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GSICS Quality Assurance

NASA meeting with Werner Von Braun in attendance; a picture As earnest work began to create the first GSICS product, the question arose of a GSICS product "stamp of approval."

This led the GSICS Coordination Center to draft a GSICS Procedure for Product Acceptance (GPPA), the role of which is to define and document product:

  • Scope within the GSICS product portfolio;
  • Theoretical basis, and implementation, distribution, and archive strategy; and
  • Quality (uncertainty, quality indicators, etc.).

The GSICS quality assurance program has been developed in conjunction with the Quality Assurance Framework for Earth Observations (QA4EO). The QA4EO is being established for the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) by the CEOS Working Group on Calibration/Validation as a general set of data quality assurance guidelines that can be applied throughout the earth observation community. At GSICS these guidelines have been tailored to meet the needs of GSICS quality assurance programs.