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Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry / Geosat Follow-On

Geosat Follow-On Cal/Val Meeting
NOAA Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry
June 12, 2001

9:00 Welcome John Lillibridge & Bob Cheney
9:05 Opening Remarks - Delegation of Responsibilities Mort Rau
9:25 GFO Radar Altimeter Performance Assessment David Hancock, George Hayne, Dennis Lockwood & Anita Brenner
9:45 GFO Water Vapor Radiometer Perfomance Assessment Chris Ruf
10:00 Precise Orbit Determination for GFO Nikita Zelensky & Frank Lemoine
10:10 BREAK  
10:25 NOAA's Role in Geosat Follow-On John Lillibridge
10:40 Real-time Altimetry Processing and Evaluation at NRL Kirk Whitmer
11:00 Quality Assessment of GFO Sensor and Data Products C.-K. Shum & C.-Y. Zhao
11:20 NGDR Quality Analysis for Fee-Determination Jim McMillan
11:35 Algorithm Research Panel for Operational Altimeter Processing Scott Klingenberger & Ronnie Vaughan
11:50 JGR Special Issue on GFO Gregg Jacobs
12:00-1:15 LUNCH  
1:15 Overview of the GFO Cal/Val Program Jay Finkelstein
1:30-2:30 Division of labor; Group communications; Change control; Timeliness  
2:30-3:30 Data formats; Model enhancements; Editing criteria; 
Instrument drifts
3:30-3:45 BREAK  
3:45-4:30 Outreach; Cal/Val publications & documentation  
4:30-5:00 Summary of Recommendations