OceanWatch Monitor
S/W used for data analysis, preparing images and web-visualization
  • Back-end: IDL 8.0 or higher, Bash script
  • Front-end web-technology: HTML, CSS JavaScript/JQuery, Opensource JS API

Optimal compatibility
  • Browsers: Firefox, IE Edge (IE Explorer unsupported), Chrome. (exporting interactive timeseries to PNG is not working with Chrome and will be fixed in the future)
  • Screen: a minimum resolution of 1920x1080 is recommended. The portal frame is responsive to all popular screen-sizes but the inner interactive graphics are not optimized for mobile display. We have not tested the web on 4K high-resolution monitor.

Developmental history - major milestones
  • Aug, 2018: The concept and a prototype was presented at the CW/OW 2018 Annual Meeting and NOAA Modeling Fair
  • Feb, 2018: Start of project with pre-planning made in 2017, and setting the ground in Jan 2018