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illustration of earth circled by satellitesGSICS Mission

Assure high-quality, inter-calibrated measurements from the international constellation of operational satellites to support the GEOSS goal of increasing the accuracy and interoperability of environmental products and applications for societal benefit.

GSICS Implementation Plan, (PDF, 198 KB)

GSICS Coordination Center (GCC) Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support the establishment of GSICS product and services definitions and product evaluation processes, including product theoretical basis, quality assurance, data protocols, and associated documentation;
  • Run baseline algorithm for GEO-LEO and LEO-LEO inter-calibration for all operation weather satellite instruments for the purpose of product quality assurance
  • Make recommendations to, and facilitate communication between,GRWG and GDWG during their efforts to develop, implement, organize, and direct GSICS research and data management projects;
  • Support GSICS end-to-end demonstration activities;
  • Track and make updates to GSICS Operations Plan;
  • Design and maintain GCC web site;
  • Publish the GSICS Quarterly newsletter, and supports development of other GSICS publications;
  • Support Executive Panel in finding GSICS data and information users, and recruiting new GSICS Member.