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GSICS Procedure for Product Acceptance (GPPA)


Clip-art of GSICS Stamp of ApprovalGSICS Procedure for Product Acceptance (GPPA) is the ...

  • GSICS product developers pathway to obtain a "Stamp of Approval" for a potential product
  • GSICS data users window to GSICS product quality and "fitness for purpose"
  • GSICS governing body reference for judging GSICS product fitness

GPPA is Composed of the Four Following Phases ...

  • Product Submission Phase:A GSICS Product Acceptance Form for a potential product has been satisfactorily completed and submitted to the GSICS Coordination Center
  • Demonstration Phase:The Product is determined to be within GSICS scope, its fundamental founding concepts are understood, and it meets GSICS data format/content guidelines. In this phase, the Product is released solely for the purpose of evaluation within GSICS and by potential product users
  • Pre-Operational Phase:The Product has been determined to be a valuable part of the GSICS product portfolio, and has developed and understood methodology, software, supporting models and measurements, uncertainty, quality indicator, and traceability to a community or SI standard
  • Operational Phase:In addition to its Pre-Operational Phase attributes, the Product has developed and understood generation, distribution, version control and archive strategies. It also has an available User's Guide. At this point, Product is fully accepted and maintained within GSICS

The lastest GPPA Document, Workflow, and Product Acceptance Form are archived on the GSICS Wiki