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GSICS Baseline Satellite Instrument Inter-Calibration Analyses

collage of various data 
				charts for intercalibration; an illustrationEfforts to ensure the quality of products developed within GSICS have led, whenever possible, to the development of GSICS product verification tools. One family of verification tools is satellite inter-calibration baseline algorithms. These algorithms capture the fundamental physical concepts of similar, but more comprehensive, GSICS product satellite inter-calibration algorithms. In addition, the baseline algorithms have the capability to be applied to all instruments within a given instrument class. Therefore, the results of the more basic baseline algorithm can be compared with algorithms that have more complexity. Any discrepancies can be used as a platform from which to search for errors in the more complex product algorithms, and/or significant inadequacies of the baseline algorithm. Thus, the analyses that result from simultaneously runnning baseline and GSICS product algorithms become a cross-check, and a workbench, by which the discipline of inter-satellite calibration can evolve.