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Updated: 12-05-2023

Name Publons E-Mail Division Branch Employment
Abecassis, Melanie SOCD CWOW Scientist
Adhikari, Loknath SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Adomako, Ronald CoRP ASPB Scientist
Ahmad, Khalil SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Allegrino, Americo E-7939-2011 SMCD OPDB Scientist
Alsweiss, Suleiman SOCD OSB Scientist
Arulraj, Malarvizhi CoRP SCSB Scientist
Atkins, Thomas SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Babb, Derek FO Resource Mgmt Admin
Bai, Yan SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Bailey, Andrew SMCD OPDB Scientist
Bali, Manik J-7518-2013 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Barnes, Quibilah FO Resource Mgmt Admin
Basnet, Bikash SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Bayler, Eric F-5575-2010 FO Scientist
Beach, Eric F-5576-2010 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Beauchamp, James CoRP SCSB Scientist
Beck, Trevor SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Beierle, Peter SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Bleich, Amy SMCD Scientist
Blonski, Slawomir G-3609-2011 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Boyette, Rodney SMCD OPDB Scientist
Bresky, Wayne SMCD OPDB Scientist
Brown, Benjamin SOCD Scientist
Brown, Charles SMCD OPDB Scientist
Brown, Christopher B-8213-2008 CoRP Scientist
Brown, Lori FO IT IT
Brucker, Ludovic SOCD FO Scientist
Buchhaupt, Christopher SOCD OPB / LSA Scientist
Buckley, Ellen SOCD OPB / LSA Scientist
Buckner, Steven N. SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Bunin, Stacy FO Scientist
Burch, Janel FO Resource Mgmt Admin
Buzan, Eric SMCD OPDB Scientist
Byrne, Deirdre SOCD OPB / LSA Scientist
Calderella, Cassandra Pat SMCD OPDB Scientist
Cao, Changyong F-5578-2010 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Cardenas, Roderick FO IT
Carrion, Ana FO JCSDA Admin
Carter, Ben SMCD OPDB Scientist
Carter, Corinne SMCD EMB Scientist
Chalfant, Michael F-5579-2010 SMCD OPDB Scientist
Chang, Paul F-5580-2010 SOCD OSB Scientist
Charusombat, Umarporn    
Chen, Junye SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Chen, Mingshi SMCD EMB Scientist
Chen, Yong E-4321-2010 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Choi, Taeyoung SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Ciren, Pubu E-6542-2011 SMCD EMB Scientist
Connor, Laurence E-7930-2011 SOCD OPB / LSA Scientist
Csiszar, Ivan D-2396-2010 SMCD EMB Scientist
Daniels, Jaime E-7933-2011 SMCD OPDB Scientist
Das, Bigyani SMCD OPDB Scientist
Dash, Prasanjit F-5582-2010 SOCD MECB Scientist
De La Cour, Jacqueline E-7920-2011 SOCD MECB Scientist
DiGiacomo, Paul F-5584-2010 SOCD Scientist
Dittberner, Gerald CoRP RAMMB Scientist
Divakarla, Murty E-7936-2011 SMCD OPDB Scientist
Dong, Jun CoRP SCSB Scientist
Dorian, Tracey SMCD OPDB Scientist
Dorsey, Jerome FO IT IT
Doss, Emily SMCD OPDB Scientist
Drenta, William SOCD CWOW Scientsts
Duncan, Kyle SOCD OPB / LSA Scientist
Esmaili, Rebekah SMCD OPDB Scientist
Fan, Yongzhen CoRP SCSB Scientist
Fang, Li SMCD EMB Scientist
Fang, Ming SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Farrell, Sinead F-5586-2010 SOCD OPB / LSA Scientist
Flynn, Lawrence B-6321-2009 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Franklin, Brandi FO Admin
Gallo, Kevin F-5588-2010 SMCD EMB Scientist
Garrett, Kevin L-7582-2016 SMCD EMB Scientist
