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GRWG & GDWG Meeting Actions Tracking

Action Id Item Summary Lead What to Do Expected Completion Actual Completion Deliverable Usage Status
A.GSW.20240313.1     By the end of March, think about the kind of articles to submit to the newsletter.   Nagatsumu           Open  
A.GWG.20240313.2     Bikash to add Masaya in the discussion group on the definition of the formats.   Bikash/Masaya           Open  
A.GLCW.20240312.3     Tom Stone (USGS) to request report on outcome of uncertainty workshop held adjacent to 2024 JACIE meeting.   Tom Stone           Open  
A.GVNIR 20240313.9     Hanbyl Li to report AMI VNIR calibration at the future GRWG web meeting.             Open  
A.GVNIR 20240313.10     Dave invited CMA to present more details at a dedicated web-meeting.             Open  
A.GVNIR 20240313.11     CMA to prepare an GSICS ATBD on the IR-MAD method.             Open  
A.GVNIR 20240313.12     JMA to report AHI Ray-matching result at the future web meeting.             Open  
A.GVNIR 20240313.13     Philippe Goryl to contact VITO ( Stefan Adriaensen ) to present the work done for SLSTR and combining results from different methods.             Open  
A.GVNIR.20240315.1     Philippe Goryl (ESA) to set up joint GSICS/IVOS web meeting on PICS desert calibration – to include SITSAT task team             Open  
A.GVNIR.20240315.2     T.Stone to set up discussion to support LSICS development              
A.GDWG.20240311.2     Paolo and Manik to coordinate with the SITsat group (CLARREO, LIBRA, TRUTHS) to define product format, also addressing the way uncertainties shall be reported in the products (with a special care on data volume).   Paolo/Manik           Open  
A.GDWD.20240312.1     Manik Bali to define a format in which the agencies shall provide input for the SOS report.   Manik           Open  
A.GDWD.20240312.2     GRWG and GDWG to define a way forward for the generation of the SOS report.   Manik Bali           Open  
A.GDWG.20240312.4     Paolo Castracane (ESA) to lead discussion with GCC and WMO on possible enhancement of GSICS websites following WGCV Cal/Val Portal as example.   Paolo Castracane           Open  
A.GDWG.20240313.1     CMA to post daily instrument bias on GPRC website in machine readable form.             Open  
A.GDWG.20240313.2     EUMETSAT (Simon Elliot) to provide IASI L1C reader to ISRO ( Pradeep Thapliyal ) :   Simon/Pradeep         Code provided   Closed  
A.GDWG.20240313.4     Paolo to coordinate with Manik on reducing overlap of webpage on solar radiance at ESA, NOAA/wiki and LASP.   Paolo           Open  
A.GDWG.20240313.5     Masaya to collect new codes of GSICS deliverable filenaming to be added in Common code table C-13 of WMO Manual on Codes.   Masaya           Open  
A.GDWG.20240313.6     Masaya to work on update of GSICS SRF Convention if GRWG requires any updates.   Masaya           Open  
A.GDWG.20240313.7     Take steps to integrate GSICS products into WIS   Manik           Open  
A.GDWG.20240313.8     Suggest format for storing daily bias following CF 1.5 CCC conventions   Manik           Open  
A.GDWG.20240313.9     GDWG (NOAA) to find a method for digitally marking LSICS outputs that have been generated by the official GSICS code version and copies thereof and making them distinguishable from outputs that have been generated by LSICS code that has been modified.   Manik           Open  
R.GDWG.20240313.1     CMA to link quality of reprocessed data related document on reprocessing website   Scott           Open  
A.GCC.20240315.1     Manik Bali (UMD) to prepare proposal to update GSICS Product Catalog and set up web meeting to discuss.   Manik           Open  
A.GMW.20240314.1     Siena to provide the GSICS MW Subgroup Membership to all Focus Group Leaders.   Siena           Open  
A.GMW.20240314.2     Tiger to consider sharing all Lunar models and associated documents with the group and take action to perform comparisons.   Tiger           Open  
A.GMW.20240314.3     Flavio and Shengli to set up quarterly progress review meetings for MWSG focus groups.   Flavio           Open  
A.GMW.20240314.4     Juyang to coordinate request for agencies to include information in L1 data sets that are needed to retrieve data needed for Lunar calibration.   Juyang           Open  
A.GMW.20240314.5     Niutao Liu/Thomas Müller to compare the Fudan lunar model with TPM model             Open  
A.GMW.20240314.6     Juyang Hu/Martin/Tiger Hu to Collect 1-year calibrated lunar samples from FY3 MWTS/MWHS and compare with the Model and ATMS lunar observations   Juyang           Open  
A.GMW.20240314.7     Yang Guo to check the information in FY3 MWTS/MWHS level-1 dataset for lunar information   Yang           Open  
R.GWG.20240311.1     GCC to consider adding tool/guide to minutes template for provide correct format for Actions.   Manik Bali           Open  
A.GWG.20240311.1     Dave Doelling (NASA) to consider modification to SBAF tool to allow users to specify custom SRFs.   Dave Doelling           Open  
R.GWG.20240311.2     Manik Bali (UMD) to consider adding tool/guide to minutes template for provide correct format for Actions.   Manik Bali           Open  
A.GWG.20240311.1     Dave Doelling (NASA) to consider modification to SBAF tool to allow users to specify custom SRFs.   Dave Doelling           Open  
R.GEP.20240315.2     SITP to be invited to GSICS meetings   Bojan           Open  
R.GEP.20240315.3     GSICS EP recommendations agencies to embed correction coefficients in L1 data file   All EP           Open  
A.GEP.20240315.1     GDWG to issue a GSICS standard operating procedure for the generation and the application of GSICS correction for the Level-1 data.             Open  
D.GEP. 20240315.1     Agencies to provide biases of their monitored instruments in Machine-readable format for Geostationary Satellites   All EP           Open  
R.GEP.20240315.1     GCC to give a GSICS overview talk at the JACIE workshop.   Larry/Manik           Open  
A.GEP. 20240315.1     Mounir to discuss the formation of a polarimetry subgroup with Dave Doelling.   Mounir           Open  
A.GEP. 20240315.2     GSICS Annual Meeting 2025 to have users of GSICS Products and Deliverables present at the meeting.             Open  
A.GEP.20240315.4     Manik to send forms for GSICS deliverable document to formally accept the LSICS as a GSICS deliverable.   Manik           Open  
A.GEP.20240315.5     EUMETSAT to provide additional resources to Manik for review of GSICS website   Bojan           Open  
R.GEP.20240315.4     GCC to display SOS heatmap on GCC website with mean Mean bias and Standard Deviation.   Manik           Open  
R.GEP.20240315.6     Lunar subgroup to build LSICS and apply to GCC for it to be a GSICS deliverable   Tom Stone           Open  
R.GEP.20240315.7     Lunar Subgroup to provide SI traceable observations of the moon and to include the aerosol retrieval application   Tom Stone           Open  
R.GEP.20240315.8     Some of the EO sensors don't look at the moon and sensors often need calibration when looking at the moon. Tom to bring up this point at the pre-launch calibration workshop in the Netherlands.   Tom Stone           Open  
D.GEP. 20240315.1     Agencies to provide biases of their monitored instruments in Machine-readable format for Geostationary Satellites             Open  
D.GEP. 20240315.2     NOAA/NASA/CNES/EUMETSAT to provide reference instrument state of the past year to be included in the SOS report.             Open  
D.GEP. 20240315.3     Agencies to provide biases of their monitored instruments in Machine-readable format for Geostationary Satellites             Open  
D.GEP. 20240315.4     NOAA/NASA/CNES/EUMETSAT to provide reference instrument state of the past year to be included in the SOS report.             Open  
Action Id Item Summary Lead What to Do Expected Completion Actual Completion Deliverable Usage Status
D.GLCW.2023.5a.3     Schedule regular web meeting slots - with the objective of holding a meeting every 2 or 3 months - in coordination with other GSICS sub-groups. With one meeting in person every second year (see D.GLCW.2023.5a.2)   All           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.1p.1     ESA/VITO to check on the uncertainty in the lower phase angle of the model and report back to GSICS.   ESA/VITO           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.1q.1     Model developers shall provide a detailed description of how their model is derived and a detailed functional description of their model.   All           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.2b.1     T. Stone to coordinate with the group involved in the first lunar model inter-comparison to define a way forward for the next iteration on the model inter-comparison.   Tom Stone           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.2f.1     Teams involved in software development to liaise with LSICS development group on what are the typical disclaimers for distributing software.   All           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.2i.1     T. Stone (USGS) to report the scope of LSICS to EP in the 2024 annual meeting. The GSICS LSCIS will be modularly implemented with open source code of Python and accessible to the public pending on Github.   Tom Stone           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.2i.2     GDWG (Masaya T.) to seek the corresponding information from WMO and GDWG members to provide guidance on the version control of the GSICS LSICS deliverable. Report at the 2024 annual meeting.   Masaya           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.2i.3     EUMETSAT & NOAA to continue to develop spec & circulate, then iterate with group. Seb Wagner needs to check with EUMETSAT.(due: 2024 annual meeting)   NOAA/EUMETSAT           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.2i.4     Revise variable naming conventions, provide the documentation for review (due: 2024 annual meeting)   Masaya           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.2i.5     GDWG to provide guidance on the method to implement for flagging that LSICS products came from official LSICS run.   Masaya           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.3c.1     Jason to report at a future Lunar Calibration sub-group web meeting about the issues with the F-factor (due: by 2025 annual meeting).   Jason Choi           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.3n.1     Martin Burgdorf to coordinate a presentation on using stars to monitor Himawari-8 and 9 at a future Lunar Calibration sub-group web meeting (due: by 2025 annual meeting).   Martin Burgdorf           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.4j.1     Fangfang Yu (UMD) to invite Diogo Rio Fernandes (OroraTech) to GSICS annual meeting to present inter-calibration of SAFIRE thermal IR imagers   Fangfang Yu           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.4l.1     Jack Xiong (NASA) to report back on result of comparison of comparison of TPMs with MODIS/VIIRS   Jack Xiong           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.4d.1     Tiger Hu (UMD) to share AMSU and ATMS Moon observations with Thomas Müller   Tiger Hu           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.5a.1     Hugh Kieffer to propose section titles for Best Practice Guideline on lunar calibration by 2024-03-01   Hugh Kieffer           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.5a.2     Seb Wagner (EUMETSAT) to propose way forward with GSICS Lunar Observation Dataset (GLOD) by 2024-03-01   Sebastien Wagner           Open  
A.GLCW.2023.5e.1     Thomas Müller to analyse impact of libration on thermal signal and report by 2024-12-31   Thomas Mueller           Open  
R.GLCW.2023.1f.1     Lunar Calibration Community to investigate in coordination with the GSICS Research Working Group how to raise visibility of the lunar (measurement) activities, and how to show the usefulness of those activities for climate monitoring.   All           Open  
R.GLCW.2023.2i.1     The inputs/outputs of the LSICS should maintain GIRO compatibility             Open  
R.GLCW.2023.1j.1     Agencies acquiring lunar observations to share data with documentation and uncertainties as far as possible.             Open  
R.GLCW.2023.1j.2     GSICS to define a mechanism to share observations (jointly with IVOS) - e.g. assigning a DOI, linked to a URL. Share recommendation with WGCV   All           Open  
R.GLCW.2023.1n.1     Encourage more observations of lunar polarisation to allow development of improved lunar polarisation model   EP           Open  
R.GLCW.2023.1p.2     a detailed documentation on all lunar models and their implementation should be provided for review by the Lunar Calibration Community             Open  
R.GLCW.2023.1q.1     GSICS community should review and validate the methodology (related to A.GLCW.2023.1q.1). Peer review process is secondary.             Open  
R.GLCW.2023.2a.1     Additional spectral bands should be added to the existing SRF dataset available for the inter-comparison exercise, in particular in spectral domains subject to gaseous absorption.             Open  
R.GLCW.2023.2a.2     NIST to share fully processed Air-LUSI data with the Lunar Calibration Community. This will support the understanding of model differences.   NIST           Open  
R.GLCW.2023.2a.3     Tom Stone to iterate with the Lunar Calibration Community on the need to generate time series of model lunar irradiance differences for a synthetic instrument   Tom Stone           Open  
R.GLCW.2023.2i.1     LSICS should maintain GIRO compatibility for input and output files             Open  
R.GLCW.2023.2i.2     LSICS should implement a capability to account for the solar spectral irradiance variability.             Open  
R.GLCW.2023.2i.3     The LSICS lunar disk reflectance module should consider generating the lunar disk reflectance spectrum as an intermediate product.             Open  
R.GLCW.2023.2i.4     LSICS should implement the GSICS-endorsed solar spectrum             Open  
R.GLCW.2023.4k.1     Jack Xiong (NASA) to report on outcome of the analysis of the ABI lunar data in thermal infrared   Jack Xiong           Open  
R.GLCW.2023.4n.1     EUMETSAT and VITO are invited to test more fitting functions and share results with the Lunar Calibration Community             Open  
R.GLCW.2023.4o.1     as a continuation of R.GVNIR.2020.19d.1 (see Notes), NOAA is encouraged to coordinate the Lunar Calibration Community efforts to define best practices for post-launch assessment of MTF using lunar imagery.             Open  
R.GLCW.2023.4s.1     GDWG to review how to host the new lunar irradiance data such as air-LUSI, skynet lunar irradiance data   Masaya           Open  
R.GLCW.2023.5b.1     EP to promote acquisition of SI-traceable observations of the Moon to support further operation of Mauna Loa-LUSI, and to include the aerosol retrieval application to raise visibility of lunar calibration by tying it to a key climate data record             Open  
-     Seb Wagner (EUMETSAT) and Tom Stone (USGS) to interface with Monica and Natalia to formulate the latter   Sebastien Wagner/Tom Stone           Open  
R.GLCW.2023.5b.2     GSICS Exec Panel to support acquisitions of more polarisation-diverse observations of the Moon.             Open  
R.GLCW.2023.5b.3     GSICS recognises the additional value in disk-resolved lunar observations to support the further development and validation of lunar radiance models.             Open  
R.GLCW.2023.5e.1     Agencies operating microwave instruments observing the Moon are encouraged to compare these with the model presented by Tiger Hu (UMD), which is fitted to ATMS data. This would allow instrument comparison, covering more phase angles.   All           Open  
R.GVNIR.2020.19d.1     NOAA is encouraged to pursue its initiative on comparing approaches for post-launch assessment of MTF using lunar imagery. This initiative, in collaboration with other agencies, would lead to the definition of best practices for MTF assessment using the Moon.   All           Open  
A.GIR.20230301.1     NOAA will investigate parallax effects for GEO-LEO IR v2 algorithm and report back to the IR group in early May 2023.   Likun Wang           closed  
A.GIR.20230301.2     CMA for Chengli QI will investigate 1) diurnal variations 2) GEO and LEO hyperspectral sounder comparison, 3) GSICS correction   Chengli Qi            
A.GIR.20230301.3     KMA will investigate hot land biases for GEO-LEO IR v2 algorithm.              
A.GIR.20230301.4     Pradeep Thapliyal (ISRO) will investigate 1) diurnal variations, 2) multiple references, and 3) reference temperature for GEO-LEO IR v2 algorithm.              
