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Suomi NPP Total Ozone, 3/30/2016 - click to enlarge

Suomi NPP Total Ozone, 3/30/2016 - click to enlarge


Team Lead: Lawrence Flynn

Product Description

Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite (OMPS)

  • Global daily monitoring of the three dimensional distribution of ozone and other atmospheric constituents.
  • Continues the heritage NOAA POES SBUV/2, EOS-AURA OMI and SOLSE/LORE records.

The Ozone Nadir Profile is an EDR created from measurements made by the OMPS Nadir Profiler and the OMPS Nadir Mapper sensors.

  • NASA developed the Version 8 nadir ozone profile algorithm (V8Pro) ten years ago, which has been in use for the NOAA SBUV/2 program.
  • V8Pro was implemented in IDPS Mx8.11.

The Ozone Total Column is defined as the amount of ozone in a vertical column of the atmosphere measured in Dobson Units.

  • The Version 8 total ozone algorithm (V8TOz) and Linear Fit SO2 (LFSO2) algorithm were developed by NASA OMI Science Team.
  • Versions of the total ozone algorithm have been in use at NOAA for operational processing of SBUV/2 and GOME-2 measurements and for offline processing of the OMPS NM measurements.
  • STAR has integrated OMPS NM V8 Total Ozone EDR for S-NPP and NOAA-20 implementation.

Product and Data Access

Products and data:

EDR Long Term-Monitoring


Total Column Ozone (O3, SO2, reflectivity, Absorbing aerosol index)

  • V8TOZ (Enterprise/Heritage Algorithm)
  • V8TOS (LFSO2)

Nadir Ozone Profile

  • V8Pro (Enterprise/Heritage Algorithm)


NCEP/CPC, NCEP/EMC, NRL, International NWP Users, WMO Ozone Assessment