-5586-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA Visitor / PostDoc
Ferraro, Ralph F-5587-2010 CoRP SCSB US Govt.
Flynn, Lawrence B-6321-2009 SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Franklin, Brandi Front Office US Govt.
Gallo, Kevin F-5588-2010 SMCD EMB US Govt.
Gambacorta, Antonia SMCD OPDB Contractor
Gardner, Glen SOCD Contractor
Garrett, Kevin L-7582-2016 SMCD EMB US Govt.
Geiger, Erick SOCD MECB Contractor
Gladkova, Irina SOCD OSB Contractor
Grassotti, Christopher N-5887-2017 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Green, Victor Front Office: IT Contractor
Grimm, John Front Office: IT Contractor
Gu, Heng SOCD CoastWatch/Ocean Watch Contractor
Gu, Yingxin SMCD EMB Contractor
Guadalupe-Cruz, Valeria SMCD OPDB Contractor
Guch, Ingrid F-5565-2010 SMCD OPDB Contractor
Guo, Song SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Guo, Wei E-7934-2011 SMCD EMB Contractor
Hall, Patricia SMCD OPDB Contractor
Han, Weiguo Front Office: IT Contractor
Harris, Andrew SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
He, Kai SOCD OSB Contractor
He, Yuxiang SMCD EMB Contractor
Heidinger, Andrew F-5591-2010 CoRP ASPB US Govt.
Helfrich, Sean SOCD MECB US Govt.
Helgans, Brian SMCD OPDB Contractor
Heron, Scott E-7928-2011 SOCD MECB Contractor
Herrera, Nolvia SOCD Contractor
Herrin, Tammie Front Office US Govt.
Hillger, Donald F-5592-2010 CoRP RAMMB US Govt.
Ho, Shu-Peng (Ben) SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Honeyager, Ryan SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Huang, Jingfeng D-7336-2012 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Huynh, Bryan     SOCD Guest
Iacovazzi Jr, Robert G-3867-2010 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Ibeagbazi, Chibuike Jumah Front Office: IT Contractor
Ignatov, Alexander (Sasha) F-5594-2010 SOCD OSB US Govt.
Iturbide-Sanchez, Flavio F-9186-2014 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Jackson, Christopher SOCD MECB Contractor
Jackson, Marc SMCD Contractor
Jelenak, Zorana F-5596-2010 SOCD OSB Visitor / PostDoc
Jiang, Lide G-2041-2010 SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Jiang, Zhangyan G-2581-2012 SMCD EMB Contractor
Jochum, Matthew Front Office: IT US Govt.
Johnson, Benjamin E-8557-2015 JCSDA Scientist Staff Contractor
Jonasson, Olafur SOCD OSB Contractor
Jones, Erin E-9296-2015 Front Office Contractor
Jose, Veena SMCD OPDB Contractor
Jung, James JCSDA Scientist Staff Visitor / PostDoc
Kalluri, Satya K-2635-2015 SMCD US Govt.
Keegstra, Phillip SOCD CoastWatch/Ocean Watch Contractor
Keehn, Peter SMCD OPDB Contractor
Keffer, Brian Front Office: IT Contractor
Ken, Alexander SMCD OPDB Contractor
Key, Jeffrey F-5597-2010 CoRP ASPB US Govt.
Kihai, Yury SOCD OSB Contractor
Kim, Hye-Yun SMCD EMB Contractor
Kim, Yong Sung (Sky) SOCD CoastWatch/Ocean Watch Contractor
King, Thomas SMCD OPDB Contractor
Kireev, Stanislav SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Knaff, John F-5599-2010 CoRP RAMMB US Govt.
Kogan, Felix F-5600-2010 SMCD EMB US Govt.
Kondragunta, Shobha F-5601-2010 SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Kondratovich, Vladimir SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Koner, Prabhat SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Kongoli, Cezar SMCD EMB Visitor / PostDoc
Krishnakumar, Vattompadam JCSDA Scientist Staff Contractor
Kuhn, John F-5602-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA US Govt.
Kuligowski, Robert C-6981-2009 SMCD EMB US Govt.
Lance, Veronica SOCD MECB Contractor
Laszlo, Istvan F-5603-2010 SMCD EMB US Govt.
Lee, Yong-Keun SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Leuliette, Eric D-1527-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA US Govt.
