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Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry (LSA)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction (NCWCP)
5830 University Research Court, E/RA3
College Park MD 20740-3818
(301) 683-3300

Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry Personnel Contact List: 09/25/2019
Name Publications
(Researcher ID)
E-Mail Affiliation
Burns, Jessica X-4775-2018 Oceanography
Buckley, Ellen Sea Ice
Byrne, Deirdre Oceanography
Connor, Larry E-7930-2011 Sea Ice
Duncan, Kyle Sea Ice
Egido, Alejandro J-3362-2016 Oceanography
Farrell, Sinéad F-5586-2010 Sea Ice
Kuhn, John F-5602-2010 Oceanography
Leuliette, Eric D-1527-2010 Oceanography
Marks, Karen F-5610-2010 Geophysics
Smith, Walter F-5627-2010 Geophysics