Thank you to Presenters, Panelists, and Attendees

The symposium was completed July 20, and we thank all participants - presenters, panelist, and attendees - for helping make it a great success. See the program page for links to each presentation and video of each talk. The final report from the Symposium should be posted in the next few weeks.

8th Symposium scheduled for Summer 2019 in Washington, DC


Originating in 2001, this biennial symposium focuses on naval and other maritime operations in an "ice-free Arctic" and brings together experts on arctic marine operations, the environment, science, policy, law, and governance. High-level opening remarks are anticipated from members of the Alaska Congressional Delegation, NOAA, Navy, USCG, USARC, industry, and other representatives from the US, Arctic nations, and international community.


The symposium talks are arranged to cover three general topic areas:

  • Latest research on observed and predicted changes in the Arctic sea ice environment
  • Present and future impact of these changes on Arctic operations
  • Emerging Arctic policy issues on national and international levels