ACSPO Regional Monitor for SST v2.1
Version Release date Changelog
2.1 Mar 2018
  • Added new Geo page to monitor ACSPO AHI/ABI products (while retaining the existing content in the Polar page)
  • Geo page displays ACSPO L2C/3C (collated) products. A slideshow auto-play functionality is added
  • In Polar page comparison mode, Geo products changed from L2P/3U to L2C/3C (since Dec 18, 2017)
  • Added new region: Georges Bank/Nantucket Shoals (total=29)
2.0 Oct 2017
  • Added ACSPO L3U products for all Polar and Geo platforms
  • Added two BoM L3S products in comparison mode
  • Improved speed, performance, and stability
  • New interface
1.3 Jul 2017
  • For 6 Australian regions, added RAMSSA L4 (in comparison mode)
  • Added SSES bias correction radio buttion
  • Added East China Sea region (total=28)
  • Improved web peformance
1.2 Apr 2017
  • Increased number of regions to 27 (added 6 Australian regions)
  • Expanded comparison mode to include OSTIA, CMC, GPB L4s
  • Added MODIS and AVHRR FRAC L3U products
1.1 Feb 2016
  • Increased number of regions to 21 (added 4 high-latitude regions and Monterey Bay)
  • Added comparison mode, with initial options of AHI L2P and MUR L4
  • Added VIIRS L3U product
1.0 Jul 2015
  • Defined ARMS concept, released of ARMS page to the public
  • Established monitoring of ACSPO Polar L2P for 16 regions