OceanWatch Monitor
SSH Data Production, Validation and Use
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    RADS User Manual, RADS Data Manual & software (on GitHub):

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Sea Surface Salinity
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SST Monitoring and Validation
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    Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) Analysis Fields Inter-Comparisons: Part 2. Near real time web-based level 4 SST Quality Monitor (L4-SQUAM)
    Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical studies in Oceanography, Volumes 77-80, 15 November 2012, Pages 31-43

    The above paper is Part-2 of a two-part GHRSST IC TAG publication. The link to Part-1 by Martin et al. is:

  2. Dash et al. (2010)
    The SST Quality Monitor (SQUAM)
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Ocean Surface Vector Wind (OSVW) aka Sea Surface Wind (SSW)
  1. Soisuvarn et al. (2013)
    CMOD5.H—A high wind geophysical model function for C-band vertically polarized satellite scatterometer measurements
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    How to read CMOD5.H LUT
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Ocean Color: Chlorophyll-a
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In situ
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Technical documents
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