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Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry / Geosat Follow-On

Picture of Geosat Follow-on.Project Description

Geosat Follow-On was a U.S. Navy altimeter mission that was launched on February 10, 1998. and officially ended on October 22, 2008. NOAA worked together with the Naval Oceanographic Office to process the altimeter data and provides GDRs to the scientific research community (all data are unclassified). We are actively analyzing both the Sensor Data Records (SDRs) and NAVO Interim GDRs (NGDRs) as part of the geophysical validation of the final NOAA GDRs. The links below provide documentation on both the NOAA and Navy altimetry products and provide access to these data sets. Links to Cal/Val presentations and posters for GFO are provided, along with a listing of external GFO-related websites. If you have any difficulty accessing the datasets, or need further information, please contact Eric Leuliette.