A.GIR.20230301.5     NOAA will investigate the formula of the GSICS correction.   Fred Wu            
A.GIR.20230301.6     NOAA to send out reminder and monthly web meetings to check progress and milestones.   Likun Wang            
A.GIR.20230301.7     EUMETSAT to revise uncertainty analysis for GEO-LEO IR v2 algorithm by 2024-03   Tim Hewison            
A.GIR.20230301.8     NOAA to check application of cloud top height L2 product in optical flow parallax correction   Likun Wang            
A.GIR.20230301.9     NOAA to quantify reduction in random uncertainty of GEO-LEO IR correction due to cloud parallax – and consider quantification of systematic component of uncertainty.   Likun Wang            
A.GIR.20230301.10     NOAA to set up web meeting for agencies to present updates on GEO-GEO analysis   Likun Wang            
A.GSW.20230615.1     Larry Flynn/Manik Bali will assemble background documentation on the GSICS processes and products (Wiki, introductory presentation, GSICS products catalogue etc.)         6/16/2023    Closed  
A.GSW.20230615.2     Hugh Evans to propose wording on the Work Plan to refine the target of defining a GSIC product into specific outputs: E.g. Initial GSICS deliverable (not requiring full definition of formats etc.); harmonised data levels, etc.             Open  
A.GSW.20230615.3     All subgroup members requested to review scope and Work Plan prior to its presentation at the GSICS Executive Panel, 29 June.             Open  
A.GVNIR.20230302.1     Marc Bouvet (ESA) to provide information on LIME toolbox   Marc Bouvet            
A.GVNIR.20230302.2     Fred Wu (NOAA) to investigate possible mechanisms to fund development of lunar irradiance framework   Fred Wu            
A.GDWG.20230301.1     Manik Bali (NOAA) to add option in tracking tool to label actions as no longer relevant, and ensure a lead is clearly identified for each action   Manik           Closed  
A.GDWG.20230301.2     Kamaljit Ray to invite nominations as incoming chair to propose to EP.   Kamaljit           Closed  
A.GDWG.20230301.3     Paolo (ESA) to get directions from ESA Management if he can take up the Chair GDWG   Paolo           Closed  
R.GDWG.20230301.5     Manik Work closely to develop to utilize OSCAR API for retrieving information of interest   Manik           NLR  
A.GDWG.20230301.4     Paolo to give a talk on Overpass tool to GSICS   Paolo    Closed  
A.GDWG.20230904.1     GDWG to contact the product producers to learn about their views on making their products discoverable in the WIS system on a test basis   Manik           Ongoing  
A.GDWG.20230904.2     GDWG so share lessons learnt with GRWG, Simon and the WIS team.   Manik           Ongoing  
A.GMW.20230302.1     Ed Kim (NASA) to invite GPM XCAL to present inter-calibration algorithms to GSICS at web meeting   Ed Kim     3/1/2024      Open  
A.GMW.20230302.2     Martin Burgdorf to invite Imke Hans (now Imke Krizek and at EUMETSAT) to present uncertainty tree developed for microwave sounders within FIDUCEO   Martin Burgdorf     6/30/2023  2023-30-02    Closed  
A.GMW.20230302.3     Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) to brief MWSG on experience in developing GSICS products for IR channels of GEO imagers – and uncertainty analysis   Tim Hewison     3/1/2024      Open  
A.GMW.20230302.4     Siena Iacovazzi to circulate announcement inviting proposals to chair or co-chair the sub-group   Siena Iacovazzi     4/1/2023  3/2/2023    Closed  
A.GWG.20230303.4     EUMETSAT to setup a registration website, with letters of support for visa applications   Sebastien Wagner         LW Organized   Closed  
A.GRWG.20230303.1     GRWG chair (Fangfang Yu) to recommend the GRWG incoming chair and notify the EPs about the SW subgroup chairs’ confirmation in the coming EP meeting.   Fang Fang Yu            
A.GWG.20230227.1     Andy Heidinger (NOAA) to analyse GEO-GEO overlaps in ISCCP-NG L1G products and present at web meeting, including ESA CCI and EUMETSAT LandSAF to consider potential application to diurnal cycle in land-surface temperature   Andy Heidinger            
A.GWG.20230227.2     Manik Bali (NOAA) to consider the development of tool to interface GSICS Correction coefficients from GSICS Server with Satpy as external calibration coefficients.   Manik Bali           Ongoing  
A.GWG.20230228.1     Manik Bali to engage with Copernicus climate archive experts (via Betsy Weatherhead) and NIST data librarians on strategies to provide users with guidance to access best GSICS products for their application   Manik Bali           Ongoing  
A.GRWG.20230303.1     GRWG chair (Fangfang Yu) to recommend the GRWG incoming chair and notify the EPs about the SW subgroup chairs’ confirmation in the coming EP meeting to the lis   Fang Fang Yu            
R.GWG.20230303.1     Chairs to follow the selection procedures described in the "Selection of Working Group & Sub-Group Chairs and Vice Chairs" Section of "Roles And Responsibility of GSICS Working Group and Sub-Group Chairs" (              
A.GEP.20230630.1     GSICS EP to review GSICS Vision (2020) and propose new implementation plan for 2030 (updates for outdated and missing parts).   EP           Open  
A.GEP.20230630.2     GSICS EP representatives to identify their agency’s GDWG point of contact and report back to GSICS rapporteur. WMO to update that information on the GSICS website.   EP           Closed  
A.GEP.20230630.3     GDWG to prepare a proposal for a Standard Operating procedure for the dissemination of GSICS corrected data products and how the GSICS coefficients are to be embedded in the corrected data files.              
A.GEP.20230630.4     WMO to organize WIS 2.0 presentation in GDWG subgroup meeting   WMO/Manik Bali           Closed  
A.GEP.20230630.5     Prepare proposal for the new space involvement in GSICS.   GCC           Open  
A.GEP.20230630.6     GSICS EP agencies to propose names for the GRWG IR subgroup co-chairs.   Likun Wang           Open  
A.GEP.20230630.7     IR subgroup to invite Roshydromet (A. Rublev) to discuss the best practice to calculate the actual colocation of IR channels.   Likun Wang           Open  
A.GEP.20230630.8     GSICS EP members to indicate their organisation's willingness to launch PTU balloons (radio soundings) coincident with satellite overpasses during new instrument commissioning and/or campaigns, and identify POCs for such activities.   EP Members           Open  
A.GEP.20230630.9     Prepare a proposal and implement an update of WMO GSICS website content and design.   All EP           Open  
A.GEP.20230630.10     Implement GHG Level-1 UVN Spectrometer SG ASAP. GSICS EP agencies to nominate agency POCs to participate in the UVN spectrometer SG.   All EP/ Larry Flynn       Ruediger Lang (Eumetsat) give a talk last year on CO2M. More talks in Annual Meeting 2024    Closed  
A.GEP.20230630.8     Evaluate ISCCP-NG user feedback, and other user feedback, prioritise and address open issues as actions to subgroups.   GCC/Manik Bali           Open  
A.GEP.20230630.9     Transfer GSICS report on the State of the Observing System in document format and set working environment for that   Tim Hewison/Manik Bali           Ongoing  
A.GEP.20230630.10     EP members to review their GSICS focal points and contact, and provide list to   EP Members           Ongoing  
A.GEP.20230630.11     GCC to organize trimestral status teleconference between EP Chair, WG Chairs and GCC.   GCC           Ongoing  
Action Id Item Summary Lead What to Do Expected Completion Actual Completion Deliverable Usage Status
R.GUV.20220310.1     UVNS teams to provide Instrument Information Sheet on Solar and SRFs. Review the GSICS wiki for information already available              
R.GUV.20220310.2     Hold a monthly meeting on Solar measurements and comparisons              
R.GUV.20220310.5     Hold monthly meeting with CEOS (WGCV and AC-VC) on calibration requirements and approaches for UV/Vis Spectrometer measurements for trace gas and aerosol retrievals.              
A.GUV.20220310.2     Larry to provide a template for the information sheet for the R.GUV.20220310.1              
A.GIR.20220315.2     Organize Follow-up meeting on INSAT-3R bias during eclipse season   Likun Wang           Open  
A.GIR.20220316.1     Chengli Qi (CMA) to share references of the papers he mentioned on the impact of GIIRS on NWP (winds, regional,... )   Chengli Qi   Closed  
A.GVNIR.20220318.6     GRWG (Dave) to work with GCC lead a recommendation to EP of recommending TSIS-1 HSRS as a reference Solar spectrum           TSIS-1 reccomended as reference solar spectrum   Closed  
R.GRWG.20220318.4     GSICS Recommendation use of TSIS-1 Solar spectrum             Open  
A.GDWG.20220316.1     IMD and ISRO to work on enhancing capabilities of RAPID to use visualize GSICS data             Open  
R.GDWG.20220316.2     Agencies to share their reprocessing plans             Open  
A.GDWG.20220316.2     Discuss with GRWG if reprocessed data should be designated as a GSICS deliverable             Open  
A.GDWG.20220316.3     GDWG members to inform GCC about the latest membership             Open  
A.GDWG.20220316.4     CMA to reveal use of GSICS coefficients in NWP processing             Open  
A.GDWG.20220316.5     GDWG to contact GRWG to gather requirements for combined product             Closed  
A.GDWG.20220316.6     GSICS members to contact Paolo (ESA) and provide feedback to EVDC             Closed  
A.GDWG.20220316.7     IMD/ISRO Cal/Val portal link to be provided to ESA to be included in the CEOS Cal/Val portal             Closed  
A.GDWG.20220316.6     GSICS-GDWG(Manik) to work closely with ESA ( Paolo) to integrate GSICS notebooks into the ESA metrology notebooks             Closed  
A.GDWG.2022031.8     GDWG to contact GRWG/Tim Hewison to get information on Combined products             Closed  
A.GDWG.20220316..9     GDWG to organize a webmeeting to discuss combined products             Closed  
A.GCC.20220318.1     GCC to edit an article on Notebooks, wiki and pages GSICS Tools   Manik Bali    3/31/2023    Closed  
A.GMW.20220317.1     Share the lunar disc-average brightness temperature data base for the microwave frequency range between 23 and 183 GHz   Hu Yang and Martin Burgdorf     3/1/2023    Data Base   Open  
A.GMW.20220317.2     Determine the feasibility of using MW FCDRs as GSICS Products   Robbie Iacovazzi and Viju John     5/1/2022  3/18/2022  Discussion During Annual Meeting   Closed  
A.GMW.20220317.3     Obtain the lunar data acquire from TROPICS from MIT.   Hu Yang     3/1/2023    Data Set   Open  
A.GMW.20220317.4     Perform O-B analysis on SmallSat/CubeSat data, such as TROPICS or TEMPEST-D.   Mark Liu     3/1/2023    GSICS MW Subgroup Meeting Presentation   Open  
A.GMW.20220317.5     Obtain and share NWP results regarding the use of the MWTS-III from FY-3E.   Qifeng Lu     3/1/2023    GSICS MW Subgroup Meeting Presentation   Open  
A.GWG.20220314.1     Andy Heidinger to put the link to the ISCCP-NG page in the minutes    Closed  
D.GWG.20220318.2:     GSICS SOS to be designated as a recurring deliverable and named SOS.             Closed  
A.GWG.20220314.1     Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) to provide Tech Note providing guidance on how to apply GSICS Correction for GEO imagers to Andy Heidinger to request feedback - done! Tech Note distributed to gsics-dev in this email.   Tim Hewison   Closed  
R.GWG.20220315.1     ISRO to include CrIS and/or HIRAS in GEO-LEO IR to investigate diurnal variations             Open  
R.GWG.20220318.4     GSICS Recommendation use of TSIS-1 Solar spectrum             Closed  
Action Id Item Summary Lead What to Do Expected Completion Actual Completion Deliverable Usage Status
R.GIR.20210113.1     The IASI SDR instrument team from EUMETSAT and CNES is recommended to draft a memo on how the IASI general data quality flag is generated and explain why IASI have negative radiance values at the SW region. Based on this, a best practice on how to handle IASI negative radiance values will be recommended to the team. (Circulated by email 2021-01-14   CNES     1/14/2021    Dorothee Presentation   Closed  
R.GIR.20210113.2     KMA is recommended to check how to handle the IASI radiance negative values before the convolution.   Minju     1/3/2022      Open  
R.GIR.20210113.3     JMA is recommended to present the inter-calibration results with and without gap filling to the team .   Arata Okuyama     1/3/2022      Open  
R.GIR.20210113.4     Tim is recommended to lead the study in the IR sub group to optimize the current GSICS inter-calibration algorithms for very cold scenes.   Tim Hewison     1/3/2022      Closed  
R.GIR.20210113.5     Hui Xu is recommended to update the statistical figures on IASI negative values (separated with CO2 absorption and window regions) and report it back to the team.   Hui Xu     1/3/2022      Open  
R.GIR.20210113.6     Each agency provides the information related to the dynamic range of each band/channel.   all     1/3/2022      Open  
A.GMW.20210121.1     Provide an FCDR presentation for the next meeting.   Cheng-Zhi Zou       2/16/2021  Presentation   Closed  
A.GMW.20210121.2     Check with previous stewards of this FCDR to see if LECT drift was considered in the analysis.   Martin Burgdorf Paul Poli       1/25/2021  Response in 2021-01-21 GMW meeting minutes   Closed  
A.GMW.20210121.3     Paul Poli would like information about SSMT2. May have SSMT2 information in desk at NASA. Paul to send a reminder email to Ed to look for it.   Ed Kim Paul Poli   Waiting for COVID-19 mandatory telework to end, so Ed can go back to NASA to look for documentation.  1/21/2022    SSMT2 Manual Copies   Open  
A.GMW.20210121.4     Send out information about available special issue volumes surrounding microwave radiometry   Robbie Iacovazzi       2/23/2021  Email   Closed  
A.GMW.20210121.5     All Subgroup Members working on FCDRs please provide input about using FCDRs as a community reference to Manik.   All GMW     3/5/2021      Open  
A.GMW.20210121.6     Aggregate GSICS actions applicable to the GSICS Microwave Subgroup.   Manik Bali     3/5/2021    Google Sheet   Closed  
A.GMW.20210216.1     Organize summary topic presentations for the Annual Meeting.   Qifeng Lu Mark Liu Robbie Iacovazzi Shengli Wu       2/17/2021  Document   Closed  
A.GMW.20210217.1     Summarize meeting reports for plenary status report.   Robbie Iacovazzi     3/5/2021  3/5/2021  Document   Closed  
A.GMW.20210217.2     Hold a planning meeting two weeks before the Annual Meeting.   Qifeng Lu Mark Liu Robbie Iacovazzi Shengli Wu     3/12/2021  3/12/2021  Meeting and Meeting Minutes   Closed  
A.GMW.20210217.3     Create Doodle poll for next Microwave Subgroup meeting   Qifeng Lu       2/18/2021  Email   Closed  
A.GMW.20210217.4     Send mid-March Microwave Subgroup meeting announcement draft   Robbie Iacovazzi       2/24/2021  GMW March Pre-Meeting Email Announcement   Closed  
A.GMW.20210217.5     Make two version of meeting notes. Internal and to be presented.   Robbie Iacovazzi       2/17/2021  Two Meeting Note Documents   Closed  
A.GMW.20210318.1     Contact Timo Hanschmann to discuss the use of reprocessed ATMS data in ERA-6.   Mark Liu     4/18/2021  4/18/2021  STAR and JPSS Meeting with EUMETSAT   Closed  
A.GMW.20210318.2     Provide information to Bill Bell from ECMWF about who is performing channel optimization and configuration of the Hyperspectral Microwave Sounder.   Fabien Carminati     4/18/2021  3/19/2021  Email with Information   Closed  
A.GMW.20210330.1     Get in touch with Xiaolong Dong to start a potential collaboration with the CEOS WGCV microwave subgroup.   Qifeng Lu     9/30/2021  4/21/2021  Email with Information   Closed  
A.GMW.20210330.2     Consider the GRWG desire that the Microwave Subgroup focus on 1) the development of MW GSICS standard products – e.g., O-B and SNO for the microwave sounders, GNSS-RO and microwave imagers, and 2) in the near future the definition of reference instruments and sharing of SNO common codes.   Qifeng Lu Mark Liu     2/28/2022      Open  
A.GMW.20210330.3     Get the GDWG presentation so that the group has the links to the GRWG software tools   Robbie Iacovazzi     4/9/2021  4/21/2021  Link available from GSICS Wiki page for 2021 Annual Meeting   Closed  
A.GMW.20210330.4     Steven Maxwell to connect Robbie with the NIST microwave group.   Steven Maxwell     9/30/2021  3/30/2021  Email with contact information   Closed  
A.GMW.20210330.5     From Action A.GIR.2020319.7 - Manik Bali (NOAA) to review guidance in the definition of time coverage start and end variables in the GSICS netCDF convention needs to be considered by all Subgroup Chairs.   Qifeng Lu Mark Liu     9/30/2021  3/11/2022  Email to Manik   Closed  
A.GMW.20210330.6     Need to update our action items in the Annual Meeting agenda under the GW Breakout tab.   Robbie Iacovazzi     4/9/2021  4/9/2021  Google Sheet   Closed  
A.GMW.20210330.7     Add more info of about Focal Points – e.g., specialty of individuals - on the Focal Point List in the GSICS WMO Web Site. The process for each GPRC is to contact the GRWG Chair with a list of GRWG members and information about their specialties.   Qifeng Lu Mark Liu     6/30/2021  10/28/2021  Action Cancelled by GCC   Closed  
A.GMW.20210330.8     Spectral Response Functions: Subgroups need to consider what spectral response information that they need and what they are willing to work with in terms of formats.   Qifeng Lu Mark Liu     2/28/2022  11/5/2021  Email exchange with information   Closed  
Action Id Item Summary Lead What to Do Expected Completion Actual Completion Deliverable Usage Status
A.GVNIR.20200318.2   Dave Doelling (NASA) to document the expected differences between products that are referenced to difference standards, for VIIRS what is the difference between the NOAA and NASA calibration L1B datasets. Andy mentioned especially for the day night band       3/1/2021      Open  
A.GVNIR.20200318.3   Dave Doelling (NASA) to set up a web meeting to discuss potential of tying all to one standard (e.g., the Moon).   Dave Doelling     3/1/2021      Open  
A.GVNIR.20200318.4   Dave Doelling (NASA) to send email with table for each agency to fill out. Focusing on GEOs only   Dave Doelling     3/1/2021      Open  
A.GVNIR.2020.16f.1   EUMETSAT (S. Wagner) to liaise with USGS (T. Stone) to realign the GIRO with respect to the last version of the ROLO model.   Sebastien Wagner     3/1/2021      Open  
A.GVNIR.2020.16f.2   EUMETSAT (S. Wagner) to propose letter of recommendation by GSICS to NASA to highlight the benefits to continue the Air-LUSI campaigns to lunar calibration.   Sebastien Wagner     3/1/2021    NASA does not accept reccomendation letters   Closed  