Li, Aiwu SMCD OPDB Contractor
Li, Xiaofeng B-6524-2008 SOCD MECB Contractor
Li, Yaping SMCD EMB Contractor
Liang, Ding (Ellen) K-6959-2012 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Liang, Xingming H-7368-2014 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Lin, Lin SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Lindeman, John SMCD OPDB Contractor
Lindsey, Daniel F-5607-2010 CoRP RAMMB US Govt.
Liu, Gang E-7921-2011 SOCD MECB Contractor
Liu, Hongqing F-5608-2010 SMCD EMB Contractor
Liu, Jicheng B-4575-2009 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Liu, Ling JCSDA Scientist Staff Contractor
Liu, Quanhua (Mark) B-6608-2008 SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Liu, Shuyan SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Liu, Xiaoming F-5571-2010 SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Liu, Xingpin SMCD OPDB Contractor
Liu, Yuling SMCD EMB Visitor / PostDoc
Lynch, Erin SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Maddy, Eric G-3683-2010 Front Office Contractor
Marchand, Max CoRP RAMMB Visitor / PostDoc
Marks, Karen F-5610-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA US Govt.
Marsh, Benjamin SOCD MECB Contractor
Maturi, Eileen F-5611-2010 SOCD MECB US Govt.
McAdoo, David F-5612-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA Visitor / PostDoc
McCaskill, Claire SMCD OPDB Contractor
McWilliams, Eric SMCD OPDB Contractor
Meng, Huan F-5613-2010 CoRP SCSB US Govt.
Mentel, Leslie Front Office Contractor
Meyers, Patrick CoRP SCSB Visitor / PostDoc
Mikelsons, Karlis C-9147-2015 SOCD MECB Contractor
Mikles, Valerie SMCD OPDB Contractor
Mittaz, Jon SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Molenar, Debra F-5615-2010 CoRP RAMMB US Govt.
Monaldo, Frank SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Moradi, Isaac A-7539-2008 CoRP SCSB Visitor / PostDoc
Morris, Barry SMCD OPDB Contractor
Nalli, Nicholas F-6731-2010 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Neely, Kelly SMCD OPDB Contractor
Niu, Jianguo G-1325-2012 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Ojiaku, Uchenna SMCD OPDB Contractor
Oliver, India SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Ondrusek, Michael F-5617-2010 SOCD OSB US Govt.
Orescanin, Biljana JCSDA Scientist Staff Visitor / PostDoc
Palensky, Kevin SMCD OPDB Contractor
Pan, Chunhui SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Pavolonis, Mike F-5618-2010 CoRP ASPB US Govt.
Peng, Jingjing SMCD EMB Visitor / PostDoc
Pennybacker, Matthew SOCD OSB Contractor
Petrenko, Boris SOCD OSB Contractor
Pettey, Michael SMCD OPDB Contractor
Pierce, Robert F-5609-2010 CoRP ASPB US Govt.
Pillai, Priya SMCD OPDB Contractor
Poindexter, Jacqui Front Office Contractor
Porter, Warren SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Pryamitsyn, Victor SOCD OSB Contractor
Pryor, Kenneth F-5620-2010 SMCD OPDB US Govt.
Qian, Haifeng SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Ramachandran, Sathyadev SOCD CoastWatch/Ocean Watch Contractor
Reale, Anthony F-5621-2010 SMCD OPDB US Govt.
Rokke, Laurie I-5642-2015 SMCD OPDB US Govt.
Rollins, Rickey SMCD OPDB Contractor
Romanov, Peter F-5622-2010 SMCD EMB Visitor / PostDoc
Rosier, Ericka Front Office US Govt.
Rosier, Rafel Front Office Contractor
Roy, Priyanka CoRP Contractor
Rudlosky, Scott H-4309-2011 CoRP SCSB US Govt.
Russakoff, Arthur SMCD OPDB Contractor
Said, Faozi SOCD OSB Contractor
Sampson, Shanna SMCD OPDB Contractor
Sapp, Joseph SOCD OSB Contractor
Schmit, Timothy F-5624-2010 CoRP ASPB US Govt.
Schull, Mitchell SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Selman, Christopher SMCD OPDB Contractor
Shahroudi, Narges Front Office Contractor
Shao, Xi (Sean) H-9452-2016 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Sheriff, Terry Front Office US Govt.
