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STAR / SMCD / EMB Radiation Budget

Data Access

The Solar Resource Data Base files can be accessed from the NESDIS/STAR FTP server:

More information on the content, parameters, and on how they were calculated and evaluated can be found in these documents:

File content and temporal scales

The table below shows the parameters available in a particular file identified by the temporal scale it represents. A checkmarked, shaded block means the particular parameter is available for the time scale specified.

Parameter \ Temporal scale hourly daily monthly multiyear
cell longitude        
cell latitude        
diffuse radiation        
direct normal radiation        
insolation clearness index        
normalized insolation clearness index        
daylight cloud fraction        
clear-sky insolation clearness index        
clear-sky insolation        
midday insolation (three-hours)        
midday insolation (one hour)        
clear-sky days