A.GVNIR.2020.16f.3   EUMETSAT (S. Wagner) to report on the Model InterComparison Exercise at the next GSICS annual meeting + Lunar Calibration Community.   Sebastien Wagner     3/1/2021    Presented in LCWS 2023   Closed  
A.GVNIR.2020.16f.4   EUMETSAT (S. Wagner) to check possibilities to create a distribution list for the Lunar Calibration Community.   Sebastien Wagner     3/1/2021      Open  
A.GVNIR.2020.18g.1   UMD (Hu Tiger Yang) to coordinate with EUMETSAT (Vinia Mattioli) to draft a note outlining possible further collaborations on microwave and thermal infrared lunar calibration activities.   Hu (Tiger) Yang     3/1/2021    memo was prepared and circulated to GSICS MW chairs + LC community   Closed  
A.GVNIR.2020.19g.2   EUMETSAT (S. Wagner) to liaise with the participants to the Lunar Calibration Workshop to ensure a follow-on on the actions / recommendations   Sebastien Wagner     3/1/2021      Closed  
A.GVNIR.2020.19g.3   EUMETSAT (S. Wagner) to propose letter of recommendation by GSICS to NASA to highlight the benefits of ARCSTONE project for GSICS activities and its members   Sebastien Wagner     3/1/2021      Closed  
R.GVNIR.2020.16f.1   Model developers to consider how their models' inputs can be decoupled from the observations to allow inter-comparison and benchmarking on the various steps of lunar calibration.       3/1/2021    A command line version of the GIRO has been created. Other models participating to the inter-comparison exercise are also ok.   Closed  
R.GVNIR.2020.16f.2:   EUMETSAT (S. Wagner) to investigate the possibility to revisit the mechanism to share the GIRO model, whilst respecting the existing license agreement   Sebastien Wagner     3/1/2021      Open  
R.GVNIR.2020.16f.3   Satellite operators to consider providing data to Hugh Kieffer for further processing with the SLIMED model.       3/1/2021      Open  
R.GVNIR.2020.17c.1   The solar irradiance spectrum used in the lunar irradiance models or for the instrument calibration should be documented and referenced when discussing lunar calibration results.       3/1/2021      Open  
R.GVNIR.2020.18f.1   CMA is invited to share in upcoming GSICS and/or Lunar Calibration meetings its experience on the use of lunar observations acquired by their IR sounders.       3/1/2021      Open  
R.GVNIR.2020.18g.1   Tthe Microwave + Infrared group is encouraged to pursue current effort and report within the context of GSICS regular meetings.       3/1/2021      Closed  
R.GVNIR.2020.18g.2   Microwave + Infrared group to liaise with CMA to foster collaborations       3/1/2021      Open  
R.GVNIR.2020.19d.1   NOAA is encouraged to pursue its initiative on comparing approaches for post-launch assessment of MTF using lunar imagery. This initiative, in collaboration with other agencies would lead to the definition of best practices for MTF assessment using the Moon.       3/1/2021      Open  
A.GIR.20200319.1     Sebastien Wagner (EUMETSAT) and Vinia Mattioli (EUMETSAT) to consider renaming the microwave session of the 3rd Lunar Calibration Workshop to include the TIR.   Sebastien Wagner and Vinia Mattioli     3/1/2021      Closed  
A.GDWG.20200416.1   Manik Bali (NOAA) to coordinate GDWG to investigate developing scripts to generate contents of Annual Calibration Reports from GSICS Corrections.       3/1/2021   Closed  
A.GDWG.20200812.1:   GDWG to review existing product THREDDS directory structure to make it easier for ISCCP-NG users to access products       3/1/2021      Open  
A.GDWG.20202010.1     KMA to provide the members the process to get account and use the KMA GSICS github.   Hysook (KMA)     3/1/20201    KMA provided POC   Closed  
A.GDWG.20201020.2     R.K Giri (IMD) to provide updates on landing page to GDWG   R.K Giri     3/1/2021      open  
A.GDWG.20201020.3:     IMD to update to update GSICS on receiving of JPSS data at IMD   IMD     3/1/2021      open  
A.GDWG.202010.20.5     GDWG to review GRWG proposed product convention changes (A.GDWG.20201020.4) and revise convention accordingly   GDWG     3/1/2021      Open  
R.GDWG.20201020.1:     WMO (Heikki) to nominate contact points to ensure that overlapping groups ( e.g IOGEO and ISCCP) can work in harmony with GSICS and strengthen Producer-User relationship.   WMO     3/1/2021      Open  
A.GIR.20200319.1   Sebastien Wagner (EUMETSAT) and Vinia Mattioli (EUMETSAT) to consider renaming the microwave session of the 3rd Lunar Calibration Workshop to include the TIR.   Sebastien Wagner/Vinia Mattioli     3/1/2021   closed  
A.GIR.20200319.2   Arata Okuyama (JMA) to consider applying Hui Xu’s CrIS gap-filling method to CrIS for AHI. With CrIS gap filling, JMA can further investigate the cold scene bias at 3.9µm channel for by comparing IASI-AHI and CrIS -AHI results, which is also related to previous action A.GIR.2019.7i.2.   Arata Okuyama     3/1/2021    The results have been presented in the following webmeeting   Open  
A.GIR.20200319.3   Manik Bali (NOAA) to work with GRWG to define a template for a User Guide for GEO-LEO IR GSICS products - to include guidance on best before dates.       3/1/2021    Python colab has been devloped as a user guide format   closed  
A.GIR.20200319.4   Fangfang Yu (NOAA) to include summaries of the double-difference between their GEO-LEO IR products generated from different reference instruments in the Annual Calibration Report template.       3/1/2021    The web meeting was organized by Fangfang Yu and the example of figures and tables have been provided. The link is here,   Closed  
A.GIR.20200319.5   Fred Wu (NOAA) to investigate statistical significance tests and set up a web meeting to discuss.       3/1/2021      Open  
A.GIR.20200319.7   Manik Bali (NOAA) to review guidance in the definition of time_coverage_start and end variables in the GSICS netCDF convention,   GCC/Manik Bali     3/1/2021      Open  
A.GIR.20200319.8   Dorothee Coppens (EUMETSAT) to send notifications of IASI status updates impacting its calibration to the GSICS developers mailing list       3/1/2021    Annonced on GSICS Google Group   Closed  
A.GIR.20200319.9   Hui Xu (UMD) to evaluate uncertainties introduced by gap-filling method by applying it to an independent validation dataset – and by applying it to reconstruct a spectrally-truncated set of real IASI observations.       3/1/2021    collobrate with EUMETSAT for SLSTR-IASI inter-calibration. The results are presented by EUMETSAT during the GSICS annual meeting   Closed  
R.GIR.20200319.1   CNES to consider making further lunar acquisitions with IASI to extend their valuable analysis of the potential of this technique and share with the lunar calibration community.       3/1/2021      Open  
R.GIR.20200319.2   All GEO operators to include summaries of the double-difference between their GEO-LEO IR products generated from different reference instruments in their Annual Calibration Reports.       3/1/2021      Open  
R.GIR.20200319.3   Minju Gu (KMA) to consider rejecting only land surfaces with highly variable topography or introducing Ray-matching to reduce azimuth effects.       3/1/2021      Open  
D.GIR.20200319.1   Other agencies only need to assess the uncertainties due to spatial and temporal variability, when submitting products derived from IASI to the GPPA – with the addition of gap-filling uncertainty for CrIS.       3/1/2021      Open  
A.GRWG.20200812.3     GRWG to investigate 3.8 micron daytime calibration       3/1/2021      Open  
A.GRWG.20200812.4     Ken Knapp (NOAA) to solicit ISSCP-NG comments on GEO imager calibration accuracy capabilities and requirements based on Table 1 of Hewison et al. 2020       3/1/2021      Open  
D.GRWG.20200812.1     Dedicated meetings on specific topics. ISCCP and GSICS to participate in each other’s meetings.       3/1/2021      Open  
A.GRWG.20201020.4     GRWG to provide inputs to GDWG as to what convention changes needed for new/revised products   Tim Hewison     3/1/2021      Closed  
A.GCC.2020.1b.1   GCC to organize a web meeting to bring GSCIS Developers and users together. We need to learn how we can make the products better and more accessible.   Manik Bali     3/1/2021      Closed  
A.GCC.20200.03812.1   GCC/NOAA to Update Product Catalog and provide link to User Guide explicitly   Manik Bali     3/1/2021    Closed  
A.GCC.20200519.7     GCC to publish a special issue on State of Observing Systems in the GSICS quarterly special issue on the state of the observing system   Manik Bali     3/1/2021    Closed  
A.GMW.20200318.a1   Looking for feedback on the ATMS vs AMSU FCDR inter-calibration   Manik Bali     3/1/2021      Closed  
A.GMW.20200318.a2   Need to update Ralph Ferraro’s Wiki page that began to create an overarching architecture for this activity. Need to find someone to spearhead working towards a more complete roadmap, and present it at another GSICS Meeting this year.   Ralph Ferraro/Robbie Iacovazzi     3/1/2021      Open  
A.GMW.20200318.a3   MWSG Co-Chairs to coordinate the development of the documentation of the X-Cal algorithms.   Wes Berg/ Qifeng Lu     3/1/2021      Open  
A.GWG.2020.1a.1   Organize a Web meeting to discuss GSICS agency calibration report extension requested in CGMS A47.01 [GSICS to expand GSICS Report on the State of the Observing System to successively cover the calibration status of all instruments relevant GSICS.]   Tim Hewison     3/10/2021   Closed  
A.GWG.2020.1a.2   All agencies to compile reports on calibration of instruments monitored by GSICS, following the template - to include IASI double-differences. Reports due by the end of April. A web meeting will be organized and held in early May to review the submitted reports. Assigned to all agencies.   Andy Heidinger/ Tim Hewison     3/1/2021      Closed  
A.GWG.2020.1e.1   Create a GSICS Meeting to discuss GSICS input and what we would like to learn to guide participation in the ECMWF/EUMETSAT Workshop on characterizing random and systematic errors in satellite data assimilation for NWP. The meeting needs to occur before 30 September 2020. Assigned to Tim Hewison. (Note relationship to Action: A.GCC.2020.1b.1 )       3/1/2021    See meeting 2020-06-08   Closed  
A.GWG.2020.1f.1   GSICS will hold a web meeting in June to establish a Task Force from GSICS and ISCCP-NG to identify requirements and set up pilot programs before a meeting at EUMETSAT in September       3/1/2021    See meeting 2020-08-12   Closed  
A.GWG.20200416.1   Dorothee Coppens (EUMETSAT) to circulate plans for Metop-A End Of Life testing, which is expected for 2021Q3/Q4 for IASI       3/1/2021    Annonced on GSICS Google Group   Closed  
A.GWG.20200122.2   Fangfang Yu (NOAA) to propose revised Annual Calibration Report and provide as a template       3/1/2019      Closed  
A.GWG.20200122.3   Dohyeong Kim (KMA) to email each GRPC and request Annual Calibration Report based on template       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GWG.20200122.4   Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) to check whether EUMETSAT can support WebEx access for the meeting       3/1/2019      Closed  
A.GWG.20200122.5   Session chairs to nominate minute takers (Tim and Seb offered).       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GWG.20200122.6   Session chairs to draft agenda in Zoho by 15 Feb (CMA to provide via email)       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GWG.202002.11.1   Dohyeong Kim to circulate announcement that the meeting is postponed - including the explanation.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GWG.202002.11.2   Dohyeong Kim and Scott Hu to decide new dates, location and format for the meeting - by 1 March 2020.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GWG.202002.11.3   Session chairs to propose web meeting arrangements for the week 16-20 March 2020.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GEP.2020.1f.1   Invite Andy Heidinger to give his presentation or a newer version to the EP in May. Assigned to Mitch Goldberg and Andy Heidinger.   Mitch Goldberg     5/1/2021      Open  
A.GEP.20200519.16     Mitch and Ken to contact Small Sat community and support pGSICS articupation in JACIE and AMS Small Satellite sessions             Open  
A.GEP.20200519.1     Provide GRWG subgroup Term of Reference   GRWG Chair     5/1/2021      Open  
A.GEP.20200519.2     Work with WMO Space Programme Office to ensure that GSICS documents describing the links to WIGOS are updated (see   WMO     5/1/2021      Open  
A.GEP.20200519.4     Define future plans related to GSICS and WDQMS with Nunes.   WMO     5/1/2021      Open  
A.GEP.20200519.5     To review MW Subgroup NOAA white paper on Microwave Reference Instrument       5/1/2021      Open  
A.GWG.20200519.6     Heidinger (NOAA) to coordinate with GRWG to take VIS and IR to discuss next steps for the GSICS – ISCCP/NG collaboration.       5/1/2021      Open  
A.GCC.20200519.7     GCC to publish a special issue on State of Observing Systems in the GSICS quarterly special issue on the state of the observing system       5/1/2021      Open  
A.GEP.20200519.8     Confirmation of new GDWG chair by CGMS. WMO to send a letter.       5/1/2021      Closed  
A.GDWG.20200519.9     GDWG Chair to Organizeing a kick off in next few weeks for GDWG Groupfor GDWG chair.       5/1/2021  Web Meeting held on 2020/10/20    Closed  
A.GEP.20200519.10     Send request to Eumetsat for the support of P. Miu as outgoing covice chair of GDWG to support the new Chair GDWG for three months.       5/1/2021      Closed  
A.GEP.20200519.11     All GSICS members to check their reps and provide email addresses missing at       5/1/2021      Open  
A.GEP.20200519.12     Update HLPP progress.       5/1/2021      Open  
A.GEP.20200519.13     GSICS to review the white paper Nagatsmu San before end of June.       5/1/2021      Open  
A.GEP.20200519.14     Mitch to follow up with DOD to check the planned location of GOES-13 over Indian Location       5/1/2021      Open  
A.GEP.20200519.15     GSICS-EP members to review membership of GSICS-EP at and to notify WMO, of any change       5/1/2021      Open  
Action Id Item Summary Lead What to Do Expected Completion Actual Completion Deliverable Usage Status
A.GUV.2019.8a.1     UVSG to participate in the planned GSICS Rayleigh calibration meeting, as this is relevant to their planned inter-calibration approaches.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GUV.2019.8b.2     Larry Flynn, NOAA, to investigate acquiring Mg II Index and Sun Spot time series as GSICS Deliverables. Due Dec. 2019.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GUV.2019.8i.1     Rose Munro, Eumetsat, to arrange a UVSG web meeting to further discuss specific opportunities and priorities for SWIR spectrometer inter-calibration within the frame of GISCS.       3/1/2020      Open  
R.GUV.2019.8i.1     The group recommends addressing the inter-calibration of SWIR spectrometers within the UVSG (to be renamed - see 8e.).       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GIR.2019.7e.1     Xu Liu to apply convolution error analysis to all ABI, MERSI and AGRI IR channels.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GIR.2019.7e.2     Xu Liu to work with NOAA and EUMETSAT to apply gap-filling method to extend IASI coverage for AVHRR and SLSTR SW channels.       3/1/2020  3/19/2020  Presentation at 2020 IR Meeting   Closed  
A.GIR.2019.7g.1     Mitch Goldberg (NOAA) to confirm the person to provide NWP and SNO method results to IRRefUTable report.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GIR.2019.7g.2     Bill Bell (ECMWF) to consider providing results from ERA-5 to IRRefUtable report.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GIR.2019.7g.3     Mitch Goldberg will provide the document or information on CrIS operational data change during CrIS operational time.       3/1/2020    The CrIS opertional information can be found at NOAA ICVS website on On-orbit Events & Anomalies   Closed  
A.GIR.2019.7i.1     Minju Gu (KMA) to tabulate CrIS double difference results before/after reprocessing to include in IRRefUTable.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GIR.2019.7i.2     Minju Gu (KMA) to check whether homogeneity tests limit cold end of dynamic range for WV and SWIR channels.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GIR.2019.7j.1     Likun Wang (NOAA) to check "massive means" method to compare CrIS on S-NPP and NOAA-20.       3/1/2020  11/1/2019  Please see ICVS website as well as Banghua Yan's paper on SNPP and NOAA-20 CrIS inter-comparison through massive mean method.   Closed  
A.GIR.2019.7k.1     Fangfang Yu (NOAA) to generate RAC GSICS corrections for GOES-16 and -17 ABI.       3/1/2020   Closed  
A.GIR.2019.7m.1     Yusuke Yogo investigates the weighting regression when switching X and Y.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GIR.2019.7o.1     Fred to share conference presentation on ABI GEO-GEO comparisons at a web meeting.       3/1/2020  10/17/2019  Please see webmeeting on GEO-GEO inter-comparison algorithms on Oct 17 2019. The presenation can be found at   Closed  
A.GIR.2019.7s.1     Scott Hu (CMA) to propose a baseline GEO-GEO algorithm through a FY-2 and FY-4 inter-comparison as a demo.       3/1/2020  10/17/2019  Completed by Fangfang Yu on GEO-GEO inter-comparison algorithms on Oct 17 2019. The meeting link is   Closed  
A.GIR.2019.7u.1     Fangfang Yu (NOAA) to work with KMA to apply 3.9 micron cold bias analysis to AMI.       3/1/2020  3/19/2020  The research was completed by KMA and indicated that IASI has cold bias issues at SW Range. Please see Minju's presentation at Minju Gu (KMA) - KMA GEO-LEO IR product status on March 19 2020   Closed  
D.GIR.2019.7g.1     It was agreed to use the period 2013-03/2017-03 for the initial IRRefUTable analysis to be performed in 2019, then aim to issue an update in late 2020 to include at least 1 year of data with IASI-C, N20/CrIS and HIRAS.       3/1/2020      Open  
D.GIR.2019.7k.1     All agencies to switch to IASI-B asap as Anchor reference for NRTC and RAC products.       3/1/2020  3/19/2020  The web meeting on 03/19/2020 shows that all of agency have switeched to IASI-B   Closed  
R.GVNIR.2019.3d.1     Dave Doelling (NASA) to clarify whether his concern or suggestion about SBAF has been fully addressed.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GVNIR.20191210.1   Seb Wagner (EUMETSAT) to consider how to share GLOD       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GVNIR.20191210.2   Tom Stone (USGS) to check whether CNES can make PLAIEDES data available in GLOD       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GVNIR.20191210.3   Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) to coordinate with GSICS Microwave Sub-Group to define microwave/thermal session       3/1/2019      Closed  
