Dec 21, 2016

  • New: expended coverage to platforms with AVHRR/2 (NOAA-7, -9, -11, -12, and -14)
  • New: added monitoring on Noise-Equalivalent Delta Temperature (NEdT)
  • Change: updated EXT fit parameters


Jun 10, 2015

  • New: fit parameters for EXT (NOAA platforms only) are provided and downloadable now; created a floating panel to display the information
  • New: added NRT monitoring on fit residuals for EXT
  • Change: reconfigured the control panel to show only active options; replaced dropdown menus in tabs with option buttons
  • Change: updated About


Apr 20, 2015

Public release
  • New: AVHRR GAC L1b data and ancillary variables of NOAA-15 to -19, MetOp-A, and -B are processed
  • New: processing is near real-time (NRT; 2-day latency)
  • New: interactive visualization is implemented using HighCharts/HighStock JS libraries