Geiger, Erick SOCD MECB Scientist
Gladkova, Irina SOCD OSB Scientist
Grassotti, Christopher N-5887-2017 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Grimm, John FO IT IT
Gu, Guojun CoRP SCSB Scientist
Gu, Heng SOCD CWOW Scientist
Gu, Yingxin SMCD EMB Scientist
Guch, Ingrid F-5565-2010 SMCD OPDB Scientist
Guo, Song SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Guo, Wei E-7934-2011 SMCD EMB Scientist
Han, Weiguo FO IT IT
Hao, Wei SOCD MECB Scientist
Harris, Andy SOCD MECB Scientist
Hawley, Katherine FO Admin
He, Fei SMCD EMB Scientist
He, Yuxiang SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Helfrich, Sean SOCD MECB Scientist
Hernandez, William SOCD MECB Scientist
Herrera, Nolvia SOCD Admin
Hinshaw, Dean SOCD OSB Scientist
Ho, Shu-Peng (Ben) E-5199-2019 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Howard, Douglas SMCD Scientist
Huang, Chengquan SMCD EMB Scientist
Huang, Jingfeng D-7336-2012 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Huff, Amy SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Hughes, Ethan SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Hunger, Lars SOCD OSB Scientist
Iacovazzi, Siena G-3867-2010 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Ignatov, Alexander (Sasha) F-5594-2010 SOCD OSB Scientist
Inabinet, Stefanie FO Admin
Iturbide-Sanchez, Flavio F-9186-2014 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Jackson, Christopher SOCD MECB Scientist
Jackson, Marc FO IT IT
Jeffery, Jebidiah T. SOCD CWOW Scientist
Jeffery, Timothy RMD IT Team Lead
Jelenak, Zorana F-5596-2010 SOCD OSB Scientist
Jiang, Le D-7057-2014 SMCD EMB Scientist
Jiang, Lide G-2041-2010 SOCD MECB Scientist
Jiang, Zhangyan G-2581-2012 SMCD EMB Scientist
Jochum, Matthew FO IT IT
Johnson, Benjamin E-8557-2015 SMCD EMB Scientist
Johnson, Frank SOCD OSB Scientist
Johnson, LaTonya FO Resource Mgmt Admin
Jonasson, Olafur SOCD OSB Scientist
Jones, Erin E-9296-2015 SMCD EMB Scientist
Jones, Yolanda FO Admin
Jung, James CoRP ASPB Scientist
Keegstra, Phillip SOCD CWOW Scientist
Keffer, Brian FO IT IT
Kellndorfer, Josef FO Scientist
Kelly, Donovan FO IT IT
Keun-Lee, Yong SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Key, Jeffrey AAB-7248-2020 CoRP ASPB Scientist
Kihai, Yury SOCD OSB Scientist
Kim, Hye-Yun SMCD EMB Scientist
Kim, Yong Sung (Sky) SOCD CWOW Scientist
King, Thomas SMCD OPDB Scientist
Kireev, Stanislav SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Knaff, John F-5599-2010 CoRP RAMMB Scientist
Kogan, Felix F-5600-2010 SMCD EMB Scientist
Kondragunta, Shobha F-5601-2010 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Kondratovich, Vladimir SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Kongoli, Cezar SMCD SPB Scientist
Kovach, Charles SOCD MECB Scientist
Kuhn, John F-5602-2010 SOCD OPB / LSA Scientist
Kulie, Mark CoRP ASPB Scientist
Kuligowski, Robert C-6981-2009 SMCD EMB Scientist
Lamb, Douglas SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Lance, Veronica SOCD MECB Scientist
Laszlo, Istvan F-5603-2010 SMCD EMB Scientist
Leuliette, Eric D-1527-2010 SOCD OPB / LSA Scientist
Li, Aiwu SMCD OPDB Scientist
Li, Yaping SMCD EMB Scientist
Liang, Ding (Ellen) K-6959-2012 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Liang, Xingming H-7368-2014 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Lin, Lin SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Linarelli, John SMCD EMB Scientist