A.GVNIR.20191210.4   Seb Wagner (EUMETSAT) to finalize dates for the workshop by end Jan 2020       3/1/2019  3/18/2020  16-19 Nov 2020   Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.3h.2     ESA to recommend a member to GDWG.       3/1/2020  4/17/2019  Paolo Castracane nominated by ESA   Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.3l.1     GDWG to check how to split follow up actions between GDWG and GRWG to address the feedback.       3/1/2020  3/7/2019  Done during the Annual Meeting   Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.6a.1     CMA to take a lead in bringing the synchronisation script into operations. Once it is done, the script can be rolled out to ISRO and NOAA.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GDWG.2019.6b.1     ROSHYDROMET to provide open access to their restricted areas on their website, to be discussed / confirmed in EP meeting.       3/1/2020  5/16/2019  Reported at GSICS-EP-20   Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.6c.1     ESA to consider preparing a GSICS website. If possible, present in the next GSICS Annual meeting / web meeting. (Minimal contents for GSICS Website is noted on the Wiki, this content may be updated for ESA's case)       3/1/2020  8/27/2019  Email from Paolo Castracane that this would be considered in future.   Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.6c.2     GDWG Vice Chair (Pete) to check if the procedure for GSICS member nomination is documented in the ToR and update if not.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GDWG.2019.6d.1     WMO to provide GDWG Chair with user manual for updating the WMO GSICS Portal and an account to familiarise with the system.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GDWG.2019.6d.2     GDWG Chair to propose how WMO GSICS Portal accounts are used based on the functionality implemented (updating logging, security concerns). The proposal is to be presented to GSICS EP for endorsement and documented in the ToR.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GDWG.2019.6e.1     GDWG Chair to report GDWG recommendation on GSICS SRF Conventions to EP for the endorsement and propose the update in ToR with this recommendation.       3/1/2020  5/17/2019  Done at GSICS-EP-20   Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.6e.2     WMO to provide a procedure for updating the Common Table C-13 of the WMO Manual on Codes to the GDWG Chair so that an addition of “SRF” string to the table can be performed.       3/1/2020  5/17/2019  Done at GSICS-EP-20   Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.6e.3     GDWG Chair to coordinate the proposed update to the Common Table C-13 of the WMO Manual on Codes (i.e. adding “SRF” string to the Data Designator table).       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GDWG.2019.6j.1     GDWG Chair to propose GSICS-EP the entity responsible for maintaining satellites/instruments Landing Pages.       3/1/2020  5/16/2019  Reported at GSICS-EP-20   Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.6j.2     GDWG Chair to report GSICS-EP a recommendation of Event Logging Task Team to establish a Technical Team for further discussions at CGMS meetings.       3/1/2020  5/16/2019  Reported at GSICS-EP-20   Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.6k.1     Fred Wu (NOAA) to consider alerting users of Calibration Event Log update.       3/1/2020  3/7/2020  No users are interested in receiving the alert. (We may ask again now that the CEL has attracted more attention after a year).   Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.6k.2     Fred Wu (NOAA) to consider linking Calibration Event Log to notifications of expected events such as the information provided by OSPO.       3/1/2020  3/7/2020   Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.6n.1     GDWG chair to create GDWG GitHub repository link on GSICS Wiki.       3/1/2020  3/6/2019  Done at 2019 Annual Meeting   Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.9b.1     ISRO to work with KMA to upload their Plotting Tool code and configuration onto GDWG GitHub repository.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GDWG.2019.9b.2     ISRO to work with CMA to synchronise their RAC products between their servers to validate the synchronisation scripts.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GDWG.2019.9b.3     ISRO with support from EUMETSAT to update their THREDDS configuration such that it is in-line with the other collaboration services.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GDWG.2019.9c.1     Peter Miu (EUMETSAT) to upload products synchronisation script to GitHub.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GDWG.2019.9c.2     Zhe Xu (CMA) and Peter Miu (EUMETSAT) to work on preparing a version of CMA source data down script for the users.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GDWG.2019.9d.1     NOAA to reconfigure their GSICS server to following the THREDDS structure as agreed by the GDWG members (see:,, )       3/1/2020  43897    Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.9d.2     NOAA to check the links on the WMO website. See:       3/1/2020  43897    Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.9k.1     GCC to present the options available for the Wiki migration to the GDWG members, and coordinate a way forward to present to the GSICS EP.       3/1/2020  New server provided to community and feedback requested   Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.9l.1     GDWG Chair to provide GCC the updates for GSICS Action Tracker which was agreed at GDWG Web meeting in January 2019.       3/1/2020  3/8/2019    Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.9p.1     Peter Miu (EUMETSAT) to provide a user guide for using the THREDDS system.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GDWG.2019.9p.2     GCC to provide EUMETSAT the download script for review to see if this can be provided to users to improve the downloading of GSICS products.       3/1/2020    Script provided for review and place on wiki   Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.9p.4     GCC to contact Ken Knapp to what website he is referring to regarding his comment on its for contributors and not users, and report this to the working group.       3/1/2020      Closed  
A.GDWG.2019.9p.5     GCC to confirm with the GRWG to release the next version of the product catalogue to address table concern from Ken.       3/1/2020    New Product Catalog with Quicklooks now operational   Closed  
R.GDWG.2019.6a.1     GDWG members to allocate time to completing open actions in 2015-2018.       3/1/2020      Open  
R.GDWG.2019.6c.1     All GPRC website, Wiki and WMO administrators are requested to refer to the presentation (6c_GDWG_Baseline_Reviews_2019_KMA_jwoo.pptx) to update their websites.       3/1/2020      Open  
R.GDWG.2019.6m.1     WMO to consider the redesigning OSCAR/Space instrument pages (e.g. links to Landing Pages and instrument monitoring pages).       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GRWG.2019.2e.1     CNES to report on progress with Lunar thermal infrared model study by 2020 meeting.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GRWG.2019.3b.1     Scott Hu (CMA) to ensure that POC for SWTT from each agency be nominated.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GRWG2019.3m.1     Sirish Uprety (NOAA) to report back on outcome of comparison of VIIRS v2 versus NASA SIPS dataset.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GRWG2019.3n.1     Bill Bell (ECMWF) to clarify time scale with the partner agencies for input data needed for ERA-6 activities.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GRWG2019.3p.1     Fangfang Yu (NOAA) to set-up a web meeting to initiate a discussion on establishing a strawman algorithm for GEO-GEO inter-comparisons.       3/1/2020    Closed  
A.GRWG.2019.4i.1     present a request to LASP to provide a reference solar irradiance spectrum based on the TSIS project (a static and high resolution solar spectrum scaled to TSIS).       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GRWG.2019.4i.2     Dave Doelling (NASA) to organise a web meeting and invite LASP to discuss on the progress for establishing a high resolution solar spectrum based on TSIS, with an estimate of the associated uncertainties. This spectrum is to be used in the VNIR activities.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GRWG.2019.4v.1     Tom Stone (USGS) to organise a web meeting in conjunction with Seb Wagner in preparation of the next Lunar Cal workshop by the end of 2019       3/1/2020    Closed with LCW 2023   Closed  
A.GRWG.2019.4v.2     D. Doelling (NASA) to organise a web meeting on the DCC and the preparation of a paper.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GRWG.2019.8e.1     Rose Munro, EUMETSAT, to circulate additional ideas for new subgroup names.       3/1/2020      Closed  
A.GRWG.2019.8e.2     GRWG Chair to raise the proposal to rename the UVSG to the EP.       3/1/2020  Subgroup now named UVNS    Closed  
A.GRWG.2019.9e.1     Lin Chen (CMA) and Sebastien Wagner (EUMETSAT) to specify user requirements and use cases on Level-1 data subsets over PICS and SNO prediction, and present it to GRWG in order to see if this is useful for the supporting GPRC organisations.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GRWG.2019.9p.3     GRWG Chair to consider improving the GSICS inter-calibration coefficients because they are difficult for the user to apply these corrections.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GRWG.2019.10b.1     Scott Hu (CMA) to add one more objective in the lunar workshop that new measure (e.g. air-LUSI) can constrain the uncertainty of the lunar irradiance models.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GRWG.2019.10b.3     Scott Hu (CMA) to incorporate the comments and suggestions from the annual meeting in the report of the potential re-calibration/re-processing workshop to the EP.       3/1/2020      Open  
R.GRWG.2019.9b.1     CMA is encouraged to submit their existing calibration products to GPPA.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GCC.2019.3s.1     GCC ( Manik Bali) to provide a detailed list of entities that can be classified as potential deliverables to the GSICS community.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GCC.20191017.1     GCC to notify the GRWG Chair and the POCs of GSICS GEO satellite agencies for the coming ISCCP-NG workshop       10/11/2019      Closed  
A.GCC.2019.11.1   Bomin Sun to provide D. Coppens(EUMETSAT) a sample IASI L1C file that would check if the file has the cloud information.       3/1/2019      Closed  
A.GCC.2019.11.3   GCC to organize a GSICS Product Users session in the Annual Meeting and share GSICS product User feedback with the product developers.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GCC.2019.11.4   GCC ( Manik Bali) to share with Dave Tobin the Reference Selection Criterion and help draft NOAA response to the IRRefUTable report and SI Traceability report       3/1/2019      Closed  
A.GCC.20200122.1   Manik Bali (NOAA) to check if actions on action tracker are updated       3/1/2019      Closed  
A.GMW.2019.3h.1     MWSG to consider use of GSICS netCDF format for SRFs.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GMW2019.3o.1     MWSG Chair to follow up the possibility to define best practices for the RTM inter-calibration method.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GMW.2019.5m.1     Bomin Sun (NOAA) to repeat analysis of time series with regular operational RS92 radiosondes and report comparison of results with those from GRUAN sondes.       3/1/2020  Assessment compled on the long-term climate monitoring of GRUAN vs polar satellite microwave TDR data (instead of infrared measurements).     Closed  
A.GMW.2019.5n.1     Rachel Kroodsma (NASA) to contact Wes Berg about sharing ATBD and university code with CMA.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GMW.2019.5n.2     Shengli Wu (CMA) to attempt to apply X-Cal algorithms to MWRI and report on completeness of algorithm description (by 2019-09) and results (by 2020-03).       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GMW.2019.5n.3     Ralph Ferraro (NOAA) to re-send details of GPM X-Cal LUT deliverable to MWSG members for comment.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GMW.2019.5n.4     Isaac Moradi (UMD) to address large differences between N20 and snpp WV channels with LBL model and compare the massive ensemble over the tropic       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GMW.2019.5t.1     Manik Bali (NOAA) to circulate white paper on microwave imager inter-calibration to all agencies for review/contribution.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GMW.2019.5x.1     MWSG Chair to coordinate the development of a summary of the current status of MW sensor calibration methods (by sensor and frequency type), needs by product type, and provide a 3-year roadmap for developing GSICS MW calibration products.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GMW.2019.5y.1     Ralph, Qifeng, Tim, Manik to identify and confirm new co-chair by May 1.       3/1/2020      Open  
R.GMW.2019.3d.2     Ed Kim (NASA) to contact Masaya Takahashi about sharing SRF information in MWSG.       3/1/2020      Open  
R.GMW.2019.5j.1     Shengli Wu (CMA) to analyse SNOs as a function of radiance and latitude.       3/1/2020      Open  
D.GMW.2019.5n.1     GPM X-Cal to be accepted as GSICS Deliverables, subject to positive feedback on completeness of algorithm description. A full GSICS product would need uncertainties to be included.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GMW.2019.11.2   Qifeng Lu(CMA) and Viju John (EUMETSAT) to provide content and feedback to the Microwave Reference document shared by Manik Bali       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GMW.20191119.1     GSICS MWSG can closely cooperate with the International TOVS Study Conference (ITSC) community to benefit from each other on the user requirements, lessons and feedback.     Interact with ITSC during ITSC-22 (24-30 June 2021)  6/30/2021      Open  
A.GMW.20191119.2     Hold a dedicated workshop to explore the implementation of the GPM XCAL algorithms to inter-calibrate other microwave imagers. This potentially could be implemented in Q4 after the 2020 EUMETSAT Conference.     Overcome By Events (COVID-19 Travel Restrictions)  12/31/2020      Open  
A.GWG.2019.3t.1     Toshiyuki Kurino (WMO) to provide account access to update WMO GSICS website to GCC, GDWG and GRWG.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GWG.2019.5p.1     Mitch Goldberg (NOAA) to propose an international cooperation on sea ice products to CGMS.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GWG.2019.10g.2     Mitch Goldberg (NOAA) to discuss the need for uniform GSICS monitoring pages at the Executive Panel.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GWG.2019.10l.1     Dohyeong Kim (KMA) to plan to host GRWG/GDWG meeting in March 2020.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GWG.2019.10l.2     Odele Coddington (LASP) to consider hosting GRWG/GDWG in 2021.       3/1/2020      Open  
R.GWG.2019.3h.1     GSICS members to provide SRF following GSICS Convention for link to GSICS and WMO OSCAR/Space.       3/1/2020      Open  
R.GWG.2019.3j.1     Rob Roebeling (EUMETSAT) to consider removing seasonal cycles from IOGEO time series in order to check the stability.       3/1/2020  IOGEO ended. The continuing work on this is preparing a geo-ring FCDR as part of ISCCP-NG done by EUM (Viju)    Closed  
D.GWG2019.3q.1     GSICS State of the observing system Reports should contain the following information: Mean Bias & SD - 1 year (or shorter in special cases) & Drift and Time series plots - full operational lifetime.       3/1/2020      Open  
A.GEP.20190517.1     EP Chair to coordinate with WIGOS for utilizing GSICS Product Catalog with Quicklooks in WDQM system.   EP Chair     EP-21    WMO will talk about WIGOS in this meeting   Closed  
A.GEP.20190517.2     EP Chair to coordinate with WIGOS to enhance collaboration to integrate GSICS into WIGOS.   EP Chair     EP-21    Side Meeting held in Sochi   Closed  
A.GEP.20190517.3     NASA, ESA, ISRO to provide a landing page with instrument link(s) for inclusion in the satellite instrument pages in WMO-OSCAR. Initially, the landing page will provide a link or link(s) to those satellite instruments of high interest to GSICS.   NASA, ESA, ISRO     EP-21    See open actions in CGMS-48 WMO-WP-08 “Status of Landing Pages in OSCAR/Space”   Closed  
A.GEP.20190517.4     EP members to review the CGMS SWCG white paper for a possible contribution to SWCG activity.   EP members     EP-21      Open  
A.GEP.20190517.5     ROSCOSMOS to remove requirement of login on their GPRC page.   ROSCOSMOS     EP-21      Open  
A.GRWG.20190516.1     GRWG to prepare the State of Observing System report.   GRWG Chair     EP-21      Open  
A.GRWG.20190516.2     GRWG to organize the mini-conference on MW inter- calibration in 2020 GSICS annual meeting.   GRWG+GDWG chair     EP-21      Open  
A.GRWG.20190516.3     GRWG to develop Terms of References for GRWG sub- groups.   GRWG Chair     EP-21      Open  
A.GDWG.20190516.1     GDWG Chair to request CGMS Task Force on Satellite Data and Codes to review a proposal of adding SRF to International Data Subcategory of Common Table C-13 of WMO Manual on Codes for a coordination with WMO IPET-CM.   GDWG Chair     EP-21      Open  
A.GDWG.20190516.2     GDWG Chair and Rob Roebeling (EUMETSAT) to review existing event logging database at each agency to ensure best practices are met.   GDWG Chair     EP-21    Part of Coordination   Standing  
A.GDWG.20190516.3     GDWG Chair to develop a procedure on updating Annual GSICS Calibration Report.   GDWG Chair     EP-21      Open  
A.GCC.20190516.1     GCC to relax User Guide requirement and uncertainty for GSICS Products, if measurements come from operational maturity.   GCC Director     EP-21    Ongoing process. e.g Picked up actions to build common User guide   Open  
A.GCC.20190516.2     GCC with GRWG to demonstrate the QA4EO nature of selection criterion of reference Instrument to EP members.   GCC Director     EP-21      Open  
A.GCC.2019016.3     GCC to draft the QA4EO based selection criterion of GSICS Deliverables for the endorsement by EP.   GCC Director     EP-21    Email from Nigel Fox confirms QA4EO nature   Closed  
