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Updated: 07-17-2018

Name ResearcherID E-Mail Division Branch Employment
Adeyeye, Adedoja SMCD EMB Visitor / PostDoc
Ajayi, Adetokunbo Front Office: IT Contractor
Allegrino, Americo E-7939-2011 SMCD OPDB Contractor
Allen, Kerrie SMCD OPDB Contractor
Alsweiss, Suleiman SOCD OSB Contractor
Atkins, Tom SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Auligne, Thomas JCSDA Front Office Visitor / PostDoc
Bai, Yan SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Bailey, Andrew SMCD OPDB Contractor
Baker-Yeboah, Sheekela SOCD Visitor / PostDoc
Bali, Manik J-7518-2013 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Bayler, Eric F-5575-2010 Front Office US Govt.
Beach, Eric F-5576-2010 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Beck, Trevor SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Bennett, Clarissa Front Office Contractor
Bhatta, Suman SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Bloch, Callyn SMCD OPDB Contractor
Blonski, Slawomir G-3609-2011 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Boukabara, Sid F-5577-2010 Front Office US Govt.
Bresky, Wayne SMCD OPDB Contractor
Brown, Charlie SMCD OPDB Contractor
Brown, Christopher B-8213-2008 CoRP SCSB US Govt.
Brown, Lori Front Office: IT Contractor
Brust, Joseph Front Office: IT US Govt.
Bunin, Stacy JCSDA Scientist Staff Contractor
Burns, Jessica SOCD OPB, LSA Contractor
Buzan, Eric SMCD OPDB Contractor
Cao, Changyong F-5578-2010 SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Carrion, Ana Front Office Contractor
Casey, Sean JCSDA Scientist Staff Visitor / PostDoc
Chalfant, Michael F-5579-2010 SMCD OPDB US Govt.
Chang, Paul F-5580-2010 SOCD OSB US Govt.
Chen, Junye SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Chen, Mingshi SMCD EMB Contractor
Chen, Ruiyue F-6708-2010 SMCD OPDB Contractor
Chen, Weizhong SMCD OPDB Contractor
Chen, Yong E-4321-2010 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Choi, Taeyoung SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Chu, I-Wen (Mike) SOCD MECB Contractor
Cikanek, Harry Front Office US Govt.
Ciren, Pubu E-6542-2011 SMCD EMB Contractor
Claar, Sandra JCSDA Front Office Contractor
Comarazamy, Daniel C-8246-2014 SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Connor, Laurence E-7930-2011 SOCD OPB, LSA US Govt.
Csiszar, Ivan D-2396-2010 SMCD EMB US Govt.
Daniels, Jaime E-7933-2011 SMCD OPDB US Govt.
D'Antonio, Carolyn   carolyn.d' Front Office US Govt.
Das, Bigyani SMCD OPDB Contractor
Datla, Raju SMCD SCDAB Contractor
De La Cour, Jacqueline E-7920-2011 SOCD MECB Contractor
Devaliere, Eve-Marie SMCD SCDAB Contractor
DiGiacomo, Paul F-5584-2010 SOCD US Govt.
Divakarla, Murty E-7936-2011 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Dorsey, Jerome Front Office: IT US Govt.
Duncan, Kyle SOCD OPB, LSA Visitor / PostDoc
Eakin, Mark F-5585-2010 SOCD MECB US Govt.
Egido, Alejandro SOCD OPB, LSA Visitor / PostDoc
Eichmann, Sr, Andrew JCSDA Scientist Staff Contractor
Esmaili, Rebekah SMCD EMB Contractor
Fan, Meizhu SMCD OPDB Contractor
Fang, Li SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Farrell, Sinead F-5586-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA Visitor / PostDoc
Ferraro, Ralph F-5587-2010 CoRP SCSB US Govt.
Flynn, Lawrence B-6321-2009 SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Gallo, Kevin F-5588-2010 SMCD EMB US Govt.
Gambacorta, Antonia SMCD OPDB Contractor
Gardner, Glen SOCD Contractor
Garrett, Kevin L-7582-2016 SMCD EMB US Govt.