Lindeman, John SMCD OPDB Scientist
Lindsay, Robert SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Line, William "Bill" AAF-8477-2019 CoRP RAMMB Scientist
Liu, Gang E-7921-2011 SOCD MECB Scientist
Liu, Hongqing F-5608-2010 SMCD EMB Scientist
Liu, Hui SMCD EMB Scientist
Liu, Quanhua "Mark" B-6608-2008 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Liu, Shuyan SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Liu, Xiaoming F-5571-2010 SOCD MECB Scientist
Liu, Xingpin SMCD OPDB Scientist
Liu, Yinghui CoRP ASPB Scientist
Liu, Yuling SMCD EMB Scientist
Logan, Shanita FO Resource Mgmt Manager
Lukens, Katherine SMCD EMB Scientist
Ma, Yingtao SMCD EMB Scientist
Mack, Ericka Christine FO Resource Mgmt Admin
Mackell, Kimberly FO Resource Mgmt Admin
Madani, Houria SMCD OPDB Scientist
Maddy, Eric G-3683-2010 FO Scientist
Manzello, Derek A-8661-2014 SOCD MECB Scientist
Marsh, Benjamin SOCD MECB Scientist
Maturi, Eileen F-5611-2010 SOCD MECB Scientist
McCaskill, Claire SMCD OPDB Scientist
McCullough, Wayne SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Meng, Huan F-5613-2010 CoRP SCSB Scientist
Mikelsons, Karlis C-9147-2015 SOCD MECB Scientist
Miller, William J.S SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Monaldo, Frank SOCD MECB Scientist
Monte, Cheryl SOCD MECB Scientist
Moore Torres, Jessie SOCD Scientist
Moradi, Isaac A-7539-2008 CoRP SCSB Scientist
Nalli, Nicholas F-6731-2010 SMCD OPDB Scientist
Neely, Merrie SOCD Scientist
Newton, Rhonda RMD FO Admin
Nezlin, Nikolay SOCD
Niu, Jianguo G-1325-2012 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Olander, Timothy CoRP ASPB Scientist
Ondrusek, Michael F-5617-2010 SOCD OSB Scientist
Pan, Chunhui SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Parker, Bryan FO IT IT
Patton, Joseph CoRP SCSB Scientist
Pavolonis, Mike F-5618-2010 CoRP ASPB Scientist
Peng, Jingjing SMCD EMB Scientist
Petkovic, Veljko CoRP SCSB Scientist
Petrenko, Boris SOCD OSB Scientist
Pettey, Michael SMCD OPDB Scientist
Pierce, Robert F-5609-2010 CoRP ASPB Scientist
Pillai, Priya SMCD OPDB Scientist
Plagge, Amanda SOCD OPB / LSA Scientist
Porter, Warren SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Pryamitsyn, Victor SOCD OSB Scientist
Pryor, Kenneth F-5620-2010 SMCD OPDB Scientist
Qian, Haifeng SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Ramachandran, Sathyadev SOCD CWOW Scientist
Ravindranath, Arun SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Reagan, James FO Scientist
Reale, Anthony F-5621-2010 SMCD OPDB Scientist
Rodriguez, Edmond SMCD OPDB Scientist
Rokke, Laurie I-5642-2015 SMCD OPDB Scientist
Roman-Stork, Heather SOCD OPB / LSA Scientist
Romanov, Peter F-5622-2010 SMCD EMB Scientist
Rosier, Ericka FO Admin
Roy, Priyanka SMCD Scientist
Rudlosky, Scott H-4309-2011 CoRP SCSB Scientist
Ruff, Tyler SOCD MECB Scientist
Said, Faozi SOCD OSB Scientist
Sampson, Shanna SMCD OPDB Scientist
Sapp, Joseph SOCD OSB Scientist
Schmit, Timothy F-5624-2010 CoRP ASPB Scientist
Schull, Mitchell SMCD EMB Scientist
Semenov, Alexandr SOCD OSB Scientist
Shahroudi, Narges AAC-1379-2019 FO Scientist
Shao, Xi (Sean) H-9452-2016 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Sheriff, Terry FO Admin
Shi, Wei F-5625-2010 SOCD MECB Scientist
Shoup, Casey SOCD OSB Scientist
Skirving, William E-7927-2011 SOCD MECB Scientist
Slocum, Christopher AAH-3123-2019 CoRP RAMMB Scientist
Smail, Emily SOCD Scientist
Smith, Thomas F-5626-2010 CoRP SCSB Scientist