Shi, Wei F-5625-2010 SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Skirving, William E-7927-2011 SOCD MECB Contractor
Smail, Emily SOCD Contractor
Smith, Ryan SMCD OPDB Contractor
Smith, Thomas F-5626-2010 CoRP SCSB US Govt.
Smith, Walter F-5627-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA US Govt.
Soisuvarn, Seubson (Golf) SOCD OSB Visitor / PostDoc
Son, Seung-Hyun SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Soracco, Michael SOCD CoastWatch/Ocean Watch Contractor
Soulliard, Letitia SMCD OPDB Contractor
Sprague, Conner SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Stegmann, Patrick JCSDA Scientist Staff Visitor / PostDoc
Stengel, Eric SOCD OSB US Govt.
Sun, Bomin P-8742-2014 SMCD OPDB Contractor
Sun, Haibing SMCD OPDB Contractor
Sun, Junqiang SOCD MECB Contractor
Sun, Ninghai B-6970-2008 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Suryakanti, Dutta JCSDA Scientist Staff Visitor / PostDoc
Tan, Changyi F-4786-2010 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Tan, Liqin SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Tirak, Kyle SOCD MECB Contractor
Tremblay, Denis SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Tronvig, Kristen Front Office US Govt.
Tsidulko, Marina SMCD EMB Contractor
Uprety, Sirish SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Valenzuela, Tess SMCD Contractor
Valerio, Ivan SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Villamil-Otero, Gian Alberto SMCD OPDB Contractor
Vogel, Ronald M-2519-2017 SOCD CoastWatch/Ocean Watch Visitor / PostDoc
Wade, Brittney SOCD SOSB Contractor
Wagner, Carl SOCD OPB, LSA Contractor
Walters, Michael SMCD OPDB Contractor
Wang, Heshun SMCD EMB Visitor / PostDoc
Wang, Likun B-7524-2008 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Wang, Menghua F-5631-2010 SOCD MECB US Govt.
Wang, Nai-yu E-5303-2016 Front Office Contractor
Wang, Wenhui D-3240-2012 SMCD EMB Contractor
Wang, XiaoLong SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Wang, Zhipeng SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Washington, Christa Front Office Contractor
Wattam, Ryan SOCD US Govt.
Weaver, Kaden SOCD Contractor
Williams, Stephanie Front Office US Govt.
Wilson, Michael G-9611-2013 SMCD OPDB Contractor
Wolf, Walter E-7935-2011 SMCD OPDB US Govt.
Wu, Xiangqian (Fred) F-5634-2010 SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Xie, Hua SMCD OPDB Contractor
Xiong, Xiaozhen F-6591-2010 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Xu, Chuanyu SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Xu, Hui F-5635-2010 Front Office Contractor
Yang, Banghua SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Yang, Hu (Tiger) SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Yang, Wenze SMCD EMB Contractor
Yoe, James JCSDA Front Office US Govt.
Yoo, Hyelim SMCD SCDAB Contractor
You, Yalei     CoRP SCSB Visitor / PostDoc
Young, Tonya Front Office US Govt.
Yu, Fangfang E-7942-2011 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Yu, Peng SMCD EMB Visitor / PostDoc
Yu, Tianxu SMCD OPDB Contractor
Yu, Yunyue (Bob) F-5636-2010 SMCD EMB US Govt.
Yuen-Murphy, Marilyn SOCD US Govt.
Zhan, Xiwu (Jerry) F-5487-2010 SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Zhang, Bin SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Zhang, Hai A-3445-2011 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Zhang, Zhihua SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Zhang, Zhuo SMCD OPDB Contractor
Zhao, Feng SMCD EMB Contractor
Zhao, Qiang SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Zhao, Yunhui SMCD OPDB Contractor
Zheng, Guangming J-3154-2013 SOCD Contractor
Zhou, Lihang E-7938-2011 SMCD OPDB US Govt.
Zhou, Mi SMCD EMB Contractor
Zhou, Xinjia SOCD OSB Visitor / PostDoc
Zhou, Yan Front Office Visitor / PostDoc
Zhu, Li SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Zhu, Qi SOCD OSB Contractor
Zhu, Tong JCSDA Scientist Staff Visitor / PostDoc
Zou, Cheng-Zhi E-3085-2010 SMCD EMB US Govt.

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