Geiger, Erick SOCD MECB Contractor
Gladkova, Irina SOCD OSB Contractor
Grassotti, Christopher N-5887-2017 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Grimm, John Front Office: IT Contractor
Gu, Heng SOCD CoastWatch/Ocean Watch Contractor
Guadalupe-Cruz, Valeria SMCD OPDB Contractor
Guch, Ingrid F-5565-2010 SMCD OPDB Contractor
Guo, Song SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Guo, Wei E-7934-2011 SMCD EMB Contractor
Hall, Patricia SMCD OPDB Contractor
Han, JeeHye SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Han, Weiguo Front Office: IT Contractor
Harris, Andy SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Hatteberg, Rachel SMCD OPDB Contractor
He, Kai SOCD OSB Contractor
Heidinger, Andrew F-5591-2010 CoRP ASPB US Govt.
Helfrich, Sean SOCD MECB US Govt.
Helgans, Brian SMCD OPDB Contractor
Heron, Scott E-7928-2011 SOCD MECB Contractor
Herrera, Nolvia SOCD Contractor
Herrin, Tammie Front Office US Govt.
Hillger, Donald F-5592-2010 CoRP RAMMB US Govt.
Honeyager, Ryan SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Huang, Jingfeng D-7336-2012 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Huynh, Bryan     SOCD Guest
Iacovazzi Jr, Robert G-3867-2010 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Ibeagbazi, Chibuike Jumah Front Office: IT Contractor
Ignatov, Alexander (Sasha) F-5594-2010 SOCD OSB US Govt.
Iturbide-Sanchez, Flavio F-9186-2014 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Jackson, Christopher SOCD MECB Contractor
Jackson, Marc SMCD Contractor
Jelenak, Zorana F-5596-2010 SOCD OSB Visitor / PostDoc
Jiang, Lide G-2041-2010 SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Jiang, Zhangyan G-2581-2012 SMCD EMB Contractor
Jochum, Matthew Front Office: IT US Govt.
Johnson, Benjamin E-8557-2015 JCSDA Scientist Staff Contractor
Jonasson, Olafur SOCD OSB Contractor
Jones, Erin E-9296-2015 Front Office Contractor
Jose, Veena SMCD OPDB Contractor
Jung, Jim JCSDA Scientist Staff Visitor / PostDoc
Kalluri, Satya K-2635-2015 SMCD US Govt.
Keegstra, Phillip SOCD CoastWatch/Ocean Watch Contractor
Keehn, Peter SMCD OPDB Contractor
Keffer, Brian Front Office: IT Contractor
Ken, Alexander SMCD OPDB Contractor
Key, Jeffrey F-5597-2010 CoRP ASPB US Govt.
Kihai, Yury SOCD OSB Contractor
Kim, Hye-Yun SMCD EMB Contractor
Kim, Yong Sung (Sky) SOCD CoastWatch/Ocean Watch Contractor
King, Tom SMCD OPDB Contractor
Kireev, Stanislav SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Knaff, John F-5599-2010 CoRP RAMMB US Govt.
Kogan, Felix F-5600-2010 SMCD EMB US Govt.
Kondragunta, Shobha F-5601-2010 SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Kondratovich, Vladimir SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Koner, Prabhat SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Kongoli, Cezar SMCD EMB Visitor / PostDoc
Kovach, Charles SOCD OSB Contractor
Kramar, Maxim SOCD OSB Contractor
Krasowski, Greg SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Krishnakumar, Vattompadam JCSDA Scientist Staff Contractor
Kuhn, John F-5602-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA US Govt.
Kuligowski, Robert C-6981-2009 SMCD EMB US Govt.
Lance, Veronica SOCD MECB Contractor
Laszlo, Istvan F-5603-2010 SMCD EMB US Govt.
Leuliette, Eric D-1527-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA US Govt.
Leyva, Salim Front Office US Govt.
Li, Aiwu SMCD OPDB Contractor
Li, Xiaofeng B-6524-2008 SOCD MECB Contractor
Li, Yaping SMCD EMB Contractor
Liang, Ding (Ellen) K-6959-2012 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Liang, Xingming H-7368-2014 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Lin, Lin SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Lindeman, John SMCD OPDB Contractor
Lindsey, Daniel F-5607-2010 CoRP RAMMB US Govt.