A.GCC.2019516.4     GCC to share the recommendations of EXP-5 on applying QA4EO processes in GSICS ( e.g. GPPA) with GSICS EP.   GCC Director     EP-21 og/sat/documents/GSICS-EP- 07_Final-Report.pdf   Closed  
A.WMO.20190516.1     WMO to address the letter to ISRO for nominating the GDWG Chair   WMO     EP-21    on hold subject to decision on GDWG chair in GSICS-EP   Open  
Action Id Item Summary Lead What to Do Expected Completion Actual Completion Deliverable Usage Status
A.GUV.2018.6g.1     R. Munro to hold a UV Subgroup web meetings focused on a specific UV project topic during the coming six months.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GUV.2018.6g.2     L. Flynn to provide information on the effect of dichroics on bandpass calculations.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GUV.2018.6g.3     All members (UVSG Chair to coordinate) to find researchers interested in the four UV SG projects and invite them to future meetings as the agenda and their interests dictate.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GIR.2018.3d.1     Likun Wang (NOAA) to coordinate routine comparisons of potential hyperspectral reference instruments (extended to include HIRAS) and report at annual meeting.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GIR.2018.3j.1     Fangfang Yu (NOAA) and Masaya Takahashi (JMA) to investigate radiance dependence of ABI 3.9 micron channel.       3/1/2019  3/7/2019  See Fangfang Yu's Presentation at 2019 annual meeting   Closed  
A.GIR.2018.4b.1     Masaya Takahashi (JMA) to report double differences with of IASI and CrIS (using AHI).       3/1/2019  3/24/2018  JAM website reported CrIS and IASI double differences   closed  
A.GIR.2018.4b.2     Xu Na (CMA) to prepare ATBD and other information to submit to GCC for the demonstration FY-2 products.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GIR.2018.4b.3     Manik Bali (NOAA) to follow on distribution of the ISRO correction coefficients to GSICS.       3/1/2019  5/1/2017  ISRO Product Accepted in GSICS   Closed  
A.GIR.2018.4c1     JMA (Masaya Takahashi) / CMA (Na Xu) to work together on making GEO-GEO inter-comparison, using IASI.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GIR.2018.4c.2     Yusuke Yogo (JMA) to make comparisons between JMA SBAF and NASA SBAF tool.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GIR.2018.4d.1     Na (CMA) to compare with the JMA gap filling methods. To report at the next web meeting in 2-3 months.       3/1/2019  6/5/2018   Closed  
A.GIR.2018.4d.2     Likun Wang (NOAA) to set up web meeting to discuss comparisons of gap-filling methods and plan way forward by June 2018.       3/1/2019  6/5/2018   Closed  
A.GIR.2018.4d.3     Hui Xu to apply gap-filling method to IASI following to previous comment (two IASI data wt/wo gap).       3/1/2019  6/5/2018   Closed  
A.GIR.2018.4f.1     CMA to apply Likun Wang’s collocation method to LEO-LEO cases.       3/1/2019  3/7/2019  See Hanlie Xu's Presentation at 2019 annual meeting   closed  
A.GIR.2018.4p.1     Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) to organise a web meeting on IRRefUTable in September 2018.       3/1/2019  11/14/2018  Web meeting   Closed  
A.GIR.2018.4r.1     Likun Wang (NOAA) to work with CNES and EUMETSAT to document the best practice of IR hyperspectral sounding processing.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GIR.2018.4t.1     Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) to set up web meeting to review different GEO-LEO IR inter-calibration algorithm evolutions and invite Tim Trent to give update on results.       3/1/2019      Closed  
D.GIR.2018.3d.1     Likun Wang nominated as new chair of IR Sub-Group.   Likun Wang     3/1/2019  3/28/2018  See minutes of 2018 Annual Meeting   Closed  
D.GIR.2018.4w.1     CrIS accepted as reference on the basis of positive answer to all the above questions.   Likun Wang     3/1/2019  3/28/2018  See minutes of 2018 Annual Meeting   closed  
A.GIR.20181114.1   Web Meeting   Tom Pagano to provide output of uncertainty analysis for v5 and v7 AIRS calibration averaged in radiance and spectral bins recommended for the IRRefU ´Table report.   Tom Pagano     3/1/2019  1/28/2019    Closed  
A.GIR.20181114.2   Web Meeting   Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) to solicit available date ranges from IRRefUTable contributors, with the aim of finalising a decision by 2019-03-01.   Tim Hewison     3/1/2019  2/22/2019  by email   Closed  
A.GIR.20181114.3   Web Meeting   Manik Bali and Tim Hewison to draft a section of the IRRefUTable Report on the process of selecting a reference instrument.   Manik and Tim     3/1/2019      Closed  
A.GVNIR.2018.7s.1     Bertrand Fougnie (EUMETSAT) to organize a web meeting before June 30 on Rayleigh scattering calibration.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GVNIR.2018.7u.1     Dave Doelling (NASA) to review KMA's implementation of the DCC method.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GVNIR.2018.7v.1     Dave Doelling (NASA) to set up web meeting by end April 2018 to select reference bands and calibration processing version for S-NPP/VIIRS reference dataset for DCC and lunar inter-calibration.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GVNIR.2018.7v.2     Dave Doelling (NASA) to set up web meeting to plan journal paper on DCC method by end June 2018.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GVNIR.2018.7v.3     Dave Doelling (NASA) to set up web meeting to discuss extension of DCC method to NIR by 28 Feb 2019       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GVNIR.2018.7v.5     Dave Doelling (NASA) to set up web meeting before 30 Sept 2018 to solicit inputs from all GPRCs on preferred sites to be characterised by CLARREO Pathfinder.       3/1/2019      Open  
R.GVNIR.2018.3e.1     When releasing new versions of reprocessed L1 data, GPRCs are recommended to consider whether a correction could be developed to approximate the changes from the previous version - and with level of uncertainty.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GDWG.2018.5a.1   Actions Review   NOAA-GDWG( Bali) to propose updates to the Actions Tracker and GSICS User Messaging (GUM) service such that all GPRCs can use these applications.   NOAA   Configuration  3/1/2019    New features added 1.EP report parsing 2. hyperlink   Ongoing  
A.GDWG.2018.5a.2   Actions Review   Masaya Takahashi to upload the SRF format conversion script to GitHub.   JMA   Information  3/1/2019      Open  
A.GDWG.2018.5b.1   Baseline Review   Masaya Takahashi to update minimumn requirements for GPRC website and inform WMO of the changes required for their website; addition of ISRO website.   JMA   Information  3/1/2019  1/8/2019    Closed  
A.GDWG.2018.5c.1   GSICS Collaboration Servers   Peter Miu and Masaya Takahashi to organise a web meeting with ISRO and GDWG member to discuss bringing the ISRO server into the GSICS collaboration network.   EUM   Information  3/1/2019  4/18/2018    Closed  
A.GDWG.2018.5c.2   GSICS Collaboration Servers   GDWG members (Jin Woo, Masaya Takahashi, Peter Miu, Thomas Xu and Manik Bali) to specify the plan and take care of progressing GSICS products through the GPPA (Lead: GDWG Chair). The goal is to being existing GSICS products into operations as soon as possible.   JMA   Information  3/1/2019      Closed  
A.GDWG.2018.5c.3   GSICS Collaboration Servers   Peter Miu to specify a technical note to propose several methods for the implementation of passive and active GSICS products access service such as RSS on THREDDS. Technologies to consider should be available to all GPRC; RSS, EUMETSAT UNS, SMS, WeChat, …   EUM   Tech Support  3/1/2019      Open  
A.GDWG.2018.5c.4   GSICS Collaboration Servers   Peter Miu to update the GSICS product moving process on the EUMETSAT GSICS server to ignore products being uploaded with .TEMP, .temp, .etc. This is to avoid zero size products to be served to users.   EUM   Configuration  3/1/2019  2/5/2019  Comfirmed with Peter Miu   Closed  
A.GDWG.2018.5c.5   GSICS Collaboration Servers   Peter Miu to implement a product upload timer to provide a report on how long it takes to received products from the product producers.   EUM   Tech Support  3/1/2019      Open  
A.GDWG.2018.5d.1   GSICS Collaboration Servers   CMA and EUMETSAT to work together to synchronise GSICS products across the servers.   CMA/EUM   Implementation  3/1/2019  1/23/2019  EUM: provided Perl script in July 2018 CMA: reported test result in Jan 2019   Closed  
A.GDWG.2018.5d.2   GSICS Collaboration Servers   CMA to check if their NetCDF format checking tool can be shared in GSICS.   CMA/EUM   Analysis  3/1/2019      Open  
A.GDWG.2018.5j.1   Event Logging   Rob Roebeling to make a proposal for the WMO OSCAR/Space Instrument Pages for review by the GDWG so that a recommendation can be presented to WMO to improve the usability of these pages.   EUM   Information  3/1/2019  9/18/2018  Rob emailed Toshi   Closed  
A.GDWG.2018.5j.2   Event Logging   GDWG members to take the event logging white paper to see whether their organisation can do with regards to implementing such a system and report back to GDWG by 30 April 2018. Lead: GDWG Chair.   JMA   Analysis  3/1/2019  4/30/2018  EUM and JMA provided the feedbacks.   Closed  
A.GDWG.2018.5j.3   Event Logging   GDWG Chair/Vice Chair to prepare a reply to “R45.05: Calibration Events Logging Task Team be folded formed under GSICS as a task team” for CGMS-46. Reply shall be sent to Rob (team lead) for review and presented to the EP by GDWG chair. EP chair shall present the result to CGMS-46 in the dedicate GSICS presentation.   JMA   Information  3/1/2019  6/1/2018  Replied at GSICS-EP-19.   Closed  
A.GDWG.2018.8a.1   Action Tracking   Masaya Takahashi to update action identifier definition for GSICS-EP meetings.   JMA   Information  3/1/2019  6/1/2018  The format was presented at GSICS-EP-19.   Closed  
A.GDWG.2018.8a.2   Action Tracking   NOAA-GDWG (Manik Bali) to summarize action tracking tool on the Wik   NOAA   Information  3/1/2019  1/22/2019  ATWiki Page   Closed  
A.GDWG.2018.8a.3   Action Tracking   NOAA-GDWG (Manik Bali) to summarise current status of GSICS Wiki (e.g. server configuration, system requirements) and inform to W   NOAA   Information  3/1/2019    Exploring Third Pary Hosting   Closed  
A.GDWG.2018.8b.1   Requirements on GDWG Activities   Zhe Xu to provide their Data needs to GDWG chair for presenting to EP chair to present to CGMS to see if agencies can provision of support to this data exchange request.   CMA   Analysis  3/1/2019      Open  
A.GDWG.2018.8f.1   Instrment Performance Monitoring   Ninghai Sun to share their ICVS user manual with the GDWG members when it becomes available.   NOAA   Information  3/1/2019  3/7/2020  Full user manual does not exist   Closed  
A.GDWG.2018.8h.1   GDWG Chairing   GDWG Chair to propose a refinement of GDWG ToR to GSICS-EP.   JMA   Information  3/1/2019  6/1/2018  Approved at GSICS-EP-19.   Closed  
A.GDWG.2018.8i.1   GDWG Future Collaboration   Peter Miu to contact ISRO to discuss future collaboration through visiting data management expert exchange.   EUM   Information  3/1/2019  2/5/2019    Closed  
A.GDWG.2018.8k.1   GDWG Fact Sheet   Masaya Takahashi to circulate GDWG Fact Sheet to GDWG members to get feed backs and report to EP. Due by 19 May 2018.   JMA   Information  3/1/2019  6/1/2018  The feedback was reported at GSICS-EP-19.   Closed  
R.GDWG.2018.5g.1   GSICS Plotting Tool   EUMETSAT to take into account the use of GitHub for updating the Plotting Tool.   EUM   Implementation  3/1/2019      Open  
A.GRWG.2018.10e.1     Eric Shirley (NIST) should be the GSICS focal point on IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society/Standards Committee (GRSS/SC) is sponsoring a new standard: P4001 - Standards for Characterization and Calibration of UV-SWIR Hyperspectral Imaging Devices - and report back.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GRWG.2018.10g.1     Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) to setup planning web meeting for the workshop on CLARREO-like reference instruments by September 2018.       3/1/2019  9/13/2018  Web Meeting   Closed  
A.GRWG.2018.10a.1     JMA to provide the template to GRWG to define attributes to show instrument's radiometric performance in a short report that is to be prepared by satellite operators on an annual basis.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GRWG.2018.10b.1     GRWG Chair to coordinate each agency to provide to define minimum information for performance monitoring “specification and requirements” by 15 May 2018.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GRWG.2018.10k.1     Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) to invite a member of the FIDUCEO project to attend the 2019 GSICS annual joint meeting.       3/1/2019  1/4/2019    Closed  
A.GRWG.2018.10l.1     Scott Hu (CMA) to propose a solution for the chairing of GRWG in time for the executive panel meeting.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GRWG.2018.10m.1     GRWG chair to set up a web meeting to GEO-GEO comparison and contribution to IOGEO.       3/1/2019  5/8/2018  Web Meeting   Closed  
A.GRWG.2018.10m.2     Fred Wu (NOAA) to set up a web meeting for MTF characterization on the moon & invite IVOS to participate.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GRWG.2018.10o.1     Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) to check if remote access is available for the RTM workshop at JRC.       3/1/2019  4/1/2019  None available   Closed  
A.GRWG.2018.10o.2     Sebastien Wagner (EUMETSAT) to report on the RTM Workshop to the GSICS working groups.       3/1/2019  2/19/2019  Email to gsics-dev   Closed  
D.GRWG.2018.10l.1     Fangfang Yu (NOAA) was proposed and accepted as the vice-chair of the GRWG.       3/1/2019       
D.GRWG.2018.10l.2     Qifeng Lu was proposed and accepted as the vice-chair of the MW sub-group.       3/1/2019       
A.GCC.2018.2f.1     GCC to coordinate DCC Statistics from NASA to ISRO       3/1/2019  ISRO NASA Langley directly collaborated    Closed  
A.GCC.2018.3a.1     GCC-NOAA GDWG to propose improvements ( and provide prototype) in GSICS Product Catalog that can combine the plotting and data representation on the product catalog.       3/1/2019  Prototype here     Closed  
A.GCC.2018.3b.1     Manik Bali to set up web meeting in September 2108 to discuss requirements for sharing SNO predictions and/or tools.       3/1/2019  Wiki Details     Closed  
A.GCC.2018.10d.1     GCC to request the ESSIC/UMD to grant UMD-google accounts to the GSICS community for access.       3/1/2019  Denied    Closed  
A.GCC.2018.10d.2     GCC to explore access to UMD VPN by GSICS members.       3/1/2019  Denied    Closed  
A.GMW.2018.9a.1   MW CDR GSCIS product   Are diurncal cycle affects included in the NOAA MSU/AMSU CDR time series generated by NESDIS (Cheng-Zhi Zou)? If not, then its a candidate for a GSICS product.   Manik Bali   Information  10/1/2018  11/1/2018    Closed  
A.GMW.2018.9e.1   MW ISO   GSICS (C. Zou) and CEOS WGVC (X. Dong) to coordinate on best practice for MW Sensors and coordinate on the development of a MW ISO sensor document (similar to other wavelengths) lead by Dong’s group.   Cheng-Zhi Zou   Information  3/1/2019  1/17/2019    Closed  
A.GMW.2018.9g.1   MW GPSRO reference   GPSRO focal points (X. Zou/Lin and S. Hu) to further evaluate their results for effects of cloud water and cloud ice and report back to the group within 6 months.   Scott Hu   Analysis  10/1/2019      Open  
A.GMW.2018.9k.1   MW Best Practices   In order to determine best practice for pre and post-launch (include best practices for MW SNO inter-comparisons) best practices and share proposed best practices matrix with MW members and develop consensus.   Manik Bali   Information  10/1/2018      Open  
A.GMW.2018.9k.2   MW Best Practices   Manik will survey existing satellite operator monitoring pages and present finding within 6 months.   Manik Bali   Information  10/1/2018  10/1/2018    Closed  
A.GMW.2018.9k.3   MW Best Practices   Manik will ask around to find these websites and make them available.   Manik Bali   Information  10/1/2018  10/1/2018    Closed  
A.GMW.2018.9k.5   MW CDR as an in-orbit reference   To determine if the NOAA CDR (MSU/AMSU/ATMS) is a viable in-orbit reference, Zou and Bali will report back to the group after a forthcoming paper is published.   Cheng-Zhi Zou   Information  3/1/2019      Open  
A.GMW.2018.9l.1   MW in-orbit reference   Collect and document "best practices" from NASA GPM X-Cal group to see if GMI can serve as an in-orbit reference.   Ralph Ferraro   Information  12/31/2018  12/18/2018    Closed  
A.GMW.20180718.1   Web meeting   Manik to obtain and determine SNO parameters for all MW channels but also work with a smaller tiger team to plan some sensitivity studies for NRT vs. climate SNO.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GMW.20180718.2   Web meeting   Tim and Qifeng to develop circulate strawman for MW imager NRT products and will present this at CEOS WGCV meeting at EUMETSAT in late August.       3/1/2019  8/29/2018  WGCV-44 Minutes   Closed  
A.GMW.20180718.3   Web meeting   Ralph to follow up with Mitch Goldberg (NOAA rep on CGMS and also GSICS EP chair) about expectations for the MW imager gap meeting.       3/1/2019  12/18/2018    Closed  
A.GMW.20180718.4   Web meeting   Qifeng and Cheng-Zhi to co-lead activities with WGCV/X. Dong.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GMW.20180718.5   Web meeting   Bruno to provide the group with URL's for CLS sensor monitoring and relevant papers       3/1/2019  1/15/2019    Closed  
A.GWG.2018.1g.1     Fred Wu (NOAA) to discuss with CMA potential sharing of GOES-R field campaign data for TANSAT validation.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GWG.2018.2f.1     Munn Shukla (ISRO) to update ISRO membership to WMO.       3/1/2019      Open  
A.GWG.2018.10i.1     IR Sub-group Chair to discuss Mitch's CGMS-46 Working Group Paper in the 2019 GSICS annual meeting.       3/1/2019      Open  
R.GWG.2018.1k.1     CMA to consider performing comparisons of MERSI and TanSat/ACGS.       3/1/2019      Open  
D.GWG.2018.3l.1     The group recognized the important role of GSICS to monitor the calibration of different reference instruments. Where these are stable, GSICS should aim to derive delta corrections to allow the traceable transfer of reference instruments for NRT applications.       3/1/2019       
R.GCC.20180602.2     GCC to relax the requirement of uncertainty analysis. This can be complimented by Impact Report showing impact of using Cross Calibration and due weighted should be given if Input L1B measurements are taken from Operational data processing streams of host agencies.   GCC     2019-31-05      Open  
