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  • Global, North America, South America, Africa, Eurasia, Australasia, Asia, CONUS, China, India, South Africa.

Data Types:


    NOAA Soil Moisture from AMSR-E: Land surface soil moisture retrieved from AMSR-E X-band brightness temperature (TB10H) observations using the Single- Channel-Retrieval (SCR) algorithm.
  • NOAA-WindSat

    NOAA Soil Moisture from WindSat: Land surface soil moisture retrieved from Naval Research Lab's (NRL) WindSat X-band brightness temperature (TB10H) observations using the Single-Channel-Retrieval (SCR) algorithm.

    NOAA Soil Moisture from TMI: Land surface soil moisture retrieved from the X-band brightness temperature (TB10H) observations of the Tropical Rainfall Monitoring Mission (TRMM) Microwave Imager (TMI) using the Single-Channel-Retrieval (SCR) algorithm.
  • NOAA-Blended

    NOAA Blended Soil Moisture from Multiple Satellite Microwave Sensors: Land surface soil moisture blended from the retrievals of AMSR-E, WindSat and TMI.
  • Noah-SIM

    Noah Land Surface Model Simulations: Simulated soil moisture by the Noah LSM forced by NCEP's GDAS output.
  • Noah-DA

    Noah LSM Simulations Assimilated with NOAA Blended Soil Moisture Data: Analyzed soil moisture from assimilating NOAA Blended soil moisture data into Noah LSM using NCEP's GDAS output as forcings.

    NASA Soil Moisture from AMSR-E: NASA's Official AMSR-E soil moisture data product (listed for user's convenient comparison).
  • NRL-WindSat

    (NRL Soil Moisture from WindSat): NRL's soil moisture data product retrieved from WindSat observations (listed for user's convenient comparison).