Liu, Gang E-7921-2011 SOCD MECB Contractor
Liu, Hongqing F-5608-2010 SMCD EMB Contractor
Liu, Jicheng B-4575-2009 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Liu, Ling JCSDA Scientist Staff Contractor
Liu, Quanhua (Mark) B-6608-2008 SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Liu, Shu-Yan SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Liu, Xiaoming F-5571-2010 SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Liu, Xingpin SMCD OPDB Contractor
Liu, Yuling SMCD EMB Visitor / PostDoc
Ma, Yingtao JCSDA Scientist Staff Contractor
Maddy, Eric G-3683-2010 Front Office Contractor
Marchand, Max CoRP RAMMB Visitor / PostDoc
Marks, Karen F-5610-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA US Govt.
Marsh, Benjamin SOCD MECB Contractor
Maturi, Eileen F-5611-2010 SOCD MECB US Govt.
McAdoo, David F-5612-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA Visitor / PostDoc
McCaskill, Claire SMCD OPDB Contractor
McWilliams, Eric SMCD OPDB Contractor
Meng, Huan F-5613-2010 CoRP SCSB US Govt.
Mentel, Leslie Front Office Contractor
Meyers, Patrick CoRP SCSB Visitor / PostDoc
Mikelsons, Karlis C-9147-2015 SOCD MECB Contractor
Mikles, Valerie SMCD OPDB Contractor
Mittaz, Jon SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Molenar, Debra F-5615-2010 CoRP RAMMB US Govt.
Monaldo, Frank SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Moradi, Isaac A-7539-2008 CoRP SCSB Visitor / PostDoc
Morris, Barry SMCD OPDB Contractor
Nalli, Nick F-6731-2010 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Neely, Kelly SMCD OPDB Contractor
Niu, Jianguo G-1325-2012 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Ojiaku, Uchenna SMCD OPDB Contractor
Oliver, India SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Ondrusek, Michael F-5617-2010 SOCD OSB US Govt.
Orescanin, Biljana JCSDA Scientist Staff Contractor
Pan, Chunhui SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Pavolonis, Mike F-5618-2010 CoRP ASPB US Govt.
Pennybacker, Matthew SOCD OSB Contractor
Petrenko, Boris SOCD OSB Contractor
Pettey, Michael SMCD OPDB Contractor
Pierce, Robert F-5609-2010 CoRP ASPB US Govt.
Pillai, Priya SMCD OPDB Contractor
Pogorzala, Dave SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Poindexter, Jacqui Front Office Contractor
Pryor, Kenneth F-5620-2010 SMCD OPDB US Govt.
Qian, Haifeng SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Ramachandran, Sathyadev SOCD CoastWatch/Ocean Watch Contractor
Reale, Anthony F-5621-2010 SMCD OPDB US Govt.
Rokke, Laurie I-5642-2015 SMCD OPDB US Govt.
Rollins, Rickey SMCD OPDB Contractor
Romanov, Peter F-5622-2010 SMCD EMB Visitor / PostDoc
Rosier, Ericka Front Office US Govt.
Rosier, Rafel CoRP Contractor
Roy, Priyanka CoRP Contractor
Rudlosky, Scott H-4309-2011 CoRP SCSB US Govt.
Russakoff, Arthur SMCD OPDB Contractor
Said, Faozi SOCD OSB Contractor
Sampson, Shanna SMCD OPDB Contractor
Sapp, Joe SOCD OSB Contractor
Schmit, Timothy F-5624-2010 CoRP ASPB US Govt.
Schull, Mitch SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Selman, Christopher SMCD OPDB Contractor
Shahroudi, Narges Front Office Contractor
Shao, Xi (Sean) SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Sheriff, Terry Front Office US Govt.
Shi, Wei F-5625-2010 SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Skirving, William E-7927-2011 SOCD MECB Contractor
Smail, Emily SOCD Contractor
Smith, Ryan SMCD OPDB Contractor
Smith, Thomas F-5626-2010 CoRP SCSB US Govt.
Smith, Walter F-5627-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA US Govt.