A.GRWG.20180601.3     GRWG to develop a strategy, including the procedure and criteria, on how to handle the long-term drifts of individual instruments identified based on the analyses using GSICS approved approaches. This applies primarily to the VIS/NIRinstruments.   GRWGChair     2019-31-05      Open  
A.GCC.20180601.4     GCC to develop harmonized interface for the instrument performance monitoring website as a baseline for inquiring instrument status. Demo by ISRO   GCC/ISRO     2019-31-05    Reformulate action   Closed  
A.GRWG.20180601.5     GRWG to develop monitoring webpage to demonstrate instrument performance recalibrated after applying the GSICS correction   GRWGChair     2019-31-05      Open  
A.GEP.20180601.6     EP Chair to request ESA to become full member of GSICS   EP     2019-31-05      Open  
A.GEP.20180601.7     WMO to provide information on WMO cloud to NOAA- GDWG. Information sough includes (ability to upload GSICSproducts onto the WMO Cloud by members, ability to download data, disk space available and redundancy)   WMO     2019-31-05      Open  
A.GDWG.20180601.     Following A.GEP.20180601.7, NOAA to provide informationon Clouds available at NOAA and whether they can be used   NOAA/GDWG     2019-31-05      Open  
A.GCC.20180601.9     GCC to contact GRUAN POC in GSICS ( Tony/Ralph/Cheng-Zhi) to submit yearly updates on 3G (GRUAN-GSICS-GNSS) collaboration to EP   GCC     2019-31-05      Open  
A.GCC.20180601.10     ISRO to contact GCC to obtain knowledge on reading CrIS data to help them inter-calibrate INSAT with CrIS.   ISRO     2019-31-05    Reader Provided by Likun Wang to Nitant Dube/ISRO   Closed  
A.GCC.20180601.11     GCC to simplify and stream line GPPA checklist and share itwith members to fast track maturity; Start with KMA and JMA.   GCC     2019-31-05      Open  
A.GCC.20180601.12     GCC to provide recommendations on new processing and science maturity levels for GSICS products and services   GCC     2019-31-05      Open  
A.GEP.20180601.13     EP to Encourage submission of papers on GSICS in Joint NOAA EUMETSAT Conference to be organized around Oct2019 in Boston, USA   EP     2019-31-05      Closed  
A.GRWG.20180601.14     GRWG to develop consensus on contents of intermediate collocation products to be shared with users   GRWG     2019-31-05      Open  
A.GRWG.20180601.15     GRWG to encourage GSICS Agencies to include CrIS in their GEO-LEO monitoring   GRWGChair     2019-31-05      Open  
A.GEP.20180601.16     EP to consider how to involve space weather in sub-group   EP     2019-31-05      Open  
A.GRWG.20180601.17     GRWG to review and update the GSICS document “Guide to GSICS Products and Services” to be referred in the WMO document “Guide to the WMO Integrated Global ObservingSystem (Guide to WIGOS)”   GRWGChair     2019-31-05      Open  
A.GRWG.20180601.18     GRWG to review and update the WMO CIMO Guide: PART III: SPACE-BASED OBSERVATIONS Chapter 6: Calibration and validation for emphasizing contribution of GSICS to space-based observation   GRWGChair     2019-31-05      Open  
A.GEP.20180601.19     EP to develop plan for side-events in CGMS Science WorkingGroup meetings   EP Chair     2019-31-05      Open  
R.GCC.20180602.1     GCC to relax the requirement of User Guide forclassical GSICS products   GCC     2019-31-05      Open  
R.GCC.20180602.2     GCC to relax the requirement of uncertainty analysis. This can be complimented by Impact Report showing impact of using Cross Calibration and due weighted should be given if Input L1B measurements are taken from Operational data processing streams of host agencies.   GCC     2019-31-05      Open  
Action Id Item Summary Lead What to Do Expected Completion Actual Completion Deliverable Usage Status
A.GRWG.2017.4c.1     Rose to investigate what tasks and tools are needed to pursue the work presented by Larry in the broader context of the UV Subgroup and in particular to identify resources needed with the aim of bringing this to the attention of the EP.   Rose Munro (EUMETSAT)     3/1/2018      Open  
A.GRWG.2017.7d.1     Larry to check the status of the GOES sounder product (demo?)   Larry Flynn (NOAA)     3/1/2018      Open  
A.GRWG.2017.7c.1     JMA to report at the next annual meeting on their investigations regarding the diurnal variation in AHI by using GEO-GEO approach.   Hidehiko Murata (JMA)           Open  
A.GRWG.2017.7c.2     CMA is encouraged to investigate GEO-GEO comparison. In particular because FY-2 is spinning and therefore is not impacted by midnight anomaly. This exercise would help correcting for the SL issues.   Xu Na (CMA)     3/1/2018      Open  
A.GRWG.2017.c.3     JMA to report at the next annual meeting on their uncertainty analysis in the gap filling method with AHI/AIRS.   Masaya Takahashi (JMA)     3/1/2018      Open  
A.GRWG.7cb.1     Aisheng (NASA) to get in touch with Chris Moeller to investigate the possibility to have a SRF shift and report back at the later stage (for both VIIRS and MODIS).   Aisheng Wu (NASA)     3/1/2018      Open  
R.GRWG.7bd.1     CMA (Na Hu) to prepare a report on the current work and to share it with the GRWG for feedback.   Xu Na (CMA)     3/1/2018      Open  
R.GRWG.2017.c.4     JMA to report at the next annual meeting on the double differences on the bias time series.   Masaya Takahashi (JMA)     3/1/2018      Open  
R.GRWG.2017.7cb.2     For MERSI-2, CMA is encouraged to perform similar analysis.   Ronghua Wu (CMA)     3/1/2018      Open  
A.GIR.2017.7d.1     Tony Reale (NOAA) to provide a draft uncertainty analysis describing the comparison of example (IR) instruments to GRUAN sondes by the next annual meeting.       3/1/2018    Work planned and is ongoing. GRUAN team are focusing on MW first   Open  
A.GIR.2017.7d.2     Steve Broberg (JPL) to provide the theoretical uncertainties on the temperatures reported in slide 10 be split according to the scene temperature and the channels and consider updating the analysis accordingly.       3/1/2018      Open  
A.GIR.2017.7f.1     CMA to review the input needed for the error budget and request those information to the vendor.       3/1/2018    CMA are preparing the error budget analysis and will present it in 2018   Open  
A.GIR.2017.7f.2     Fred Wu (NOAA) to explore the feasibility of retrieving SRFs using the method initiated by Manik Bali and report back.       3/1/2018    Fred plans to follow this up during 2018   Open  
A.GIR.20170627.1     Tim Hewison to set up web meeting to discuss IASI-A/B double differences and migration at end 2017.       12/1/2017  Web meeting held 2017-12-14    Closed  
A.GIR.20170627.2     Scott Hu (CMA) to nominate point of contact to contribute IASI-A/B double differences against FY-2/4.       3/1/2018  Discussed at 2018 meeting    Closed  
A.GIR.20170627.3     Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) to consider inclusion of SLSTR results in IASI-A/B double difference analysis.       3/1/2018  Considered, but will be reported separately.    Closed  
A.GIR.20170627.4     Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) to add CMA, JMA, NOAA and KMA contributors as authors to Traceability Report and export to ZoHo and circulate.       3/1/2018  Discussed at 2018 meeting    Closed  
R.GIR.2017.7b.1     KMA to assess uncertainties in double differences between COMS/MI and IASI-A and -B (e.g. as standard error).       3/1/2018  Presented at 2019 meeting    Closed  
R.GIR.2017.7a.1     CMA are encouraged to analyse the results under different conditions to understand the level of WV contamination on the SRFs. the level of contamination by comparing results in different conditions, and recommend the nominal SRFs accordingly.       3/1/2018       
A.GVNIR.2017.8f.1     Seb to contact ICWG via Andy to evaluate re-calibrated MSG reflectance data.       3/1/2018      Open  
A.GVNIR.2017.8h.1     NOAA(Fred Wu) to solicit lunar images from the lunar calibration community to test evaluation of MTF.       3/1/2018      Closed  
A.GVNIR.2017.8h.2     Tom will inform Arata of some publication.       3/1/2018      Open  
A.GVNIR.2017.8ha.1     EUM(Seb) to arrange web meeting in April to finalise date and venue for lunar calibration workshop.       3/1/2018  4/26/2017    Closed  
A.GVNIR.2017.8u.1     NASA(Raj) to provide SBAF for each GEO imager based on VIIRS v2. Target date 30 May 2017. 2 Web meetings Implementation of DCC mode method and writing journal paper by early 2018.       3/1/2018      Open  
R.GVNIR.2017.8c.1     IMD to contact USGS and EUMETSAT for support in processing INSAT-3D Moon images.       3/1/2018      Open  
R.GVNIR.2017.8c.2     IMD to attend 2017 Lunar Calibration Workshop.       3/1/2018      Closed  
D.GVNIR.2017.8u.1     We start now with S-NPP/VIIRS as inter-calibration reference.       3/1/2018      Open  
A.GDWG.2017.5a.1   Baseline Review   All GPRCs to update the URLs of NOAA and ISRO websites.   KMA   Information  12/31/2017  3/21/2018    Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5a.2   Baseline Review   CMA to add a link to the ATBD on their GSICS website.   CMA   Information  3/31/2018      Ongoing  
A.GDWG.2017.5a.3   Baseline Review   NOAA to inform WMO of the new GSICS website URL:   NOAA   Information  12/31/2017  1/10/2018    Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5a.4   Baseline Review   EUMETSAT to add a link to WMO GSICS Portal on the GSICS logo.   EUMETSAT   Information  4/30/2017  3/21/2018    Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5a.5   Baseline Review   ISRO to inform WMO of their GSICS website:   ISRO   Information  3/31/2018  3/21/2018  Masaya informed WMO   Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5a.6   Baseline Review   JMA to upload their inter-calibration ATBD as document files.   JMA   Information  9/30/2017  12/28/2017    Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5a.7   Baseline Review   KMA to review NOAA website contents and update website reviewing slides.   KMA   Information  4/30/2017  5/4/2017    Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5a.8   Baseline Review   Peter Miu to document formats of the GEOLEOIR products (example high level definition of the GIRO I/O [EUM/TSS/TEN/14/753739]).   EUMETSAT   Information  9/30/2017      Open  
A.GDWG.2017.5a.9   Baseline Review   Peter Miu to contact Unidata to see if branches can indicate data is available, hyperlink to logo and home at top of screen.   EUMETSAT   Information  4/30/2017      Open  
A.GDWG.2017.5b.1   GSICS Documentation   GDWG co-chair to create a list of GSICS relevant documentation on the Wiki.   EUM/JMA   Information  4/30/2017  3/21/2018  Please refer to GSICS Documentation Plan (GSICS-RD000)   Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5b.2   GSICS Documentation   GDWG co-chair to propose EP and WMO to create a repository on the WMO PAG and put a link to GSICS Product Catalog.   EUM/JMA   Specification  6/30/2017  6/8/2017  Proposed at GSICS-EP-18   Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5c.1   GSICS Collaboration GSICS servers   NOAA to confirm whether their THREDDS configuration follows the latest one which was proposed by EUMETSAT.   NOAA   Analysis  12/31/2017      Open  
A.GDWG.2017.5d.1   GSICS Collaboration Servers Synchronisation   CMA to upload the product downloading script to Wiki for review.   CMA   Tech Support  3/31/2017  3/23/2017  Done at 2017 GRWG/GDWG Annual Meeting   Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5d.2   GSICS Collaboration Servers Synchronisation   Once CMA downloading script is reviewed, CMA and EUMETSAT to use the script to do synchronisation, and report to GDWG and EP.   CMA/EUM   Implementation  5/31/2017  3/22/2018  Reported at agenda#5d in 2018 GRWG/GDWG Annual Meeting   Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5d.3   GSICS Collaboration Servers Synchronisation   CMA to investigate the timeliness of the product replication by checking for an update, before calling the replication script (EUMETSAT to support).   CMA   Analysis  12/31/2017      Open  
A.GDWG.2017.5d.4   GSICS Collaboration Servers Synchronisation   JMA to provide user requirement to CMA for the NetCDF Format Checking Tool.   JMA   Specification  6/30/2017  3/21/2018  This tool is not required as it is the responsibility of the product producers to ensure their results in the products are within the expected range. Format cecking can be done using existing tools available to GSICS members.   Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5d.5   GSICS Collaboration Servers Synchronisation   CMA to develop the NetCDF Format Checking tool based on the requirements.   CMA   Tech Support  3/31/2018  3/21/2018  No longer required, see A.GDWG.2017.5d.4   Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5e.1   Spectral Response Function file towards "GSICS Standard netCDF"   JMA to update Wiki with a proposal of NetCDF SRF, including a new international data category in Data Designators category.   JMA   Specification  4/30/2017  10/4/2018    Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5e.2   Spectral Response Function file towards "GSICS Standard netCDF"   Simon Elliott to request these new designators e.g. “SRF” to be included in the WMO Common Table C-13. VISIR is optional and does not be included in the code.   EUMETSAT   Information  5/31/2017      Open  
A.GDWG.2017.5e.3   Spectral Response Function file towards "GSICS Standard netCDF"   JMA to produce a prototype of the new NetCDF SRF for review by the GDWG; a template and an instance of the template with data.   JMA   Specification  6/30/2017      Open  
A.GDWG.2017.5f.1   Microwave Product and Reference records   GDWG(Manik) to support the testing of why some KMA products are size 0 bytes. He can offer a FTP account from university and/or NOAA servers.   NOAA   Specification  3/31/2018  3/21/2018  MW products are not planned at present   Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5g.2   Microwave Product and Reference records   GDWG co-chairs to attend MW sub-group web meeting.   EUM/JMA   Information  12/31/2017  6/22/2017    Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5i.1   Use of GitHub for GSICS developments   KMA to set up a GitHub project for GDWG activities and document how this is done such that another GPRC can take over the administration of the GitHub project.   KMA   Tech Support  12/31/2017  43047  Reported at GDWG web meeting in Nov 2017   Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.5i.2   Use of GitHub for GSICS developments   EUMETSAT will upload the plotting tool codes to the GitHub for collaboration once KMA sets up the GDWG GitHub project.   EUMETSAT   Tech Support  3/31/2018  42894  Pablo Benedicto provided the codes   Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.6a.1   Event logging   GDWG members to consider to add “Calibration related documents” on their landing pages.   EUMETSAT   Implementation  12/31/2017      Ongoing  
A.GDWG.2017.6b.2   Event logging   Rob is invited to provide the paper to the GDWG members. GDWG members shall review the paper by 14 April 2017, and provide input to paper. After this date, the paper is endorsed by the GDWG.   EUMETSAT   Configuration  4/14/2017  4/14/2017    Closed  
A.GDWG.2017.6d.1   Revisit of GDWG ToR   GDWG chair to revise GDWG ToR and circulate that to GDWG members for reviewing.   EUM/JMA   Configuration  4/30/2017  6/8/2017  Reported at GSICS-EP-18   Closed  
A.GDWG.20171108.1   Manik Bali (NOAA) to provide script that can check uptime of THREDDS servers and product updates on the THREDDS servers that are shared via the collaboration server.   NOAA   Tech Support  3/1/2018      Open  
A.GDWG.20171108.2   Manik Bali (NOAA) to integrate GSICS actions from all meetings into one spreadsheet to avoid having to search multiple documents for the outcomes previous meetings.   NOAA   Implementation  3/1/2018  3/21/2018  Reported at 2018 Annual Meeting   Closed  
A.GDWG.20171108.3   Rob Roebeling (EUMETSAT) to update the URLs of all the instrument event logging pages and each agency to confirm the URLs.   EUMETSAT   Information  3/1/2018  2/5/2019  Updated URL list was sent to GDWG Chair   Standing  
A.GCC.2017.2j.1     GCC and KMA to check the status of KMA’s products in the GPPA.       3/1/2018    KMA product accepted   Closed  
A.GCC.2017.3a.2     GCC to organise a web meeting before the User’s workshop.       3/1/2018    GSICS Session organized in VVO   Closed  
A.GCC.2017.3a.3     Each agency should indicate who should represent the users on their side. Manik to coordinate.       3/1/2018      Closed  
A.GCC.2017.6b.1     GCC to update the action tracking page in response to GRWG/GDWG proposal.       3/1/2018   Closed  
A.GCC.2017.6c.1     GCC to survey from the GSICS users (e.g. during the GSICS User’s Workshop), which netCDF models they are using; classic or enhanced. If enhanced, what features they are using in this model; chunking, …?       3/1/2018      Open  
A.GCC.2017.9f.1     GCC to coordinate provision of GSICS Corrected test data from the 0.6µm and 11µm channels of all available GEO imagers during Dec 2009 to Ken Knapp to assess the impact of the corrections on ISCCP products.       3/1/2018    mails sent. Response awaited//Need Discussions   Open  
A.GCC.2017.9g.1     GCC to get the names of POC of agencies for pre-launch characterization workshop. In touch with CEOS.       3/1/2018      Open  
A.GCC.2017.9i.1     GCC to follow up with Andy Heidinger and Tim Hewison on to send a GSICS Rep to ITOVS and Users NWP Meetings, Cloud Working Group CGMS working groups.       3/1/2018    Cheng-Zhi Ex Chair MW attending ITOVS. Will hold a parallel session on GSICS   Closed  
A.GCC.2017.9k.1     GCC to coordinate a preparatory web meeting on clarreo and send out invitations to members to attend the webmeeting.       3/1/2018    Working closely with Kim,Tim and Scott   Closed  
R.GCC.2017.2b.1     GCC to check with NOAA the status of the IR code . GCC to follow up with IMD.       3/1/2018      Open  
A.GMW.2017.6b.1   ATMS on JPSS-1   Priovide an update on the status after launch (currently Sept 2017)   Ed Kim   Information  12/1/2017  1/12/2018  Information   CLOSED  
A.GMW.2017.6c.1   Microwave imager CDR   Determine feasibility of extracting the inter-calibration algorithms and coefficients from the FCDR and making them a GSICS product.   Karsten Fennig   Analysis  3/1/2018  3/1/2018  (see A.GMW.20170725.2)   CLOSED  
A.GMW.2017.6d.1   Microwave sounder CDR   Determine feasibility of extracting the inter-calibration algorithms and coefficients from the FCDR and making them a GSICS product.   Cheng-Zhi Zou   Analysis  3/1/2018  3/1/2018  (see A.GMW.20170725.2)   CLOSED  