Smith, Walter F-5627-2010 SOCD OPB / LSA Scientist
Soisuvarn, Seubson (Golf) R-8130-2016 SOCD OSB Scientist
Sombie, Adama SOCD OSB IT
Son, Seung-Hyun SOCD MECB Scientist
Soracco, Michael SOCD CWOW Scientist
Spady, Blake SOCD MECB Scientist
Spoddiglane, Susan FO IT IT
Stengel, Eric SOCD OSB Scientist
Sun, Ninghai B-6970-2008 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Tan, Changyi F-4786-2010 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Tan, Liqin SOCD MECB Scientist
Tavakol, Andrea IT
Thacker, Sheela FO Resource Mgmt Admin
Thomson, Savitri (Annie) FO Admin
Tremblay, Denis SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Tronvig, Kristen Admin
Tsidulko, Marina SMCD EMB Scientist
Uprety, Sirish SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Valenzuela, Tess SMCD Scientist
Vinton, Kyle FO IT IT
Vogel, Ronald M-2519-2017 SOCD CWOW Scientist
Wang, Heshun SMCD EMB Scientist
Wang, Likun B-7524-2008 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Wang, Menghua F-5631-2010 SOCD MECB Scientist
Wang, Tianyuan SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Wang, Wenhui D-3240-2012 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Wang, XiaoLong SOCD MECB Scientist
Wang, Zhipeng ABA-2900-2020 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Wang, Zhuo SMCD Scientist
Washington, Christa FO Admin
Wei, Jianwei AAH-3502-2020 SOCD MECB Scientist
Wei, Zigang SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Williams, Stephanie FO Admin
Williams. LaDonna FO Resource Mgmt Admin
Wilson, Liza SOCD MECB Scientist
Wilson, Michael G-9611-2013 SMCD OPDB Scientist
Wolfe, Alexis FO Admin
Wright, Valerie FO Resource Mgmt Admin
Wrotny, Jonathan SMCD EMB Scientist
Wu, Shukming SMCD OPDB Scientist
Wu, Xiangqian (Fred) F-5634-2010 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Xie, Hua SMCD OPDB Scientist
Xu, Chuanyu SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Xu, Hui F-5635-2010 FO Admin
Xu, Hui SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Yan, Banghua SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Yang, Hu (Tiger) SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Yang, Wenze B-8356-2012 SMCD EMB Scientist
Yi, Donghui SOCD OPB / LSA Scientist
Yin, Jifu SMCD EMB Scientist
Yoo, Hyelim SMCD SCDAB Scientist
You, Yalei CoRP SCSB Scientist
Young, Alisa J-7900-2015 SMCD OPDB Scientist
Young, Tonya FO Admin
Yu, Fangfang E-7942-2011 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Yu, Peng SMCD EMB Scientist
Yu, Tianxu SMCD OPDB Scientist
Yu, Yunyue (Bob) F-5636-2010 SMCD EMB Scientist
Yuen-Murphy, Marilyn SOCD Scientist
Zhan, Xiwu (Jerry) F-5487-2010 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Zhang, Bin SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Zhang, Daile CoRP SCSB Scientist
Zhang, Dexin SOCD EMB Scientist
Zhang, Hai A-3445-2011 SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Zhang, Haifeng SOCD OSB Scientist
Zhang, Kun SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Zhang, Qingyuan CoRP SCSB Scientist
Zhang, Zhuo SMCD OPDB Scientist
Zhao, Qiang SMCD OPDB Scientist
Zheng, Guangming J-3154-2013 SOCD Scientist
Zhou, Mi SMCD EMB Scientist
Zhou, Xinjia SMCD SCDAB Scientist
Zhu, Qi SOCD OSB Scientist
Zhu, Tong SMCD OPDB Scientist
Zou, Cheng-Zhi E-3085-2010 SMCD EMB Scientist
Zubko, Viktor SMCD EMB Scientist

Employment type = 'other' includes visiting scientists, post docs, and grantees.