Soisuvarn, Seubson (Golf) SOCD OSB Visitor / PostDoc
Son, Seung-Hyun F-6704-2010 SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Soracco, Mike SOCD CoastWatch/Ocean Watch Contractor
Soulliard, Letitia SMCD OPDB Contractor
Stengel, Eric SOCD OSB US Govt.
Sun, Bomin P-8742-2014 SMCD OPDB Contractor
Sun, Haibing SMCD OPDB Contractor
Sun, Junqiang SOCD MECB Contractor
Sun, Ninghai B-6970-2008 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Suryakanti, Dutta JCSDA Scientist Staff Visitor / PostDoc
Tan, Changyi F-4786-2010 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Tan, Liqin SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Tirak, Kyle SOCD MECB Contractor
Tremblay, Denis SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Tronvig, Kristen Front Office US Govt.
Tsidulko, Marina SMCD EMB Contractor
Uprety, Sirish SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Valenzuela, Tess SMCD Contractor
Valerio, Ivan SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Villamil-Otero, Gian Alberto SMCD OPDB Contractor
Vogel, Ron M-2519-2017 SOCD CoastWatch/Ocean Watch Contractor
Wagner, Carl SOCD OPB, LSA Contractor
Wald, Andrew SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Walters, Michael SMCD OPDB Contractor
Wang, Heshun SMCD EMB Visitor / PostDoc
Wang, Likun B-7524-2008 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Wang, Menghua F-5631-2010 SOCD MECB US Govt.
Wang, Nai-yu E-5303-2016 Front Office Contractor
Wang, Wenhui D-3240-2012 SMCD EMB Contractor
Wang, XiaoLong SOCD MECB Visitor / PostDoc
Wang, Zhipeng SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Wang, Zhuo SMCD EMB Visitor / PostDoc
Washington, Christa Front Office Contractor
Wattam, Ryan SOCD US Govt.
Weaver, Kaden SOCD Contractor
Wheeler, Ashley SMCD OPDB Contractor
Williams, Stephanie Front Office US Govt.
Wilson, Michael G-9611-2013 SMCD OPDB Contractor
Wolf, Walter E-7935-2011 SMCD OPDB US Govt.
Wu, Xiangqian (Fred) F-5634-2010 SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Xi, Xin SOCD OSB Visitor / PostDoc
Xie, Hua SMCD OPDB Contractor
Xiong, Xiaozhen F-6591-2010 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Xu, Chuanyu SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Xu, Hui F-5635-2010 Front Office Contractor
Yang, Banghua SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Yang, Hu (Tiger) SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Yang, Wenze SMCD EMB Contractor
Yao, Yuanzheng SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Yoe, James JCSDA Front Office US Govt.
Yoo, Hyelim SMCD SCDAB Contractor
You, Yalei     CoRP SCSB Visitor / PostDoc
Young, Tonya Front Office US Govt.
Yu, Fang-fang E-7942-2011 SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Yu, Peng SMCD EMB Visitor / PostDoc
Yu, Tianxu SMCD OPDB Contractor
Yu, Yunyue (Bob) F-5636-2010 SMCD EMB US Govt.
Yuen-Murphy, Marilyn SOCD US Govt.
Zhan, Xiwu (Jerry) F-5487-2010 SMCD SCDAB US Govt.
Zhang, Bin SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Zhang, Hai A-3445-2011 SMCD SCDAB Visitor / PostDoc
Zhang, Kexin SMCD OPDB Contractor
Zhang, Zhihua SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Zhang, Zhuo SMCD OPDB Contractor
Zhao, Feng SMCD EMB Contractor
Zhao, Qiang SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Zhao, Yunhui SMCD OPDB Contractor
Zheng, Guangming J-3154-2013 SOCD Contractor
Zhou, Lihang E-7938-2011 SMCD OPDB US Govt.
Zhou, Mi SMCD EMB Contractor
Zhou, Xinjia SOCD OSB Visitor / PostDoc
Zhou, Yan Front Office Visitor / PostDoc
Zhu, Li SMCD SCDAB Contractor
Zhu, Qi SOCD OSB Contractor
Zhu, Tong JCSDA Scientist Staff Visitor / PostDoc
Zou, Cheng-Zhi E-3085-2010 SMCD EMB US Govt.

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