A.GMW.2017.6f.1   MW Sensor inventory   MW Subgroup chair to develop candidate satellite/sensor (inventory), perhaps in the form of a graphical aid, as in orbit references for specific channels (based on some predetermined set of parameters that Manik has outlined...) and note pros and cons, other attributes (publications, etc.)? It should include timelines of sensors and overlap periods.   Jun Park   Information  3/1/2018  3/1/2018  Information   CLOSED  
A.GMW.2017.6f.2   GRUAN Study   Tony Reale (NOAA) to provide a draft uncertainty analysis describing the comparison of example (microwave) instruments to GRUAN sondes.   Tony Reale   Analysis  3/1/2018      Open  
A.GMW.2017.6g.1   MW RTM comparison   MW co-chair to develop set of specific tasks to be performed by the Subgroup to intercompare RTM output over static references and surface models. Tasks to be identified within 6 months (Sep. 2017).   Isaac Moradi   Information  8/1/2018      Open  
A.GMW.2017.5g.1   MW Naming Convention/Metadata   MW subgroup would contact NOAA GDWG to get support for product creation if needed.   Ralph Ferraro   Tech Support  3/1/2018      Open  
R.GMW.2017.6a.1   MW Lunar Calibration   Get an update from Martin in approx. 6 months.   Martin Burgdorf   Information  9/30/2017  10/12/2017  Information   CLOSED  
R.GMW.2017.6e.1   NIST calibration reference   Get an update from Derek in approx. 6 months.   Derek Houtz   Information  9/30/2017  1/12/2018  Information   CLOSED  
A.GMW.20170725.1   Reformulate the MW Questionnaire and distribute to a broader user base, including all GSICS members. Ralph and Manik will draft the next set of questions and distribute to this group for commenting   Ralph Ferraro and Manik Bali   Analysis  3/1/2018  3/1/2018  /No longer relevant   CLOSED  
A.GMW.20170725.2   Can we define short-term and long-term goals? Short term would be what we could accomplish within the next year - seems like "best practices" might be something to strongly consider. Cheng-Zhi and Karsten to think more closely about their products/practices and define some starting points.       3/1/2018      Open  
A.GMW.20170725.3   Group to meet again in September time-frame (but prior to next full MW subgroup meeting so we can present out findings) Ralph will organize this.       3/1/2018  3/1/2018    CLOSED  
D.GWG.2017.3n.1     NWP+RTM approach will not be pursued within the IR Sub-Group at this time. Instrument operators are encouraged to work together with NWP centres to understand their biases, but there remain many obstacles to achieving absolute agreement between NWP/RTM double differences with other inter-calibration methods due to incomplete cancellation of model biases - especially for window channels.   Andy Heidinger (NOAA)     3/1/2018      Open  
D.GWG.2017.9a.1     GSICS member agencies generating RACs are required to regenerate them for the entire record of each monitored instrument in event of a major version change in the processing algorithm.   Bertrand Fougnie (CNES)     3/1/2018      Open  
D.GWG.2017.9c.1     Actions are opened by chairs (including meetings). Actions can only be closed by groups/subgroups chairs.   Denis Jouglet (CNES)     3/1/2018      Open  
R.GWG.2017.3m.1     Recommendation from Data Management (P. Miu) - decisions taken on combining/including corrections within level 1 files should a) make use of the data easier for users and b) reduce maintenance activities as far as possible.   Existing action - no new one needed?     3/27/2018      Open  
A.GWG.2017.2i.2     EUMETSAT (P. Miu) to investigate hosting ISRO GSICS products on the EUMETSAT GSICS collaboration server.   GRWG Chair     3/21/2018      Open  
A.GWG.2017.2i.3     NASA to support IMD with MODIS data. - Existing action - no new one needed?   GRWG Chair     3/1/2018      Open  
A.GWG.2017.2k.1     EUM to provide the degradation model for GOME-2 to NASA (Dave Doelling).   Manik Bali (NOAA)     3/1/2018      Open  
A.GWG.2017.3a.1     CMA(Scott) to confirm whether CMA can register for the new messaging service from China.   Peter Miu (EUMETSAT)     3/1/2018      Open  
A.GWG.2017.3c.1     GRWG Chair to check with EP if the ToR could be changed to address GRWG_15.1 (G.2/A43.16).   Peter Miu (EUMETSAT)     3/1/2018      Open  
A.GWG.2017.3o.1     Rob (EUMETSAT) to report back at the next annual meeting on the investigation to do an homogenisation in the radiance space (instead of in the spectral space with the SRFs).   Rob Roebeling (EUMETSAT)     3/1/2018      Closed  
A.GWG.2017.2k.1     EUM to provide the degradation model for GOME-2 to NASA (Dave Doelling).   Rose Munro (EUMETSAT)     3/1/2018  4/12/2016  Already provided by ftp   Closed  
A.GWG.2017.3a.1     CMA(Scott) to confirm whether CMA can register for the new messaging service from China.   Scott Hu (CMA)     3/1/2018      Open  
R.GWG.2017.2g.1     GSICS shall provide recommendations on the naming of the corrections to separate calibration correction from system correction, following the results of the discussion raised by Bertrand and agreed.       3/1/2018      Open  
R.GWG.2017.2h.1     EUMETSAT and IMD to interact for comparisons between Meteosat-8 and INSAT-3D/3DR.       3/1/2018      Open  
R.GWG.2017.3m.1     Recommendation from Data Management (Pete M.) - decisions taken on combining/including corrections within level 1 files should a) make use of the data easier for users and b) reduce maintenance activities as far as possible.       3/1/2018      Open  
D.GWG.2017.3n.1     NWP+RTM approach will not be pursued within the IR Sub-Group at this time. Instrument operators are encouraged to work together with NWP centres to understand their biases, but there remain many obstacles to achieving absolute agreement between NWP/RTM double differences with other inter-calibration methods due to incomplete cancellation of model biases - especially for window channels.       3/1/2018      Open  
D.GWG.2017.9a.1     GSICS member agencies generating RACs are required to regenerate them for the entire record of each monitored instrument in event of a major version change in the processing algorithm.       3/1/2018      Open  
Agenda Id Item Summary Lead What to Do Expected Completion Actual Completion Deliverable Usage Status
A.GDWG.2016.5a.1   Review Standards   GPRCs to take the presentation review pages as a basis for their updates. KMA to lead this action.   KMA   Configuration  9/30/2016  10/3/2016    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.5b.1   Review Standards   JMA to include invalid_hours in the agreed conventions once the time format has been checked that it follows ISO 8601 format.   JMA   Information  7/31/2016      pending  
A.GDWG.2016.5b.2   Review Standards   EUMETSAT to specify when attribute or comments are to be used on the Wiki   EUM   Information  5/31/2016  2/21/2017  NetCDF Conventions Update   closed  
A.GDWG.2016.5c.1   New GSICS Wiki   NOAA to information groups of the new security of the new server, and the backups.   NOAA   Information  5/31/2016  6/4/2016    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.5c.2   New GSICS Wiki   NOAA to inform workgroup members a week in advance and to switch to the new server (UMD), and decommission the NOAA server.   NOAA   Information  4/30/2016  6/4/2016    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.5c.3   New GSICS Wiki   NOAA to check how long the URL of new Wiki would be shown on the current Wiki at NOAA.   NOAA   Information  4/30/2016  6/4/2016    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.5d.1   Mirroring GSICS Products at NOAA   NOAA to upload their download scripts on wiki for review.   NOAA   Information  2016-04-31  3/15/2017    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.5d.2   Mirroring GSICS Products at NOAA   CMA to upload their download scripts on Wiki for review.   CMA   Information  2016-04-31  1/20/2017    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.5d.3   Mirroring GSICS Products at NOAA   NOAA to check if their scripts can be installed and used from the NOAA THREDDS server to mirroring the CMA and EUMETSAT GSICS servers   NOAA   Information  9/30/2016  3/15/2017    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.5d.4   Mirroring GSICS Products at NOAA   CMA to check if their scripts can be installed and used from the CMA THREDDS server to mirroring the NOAA and EUMETSAT GSICS servers   CMA   Information  9/30/2016      ongoing  
A.GDWG.2016.5e.1   Collaboration GSICS Servers   GDWG chair (Peter) to present security constraints to EP meeting to get decision if we need GSICS product preservation.  If yes, then they need to support their GDWG work based on the security constraints identified.   GDWG chair - Pete   Information  6/30/2016  2/21/2017  GSICS products are expected to be preserve through several mechanism; backups and ability to regenerate. Synchronisation between the collaboration servers would be ideal but is challenging due to organisational security constraints.   closed  
A.GDWG.2016.5e.2   Collaboration GSICS Servers   KMA to send their GSICS collocation and products (when available) to the EUMETSAT GSICS server.  This will support the validation of the product using the bias plotting tool.   KMA   Configuration  12/31/2016  2/23/2017    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.5f.1   Technical aspects of the GIRO work: inputs from GRWG   EUMETSAT to request the GCC to support this activity; webpage content for information and user user support.  Set up of the Wiki for FAQ or similar.   Seb   Configuration  9/30/2016  2/28/2017  EUMETSAT will take care of the distribution   closed  
A.GDWG.2016.5f.2   Technical aspects of the GIRO work: inputs from GRWG   EUMETSAT to define how to efficiently support the registration and distribution of the GIRO and GLOD deliverables.   EUM   Analysis  9/30/2016  2/21/2017  Access Request   closed  
A.GDWG.2016.5g.1   Repository for GSICS Work - use of gitHub for codes   GDWG chair (Peter) to update Wiki and seek EP endorsement if needed for using GitHub for collaboration.   GDWG chair - Pete   Information  6/30/2016  2/21/2017  GutHub is required for collaboration development   closed  
A.GDWG.2016.5g.2   Repository for GSICS Work - use of gitHub for codes   If GDWG.2016.5g.1 is agreed, create GitHub repositories for existing GSICS tools, and provide all contributing member with a user guide on how to support tool development.   GCC   Implementation  9/30/2016  3/22/2017  NOAA: Need permission to open Non-NOAA public acccount on GitHub. It was agreed that KMA will lead this action (new action was assigned in Madison).   closed  
A.GDWG.2016.5i.1   GDWG ToR   GDWG chair (Peter) to present the action tracking process to the working groups to come to a consensus and seek EP endorsement.   GDWG chair - Pete   Information  6/30/2016  2/21/2017  Action tracking is required and GCC has taken the lead on this.   closed  
A.GDWG.2016.6a.1   Updating Action Tracking way   Based on user requirements from Tim’s presentation and GDWG members, GCC to investigate how to address these requirement using the Wiki and plug-ins.   GCC   Analysis  7/31/2016  3/15/2017    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.6b.1   Data versioning updates, Document Management System   GCC to update the Wiki with the proposed GSICS product types for EP endorsement.   GCC   Information  5/31/2016  3/15/2017    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.6b.2   MW standards   NOAA to update the Wiki with the proposed versioning for the GSICS product types for EP endorsement.   NOAA   Information  5/31/2016  3/15/2017    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.6b.3   MW standards   GCC to discuss with MW sub group chair on the use of the proposed MW standards, if needed then seek GDWG agreements.   GCC   Information  5/31/2016  3/15/2017    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.6b.4   GSICS Documents   GDWG chairs to propose on the Wiki where document types are to be located and info the EP.   GDWG chair - Pete   Information  5/31/2016      ongoing  
A.GDWG.2016.6c.1   Calibration Event Logging   KMA to create landing pages for the COMS satellite for linking to the OSCAR database.  Provide these URLs to Rob Roebeling at EUMETSAT to link to OSCAR   KMA   Information  5/31/2016  5/30/2016    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.6c.2   Calibration Event Logging   CMA to check the current status of their satellites’ landing pages and provide this to Rob Roebeling at EUMETSAT (for end of May).   CMA   Information  5/31/2016      Standing  
A.GDWG.2016.6c.3   Calibration Event Logging   NOAA to investigate a clear policy to provide landing pages in the standardised format as described in this presentation for reference in the OSCAR database.  Note, this is a CGMS action so participanting agency are expected to implement.   NOAA   Information  12/31/2016  3/15/2017  Escalated the matter to NOAA-EP   closed  
A.GDWG.2016.6c.4   Calibration Event Logging   JMA to provide on Wiki example landing pages; current and past satellites.   JMA   Information  4/30/2016  4/27/2016    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.6f.1   New GSICS tools   EUMETSAT to provide THREDDS configuration template on Wiki for collaboration servers’ administrator to update their servers.   EUM   Information  5/31/2016  6/24/2016  CMA and NOAA THREDDS Configurations   closed  
A.GDWG.2016.6g.1   Format for GSICS VIS/NIR products/plotting - Requirements from GRWG   GDWG chair (Masaya) to update wiki with the new product template.   GDWG chair - Masaya   Information  4/30/2016  5/2/2016    closed  
A.GDWG.2016.6g.2   Format for GSICS VIS/NIR products/plotting - Requirements from GRWG   JMA to investigate the impact enhancement data model, use of grouping (create an example - available in java or other in C/Fortran).  What tools are available to read this?   JMA   Implementation  12/31/2016      pending  
A.GDWG.2016.7j.1   Date & Place of Next WG Meetings   Peter to set-up a template for the agency report, which would help focusing on GSICS activities.   EUM (Peter)   Configuration  2017-annual meeting  Closed by email 2017-02-14 here  Template   Closed  
A.GIR.2016.3c.1   GEO-Ring dataset analysis   Rob to consider including an analysis of GEO-ring bias monitoring statistics provided by ECMWF as part of IOGEO.   EUM (Rob)   Analysis  2017-annual meeting    Not possible in 2017.   Pending  
A.GIR.2016.3c.2   GEO-Ring dataset analysis   EUMETSAT to coordinate input for GEO-ring test dataset from all geostationary satellite operators   EUM (Rob)     9/1/2016    Ftp structure setup. Met-7 & -9 recal data available - can upload (incl link to GSICS corrections).   Pending  
A.GIR.2016.3e.1   Selecting GSICS References: IR, VIS and MW(revising terminology)   Tim Hewison to consider revising terminology used in the current "Primary GSICS Corrections", during demonstration phase.   EUM (Tim)   Configuration  2017-annual meeting  In revised GPPA submission 2017-05-23  Primary GSICS Corrections now defined wrt "Anchor References".   Closed  
A.GIR.2016.3n.1   Handling Diurnal Cycle in GEO-LEO IR   Fred to report at next meeting on cooperation with KMA on black body calibration correction.   NOAA (Fred)   Analysis  2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GIR.2016.3o.1   v2 of GEO-LEO IR - alternative ATBDs(cold end corrections effect)   Arata to check how the cold end corrections are behaving using AIRS.   JMA (Arata)   Analysis  2017-annual meeting  Presented at 2017 meeting    Closed  
A.GIR.2016.3o.2   v2 of GEO-LEO IR - alternative ATBDs (regression model and correction)   Arata to use the various regression methods for both radiance and brightness temperatures and process the corrections as derived from AIRS and report back.   JMA (Arata)   Analysis  2017-annual meeting  2018-annual meeting  Arata's successor will take over.   Pending  
A.GIR.2016.3p.1   Hyperspectral IR comparisons - including TANSO-FTS/2 - 17:05   Rose to communicate the constraints for Metop-A end-of-life activities. Can we accommodate additional manoeuvres?   EUM (Rose)     2017-annual meeting  2017 EUMETSAT Agency Report  Update on Metop-A End of Life included in Agency Report   Closed  
A.GIR.2016.3p.2   Hyperspectral IR comparisons - including TANSO-FTS/2 - 17:05   CrIS team (POC: Likun) to work on the inter-comparison between CrIS and TANSO-FTS and report back to GRWG.   CrIS team (Likun)   Analysis  2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GIR.2016.3p.3   Hyperspectral IR comparisons - including TANSO-FTS/2 - 17:05   EUM + CNES (POC: Denis Jouglet (CNES) and Dorothee Coppens (EUM)) to work on the inter-comparison between CrIS and TANSO-FTS.   EUM (Dorothee), CNES (Denis)   Analysis  2017-annual meeting    Delayed at EUM until later in 2017   Pending  
A.GIR.2016.3p.5   Hyperspectral IR comparisons - including TANSO-FTS/2 - 17:05   JAXA to provide info about TANSO FTS sampling (POC: Kei Shiomi)   JAXA (Kei)   Information  2017-annual meeting      Closed  
A.GIR.2016.3q.1   IR Reference Sensor Traceability and Uncertainty(monitoring CrIS, IASI)   Likun Wang to coordinate a team to continue to monitor CrIS, IASI and AIRS and report to GSICS.   NOAA (Likun)   Configuration  2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GIR.2016.3r.1   SRF Retrievals   Manik to circulate draft manuscript on SRF retrieval method   NOAA (Manik)   Information  2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GIR.2016.7b.2   Strawman User Requirements’ document   Tim Hewison to resolve use of GSICS products for Meteosat IR with FIDUCEO.   EUM (Tim)     2017-annual meeting    FIDUCEO are using some GSICS methods to derive calibration coefficients for Meteosat. No further action reqrd.   Closed  
A.GIR.2016.7i.3   Topics & Chairing next Web Meetings   Tim to contact Sasha regarding the opportunities using NWP bias monitoring statistics.   EUM (Tim)   Contact  2017-annual meeting  Closed by email 2017-01-17  The MICROS team do not have the resources to support this at present.   Closed  
A.GIR.20160908.1   Reference Instrument Traceability Report   Denis Jouglet (CNES) to apply spectral averaging method to calculate static weightings for generating 10cm-1 pseudo channels for AIRS-IASI comparison over 3 year period (2013-03-01/2016-03-01) - and consider application for CrIS -IASI comparisons.   CNES (Denis)     2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GIR.20160908.2   Reference Instrument Traceability Report   Dorothee Coppens (EUMETSAT) to look at impact of CrIS responsivity changes related to apodisation.   EUM (Dorothee)     2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GIR.20160908.3   Reference Instrument Traceability Report   Dave Tobin (SSEC) to regenerate comparison results in 10K bins over 3 year period (2013-03-01/2016-03-01), describe method and share raw SNO results.   NOAA (Dave)     2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GIR.20160908.4   Reference Instrument Traceability Report   Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) to regenerate comparison results in 10K bins and redo double-difference analysis, expressing results in BT, radiance and % radiance.   EUM (Tim)     2017-annual meeting  Closed 2017-03-15  Spreadsheet   Closed  
