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Suomi NPP Captures the Solar Eclipse - 21 August 2017

23 August 2017 - For the first time in almost 100 years a total solar eclipse passed over the contiguous US from the Pacific to the Atlantic. This is also the first American solar eclipse of the JPSS era, and fortunately the Suomi NPP satellite flew over the path of totality as it cross the Southeastern United States. S-NPP teams have contributed interesting images and data artifacts of the eclipse from the OMPS, VIIRS, and CrIS instruments, and the images at right show the impact of the eclipse on S-NPP data.

Additional Eclipse Resources

Path of the Eclipse across the continental U.S. NPP OMPS Nadir Profiler - NP Radiance - at 283 nm NPP OMPS Nadir Mapper - Total Column Radiance - at 331 nm Suomi NPP CrIS Brightness Temperature Observed minus CRTM Simulation GOES-13 - GASP AOD Animation from 1015 - 1845 UTC Suomi NPP VIIRS Natural Color (Day Land Cloud RGB) - Bands I1, I2, and I3 - 1830 UTC Suomi NPP VIIRS Day Night Band - 1830 UTC Suomi NPP VIIRS True Color Composite

Path and Timing of the Eclipse over the United States

21 August 2017 - Image courtesy of NOAA NCEI

OMPS NP Radiance Shows Eclipse

21 August 2017 - Credit: Ding Liang, OMPS ICVS Team

OMPS NM Total Column Radiance

21 August 2017 - Credit: Ding Liang, OMPS ICVS Team

CrIS Brightness Temperature

21 August 2017 - Credit: Xin Jin, CrIS ICVS Team

GASP Aerosol Optical Depth

21 August 2017 - Credit: Shobha Kondragunta and Hai Zhang, STAR Air Quality Team

VIIRS Natural Color I Bands

21 August 2017 - Curtis Seaman, RAMMB/CIRA

VIIRS Day Night Band

21 August 2017 - Curtis Seaman, RAMMB/CIRA

VIIRS True Color Composite

21 August 2017 - Ninghai Sun, ICVS Team

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