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Climatological data

The climatological data used by the "GVPS" provides critical background and constraints within which the resulting products are derived. These data includes 6 years (bench mark years) averaged smoothed NDVI, and multi-year (24-years, from 1982 to 2005) weekly maximum and minimum NDVI and channel 4 temperature fields, mulit-years Mean GVF and standard deviation of GVF. All these climatology variables are claculated on pixel basis.
Right now, only Mean GVF data are available online in GRIB format.
Type ID Dataset Name 52 Weeks Animation Download Data Data Format
MGVMean GVF Animation data in a GRIB file Description
SGVStandard Deviation of GVF Animation data in Binary files Description
MXN Maximum NDVI Animation    
MNN Minimum NDVI Animation    
MXT Maximum BT4 Animation    
MNT Minimum BT4 Animation