A.GRWG.2016.2b.1   web meeting   to set up GRWG/GDWG web meeting on instrument performance monitoring   GCC   Configuration  2017-annual meeting  TEMP   Offerred to make a presentation at the Annual Meeting   Closed  
A.GRWG.2016.2d.1     Tim & Dohyeong to review outstanding actions on Tim Hewison and decide which to transfer to GRWG Chair.   Dohyeong, Tim   Analysis  2017-annual meeting      NLR  
A.GRWG.2016.2j.1     Tim to share housekeeping link for IASI monitoring   EUM (Tim)   Information  2017-annual meeting  Closed by email 2017-02-16  EPS Product Quality Monitoring Reports   Closed  
A.GRWG.2016.2k.1     CMA to report at the 2017 annual meeting about the comparison in the RSB of the various instruments.   CMA   Analysis  2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GRWG.2016.2m.1     GCC to contact IMD and coordinate interactions re: sharing and implementing GEO-LEO code.   GCC   Information  2017-annual meeting    IMD does not need   Closed  
A.GRWG.2016.3s.1   CLARREO preparations   Dave Tobin to repeat inter-calibration uncertainty analysis for CLARREO PATHFINDER on ISS and report.   CLARREO group (Dave Tobin)   Analysis  2017-annual meeting    Dave published a paper on this, which will be presented at 2017 meeting.   Closed  
A.GRWG.2016.3s.2   CLARREO preparations   GRWG Chair to check the interest and availability of key representatives for a workshop on hyperspectral instruments as inter-calibration references.   GRWG Chair   Configuration  2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GRWG.2016.7f.1   Workshop on best practices on pre-flight and onboard calibration   Tim/Rob (EUM) to forward draft requirements for pre-launch characterisation to WMO.   EUM (Tim/Rob)   Information  2017-annual meeting  Closed by email 2016-04-19  Draft GSICS Technical Note   Closed  
A.GVNIR.2016.2n.1   GSICS products with INSAT-3D   Dave to provide MODIS data to ISRO to perform inter-calibration using DCC.   NASA (Dave)   Information  2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GVNIR.2016.4a.1   lunar calibration and Earth View discrepancy   Aisheng and Tom to interact in order to investigate the discrepancy between the lunar calibration results and the Earth View results on both Terra and Aqua MODIS.   NASA (Aisheng), USGS (Tom)     2017-annual meeting      Closed  
A.GVNIR.2016.4a.2   MODIS calibration   Tom Stone to contact NASA (POC: Jim Butler) about the possibility of extending the USGS analysis of MODIS lunar observation data to study the divergence of sensor responses exhibited by lunar and solar diffuser/vicarious calibration techniques.   USGS (Tom)     2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GVNIR.2016.4d.1   ROLO developments & schedule   GSICS/WMO to provide a support letter for the ARCSTONE mission.   GSICS/WMO     2017-annual meeting  No longer needed    Closed  
A.GVNIR.2016.4f.1   Status of GIRO policy, infrastructure & inter-cal study   Seb to verify that the policy reflects the needs of an Agency implementing a modification to the GIRO to ensure it is assessed against the benchmark.   EUM (Seb)     2017-annual meeting  Closed at EP-16 on 2016-05-15  Policy now states that modifications need to be traceable and new versions will be tested against benchmark.   Closed  
A.GVNIR.2016.4h.1   Lunar surface target selections & auto-mapping   Bertrand to investigate if this is possible for CNES to provide NOAA with Pleiades Moon data in order to support the characterization of uniform target sites.   CNES (Bertrand)     2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GVNIR.2016.4h.2   Lunar surface target selections & auto-mapping   NOAA and EUMETSAT to liaise for comparison with time series of MSG full disk Moon irradiance measurements over same time period. NOAA to report back in one year time.   NOAA, EUM     2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GVNIR.2016.4n.1   Progress toward DCC Demo product   Dave will work with KMA to implement the GSICS DCC process to promote KMA to demonstration product.   NASA (Dave)   Analysis  2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GVNIR.2016.4o.1   Progress toward DCC Demo product   Dave to provide information on Aqua MODIS for GOES instruments.   NASA (Dave)   Information  2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GVNIR.2016.4p.1   Discussion Outstanding issues on DCC algorithm, Demo products & GPPA, Journal article   Dave to coordinate the writing of a paper on the GSICS DCC GEO-LEO algorithm.   NASA (Dave)     2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GVNIR.2016.7d.1   GRWG Summary and Agree Actions   Dave to contact IVOS Chair and ACC to coordinate a recommended update to reference solar spectrum to convert from radiance to reflectance by setting up web meeting.   NASA (Dave)     2017-annual meeting    Web meetings in 2016/7   Closed  
A.GVNIR.2016.7d.2   GRWG Summary and Agree Actions   NASA(Dave) to work with KMA for KMA to enter DCC demo-phase.   NASA (Dave)     2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GVNIR.2016.7h.1   Interaction & 2016 Users Workshop   Seb to provide supporting slides to Dave Doelling as chair of the VIR/NIR sub-group to be presented at the Users' WS (upon availability of the feedback from Marine Application).   EUM (Seb)   Information  2017-annual meeting  Closed by email 2016-08-11  Presented at User Workshop   Closed  
A.GVNIR.2016.7i.1   Topics & Chairing next Web Meetings   Dave to contact Nigel about joint web meeting.   NASA (Dave)   Contact  2017-annual meeting      Closed  
A.GVNIR.2016.7i.2   Topics & Chairing next Web Meetings   Seb to rescope the web meeting on lunar calibration.   EUM (Seb)     2017-annual meeting  Closed by web meeting 2017-08-30  Meeting Page   Closed  
A.GVNIR.2016.7j.5   Date & Place of Next WG Meetings   Dave to provide EUMETSAT with VIIRS data to generate inter-calibration of all SEVIRI warm channels using the DCC method.   NASA (Dave)     2017-annual meeting  Closed by email 2016-09-13    Closed  
A.GVNIR.2016.7j.6   Date & Place of Next WG Meetings   Dave to organise a web meeting about the publication on DCCs.   NASA (Dave)     2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GVNIR.20161206.1   Planning 2017 Lunar Calibration Workshop   Jason Choi (NOAA) to coordinate with NASA (Zhipeng Wang) to compare the VIIRS lunar results analysed by both teams.   NOAA (Jason)     2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GVNIR.20161206.2   Planning 2017 Lunar Calibration Workshop   Sebastien Wagner (EUMETSAT) to set up a Doodle poll to establish whether the proposed location would introduce any difficulties to attendees.   EUM (Seb)     2017-annual meeting  Closed by email 2016-12-22    Closed  
A.GVNIR.20161206.3   Planning 2017 Lunar Calibration Workshop   Scott Hu (CMA) to invite NIST and NASA ARCSTONE to present their activities.   CMA (Scott)     2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GVNIR.20161206.4   Planning 2017 Lunar Calibration Workshop   Fred Wu (NOAA) to consider coordinating a summary of new space-based Moon observations (since the last workshop).   NOAA (Fred)     2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GVNIR.20161206.5   Planning 2017 Lunar Calibration Workshop   Scott Hu (CMA) to invite national metrology agencies to describe characterisation of instrumentation and its traceability to SI-standards (certification).   CMA (Scott)     2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GVNIR.20161206.6   Planning 2017 Lunar Calibration Workshop   Sebastien Wagner (EUMETSAT) to contact Jack Xiong (NASA) to discuss about the characterisation of cross-talk using lunar observations.   EUM (Seb)     2017-annual meeting  Closed at bilateral meeting 2017-03-02  Jack to give presentation at 2017 LCW   Closed  
A.GVNIR.20161206.7   Planning 2017 Lunar Calibration Workshop   Sebastien Wagner (EUMETSAT) to set up a Doodle poll to allow potential participants to indicate their interest in different topics.   EUM (Seb)     2017-annual meeting      Closed  
A.GVNIR.20161206.8   Planning 2017 Lunar Calibration Workshop   Session chairs (Scott Hu, Tom Stone, Sebastien Wagner, Fred Wu) to coordinate speakers for each topic.   EUM (Seb), NOAA (Fred), USGS (Tom), CMA (Scott)     2017-annual meeting      Closed  
A.GWG.2016.2t.1   Naming convention of GSICS products   GCC (Manik to coordinate) to develop a prototype template for product landing pages to be linked to the GSICS product catalog.   GCC (Manik)     2017-annual meeting    Prototype pages template setup for VIS/NIR setup. This can be used by other groups too   Closed  
A.GWG.2016.2u.1   GSICS Procedure for Product Acceptance   GCC to coordinate input from product creators/developers to identify the family of monitored and reference instruments their product is applicable to.   GCC     2017-annual meeting    Decision whether family or not could be made at the time of GPPA. Decision uploaded on GPPA page. EP to approve.   Closed  
A.GWG.2016.7b.1   Strawman User Requirements document   GCC to coordinate input from GPRCs to attempt to identify at least one user for NRT, RAC and climate applications and interact with users to establish draft user requirements. (note: this will provide input to Action EP_GRWG_16.10).   GCC     2017-annual meeting    Agencies have indicated that not many users of GSICS Products   Closed  
A.GWG.2016.7h.2   Interaction & 2016 Users Workshop   Larry to coordinate with the JPSS meeting organisers to organise a dedicated time-slot for the GSICS Users' WS optimising attendance and promote through meeting agenda.   GCC (Larry)           Closed  
A.GWG.2016.7h.3   Interaction & 2016 Users Workshop   GCC to check the possibility to have remote access through WebEx   GCC           Closed  
A.GWG.2016.7i.4   Topics & Chairing next Web Meetings   GCC to add a webex meeting for a user feedback (? probably not needed). Or organise one on changing reference and ensure traceability (to be organised by Dave) .   GCC   Configuration  2017-annual meeting      Pending  
A.GWG.2016.7j.2   Date & Place of Next WG Meetings   GCC (Larry) to contact NIST to organise the next GRWG/GDWG annual meeting.   GCC (Larry)     2017-annual meeting      Closed  
A.GWG.2016.7j.3   Date & Place of Next WG Meetings   Dave to contact D. Tobin (CLARREO group) to check the possibility to organise the meeting in NOAA, Madison.   NASA (Dave)     2017-annual meeting  closed 2016-03-08    Closed  
D.GRWG.2016.2s   Defining GSICS Products, Deliverables, Maturity   Static instrument information should be provided on Instrument Information landing pages, linked from OSCAR. GSICS should focus on provided updates on dynamic aspects of performance.              
D.GRWG.2016.3c   Discussion: GEO-Ring dataset analysis   The best full disk coverage within 30 min time difference should be provided for the GEO-ring demonstration dataset              
D.GRWG.2016.3c   Discussion: GEO-Ring dataset analysis   The format of the dataset can be defined in a free choice by provider, but preferably netCDF/HDF. Otherwise, a reader should be provided.              
D.GRWG.2016.3f   monitoring the double differences between references   It was agreed that there is a need for monitoring the double differences between references instruments during the overlap periods.              
D.GRWG.2016.3o   v2 of GEO-LEO IR - alternative ATBDs   JMA should include the functions and coefficients need to convert between digital counts and radiance in the netCDF format of their AHI products.              
D.GRWG.2016.7d   GRWG Summary and Agree Actions   GPRCs to decide update frequency for GSICS products, aiming to provide users with most frequent updates with uncertainty meeting their own requirements.              
R.GRWG.2016.1k   Himawari-8 Ocean Color and Aerosol   JAXA to continue to collaborate with JMA to define requirements for GSICS Corrections for AHI ocean colour and aerosol products.   JAXA     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.1l   Impact of GSICS Correction on Himawari-8 SST   GSICS IR sub-group to develop LEO-LEO GSICS corrections.   GSICS IR group     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.1t   Intercalibration on the FY3/MWRI   CMA to consider using the SSMIS CDR at Colorado State University that is available and that would be of better quality in their analysis of MWRI data.   CMA     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.2c   GDWG report   GDWG to provide guidance for code sharing in order to avoid problem with licensing (TBConfirmed)              
R.GRWG.2016.2j   Metop-A maneuver as part of End of Life planning   EUM to consider pitch-over maneuver of Metop-A as part of End of Life planning, to characterise instruments space views and scan angle dependences, and introducing a precessionary orbit to allow the instruments to sample more of the diurnal cycle. (Post-meeting note: This was raised at the EUMETSAT STG-SWG meeting, where EUMETSAT were requested to consider this, but noted that it is only possible to drift the orbit slowly, given fuel constraints.)   EUM     2017-annual meeting      Closed  
R.GRWG.2016.2j   Lunar Observation   CMA to consider coordinating Simultaneous Lunar Observations from ground-based sensors to coincide with satellite observations.   CMA     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.2o   non-linearity in the COMS WV channel   KMA to investigate effects of the non-linearities in the COMS WV channel.   KMA   Analysis  2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.2u   GSICS Procedure for Product Acceptance   the product generator applying the same algo to different instruments should be able to move directly to pre-operational mode subject to reviewing the uncertainty analysis.       2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.3d   NASA SBAF Tool - including hyperspectral deserts   WMO to draft a letter to recommend EUM to shift UVNS FOV southwards at winter time to support GSICS activities (SBAF, desert site characterisation).   WMO     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.3h   Plans for AVHRR inter-calibration   EUMETSAT to liaise with SCIAMACHY team to investigate difference between the 2 instruments (GOME-2 and SCIAMACHY) using SNOs.   EUM   contact  2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.3j   GEO-LEO IR Progress at ISRO   ISRO to contact Peter Miu to set up a standing order + submit user request through the EUM helpdesk.   ISRO   contact  2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.3k   GEO-LEO IR Progress at JMA   NOAA-JMA to corporate to resolve GEO-LEO IR scan dependency.   NOAA, JMA     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.3k   AHI's diurnal variation   JMA to share their analysis of AHIs diurnal variation during commissioning phase to GSICS user workshop.   JMA   Information  2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.3l   GEO-LEO IR Progress at KMA   KMA to assess uncertainties in double differences between COMS-1/MI and IASI-A and -B (e.g. as standard error)   KMA   Analysis  2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.3p   Hyperspectral IR comparisions   Although there were different opinions, representing different users interested, the majority of participants favoured the opinion that there is not really a benefit in changing IASI-A as it is reaching its end of life. Instead, IASI-B should be updated asap to take advantage of the overlap to check the impact and improve IASI-B till its end-of-life, noting that the overlap is crucial to characterise the impact of the change. Of course, changes should be applied to IASI-C.       2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.3q   IR Reference Sensor Traceability and Uncertainty   Define common spectral (boxcar) regions for comparisons.       2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.3q   IR Reference Sensor Traceability and Uncertainty   Member of AIRS team to be involved in monitoring differences wrt IASI and CrIS.   AIRS team     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.3r   SRF Retrievals   Manik to apply SRF retrieval to CO2 or water vapour channels   NOAA (Manik)     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.3r   SRF Retrievals   Manik to check how many singular vectors are greater than 1 in SRF retrieval.   NOAA (Manik)     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.3r   SRF Retrievals   Manik to evaluate uncertainties on the SRF retrieval.   NOAA (Manik)     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.3t   Development of LEO-LEO IR Products   NASA is encouraged to follow the approach adopted for the GEO-LEO IR to derive GSICS products.   NASA     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.3t   calibration of MODIS and VIIRS cold-end   NASA to investigate the relative calibration of MODIS and VIIRS cold-end.   NASA     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.4b   VIIRS calibration summary presentation   Users should avoid the first year of data from of S-NPP/VIIRS       2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.4d   ROLO developments & schedule   JMA and USGS to work together on AHI data in support of ROLO development.   JMA, USGS     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.4e   Application of GIRO to NIR bands   JMA is strongly encouraged to keep shared their data with the lunar calibration community as those data would greatly help in characterising phase dependency spectrally. It would help the community to achieve intercalibration for sensors with similar bands.   JMA     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.4g   Discussion - Way forward on lunar inter-calibration   CNES and EUM to resolve any differences in formulation of presented lunar inter-calibration approaches??   CNES, EUM     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.4h   Lunar surface target selections & auto-mapping   NOAA to interact with JMA to understand the root cause of the differences between analyses (in particular wrt deep space counts).   NOAA     2017-annual meeting       
R.GRWG.2016.7e   GDWG summary and Agree Actions   GSICS decisions should be represented to EP for information or endorsement if needed. AND DOCUMENTED.