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Process Asset Library Version 3.0 - Document Guidelines

There is a Document Guideline (DG) for each standard STAR EPL document. Each DG includes a description of the purpose for the document, a standard document outline (table of contents), and a brief description of the standard contents of each subsection.

The intended users of a DG are STAR EPL stakeholders who are responsible for creating or reviewing that specific document.

There are 46 Document Guidelines in the 3.0 release.

Documents last updated on 02 January 2015

Document Guidelines
Document Title File Name & Version
DG-0.1: Document Style Guideline STAR_DG-00.1.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 114 KB)
DG-1.1: Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document Guideline STAR_DG-01.1.0_ATBD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 217 KB)
DG-1.2: Software Architecture Document Guideline STAR_DG-01.2.0_SWA_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 266 KB)
DG-5.1: Development Project Plan Guideline STAR_DG-05.1.0_DPP_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 253 KB)
DG-5.2: Project Status Report Guideline STAR_DG-05.2.0_PSR_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 238 KB)
DG-5.2.A: Project Status Report Appendix Guideline STAR_DG-05.2.A_PSR_v3r0.xls, (XLS, 51 KB)
DG-5.3: Gate 3 Document Guideline STAR_DG-05.3.0_G3D_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 164 KB)
DG-5.3.A: Gate 3 Document Appendix Guideline STAR_DG-05.3.A_G3D_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 7.44 MB)
DG-5.4: Project Baseline Report Guideline STAR_DG-05.4.0_PBR_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 198 KB)
DG-5.5: Gate 3 Review Report Guideline STAR_DG-05.5.0_G3RR_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 233 KB)
DG-6.1: Operations Concept Document Guideline STAR_DG-06.1.0_OCD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 219 KB)
DG-6.2: Requirements Allocation Document Guideline STAR_DG-06.2.0_RAD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 221 KB)
DG-6.3: Verification and Validation Plan Guideline STAR_DG-06.3.0 _VVP_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 221 KB)
DG-6.4: Project Requirements Document Guideline STAR_DG-06.4.0_PRD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 175 KB)
DG-6.4: Project Requirements Document Appendix Guideline STAR_DG-06.4.A_PRD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 4.57 MB)
DG-6.5: Project Requirements Review Report Guideline STAR_DG-06.5.0_PRRR_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 229 KB)
DG-7.1: Preliminary Design Document Guideline STAR_DG-07.1.0_PDD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 206 KB)
DG-7.1.A: Preliminary Design Document Appendix Guideline STAR_DG-07.1.A_PDD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 5.95 MB)
DG-7.2: Preliminary Design Review Report Guideline STAR_DG-07.2.0_PDRR_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 229 KB)
DG-8.1: Detailed Design Document Guideline STAR_DG-08.1.0_DDD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 210 KB)
DG-8.2: Critical Design Document Guideline STAR_DG-08.2.0_CDD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 214 KB)
DG-8.2.A: Critical Design Document Appendix Guideline STAR_DG-08.2.A_CDD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 6.51 MB)
DG-8.3: Critical Design Review Report Guideline STAR_DG-08.3.0_CDRR_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 229 KB)
DG-8.4: Gate 4 Document Guideline STAR_DG-08.4.0_G4D_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 171 KB)
DG-8.4.A: Gate 4 Document Appendix Guideline STAR_DG-08.4.A_G4D_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 5.52 MB)
DG-8.5: Gate 4 Review Report Guideline STAR_DG-08.5.0_G4RR_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 234 KB)
DG-9.1: Unit Test Plan Guideline STAR_DG-09.1.0_UTP_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 235 KB)
DG-9.2: Test Readiness Document Guideline STAR_DG-09.2.0_TRD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 176 KB)
DG-9.2.A: Test Readiness Document Appendix Guideline STAR_DG-09.2.A_TRD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 4.26 MB)
DG-9.3: Test Readiness Review Report Guideline STAR_DG-09.3.0_TRRR_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 228 KB)
DG-10.1: Unit Test Report Guideline STAR_DG-10.1.0_UTR_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 212 KB)
DG-10.2: System Test Plan Guideline STAR_DG-10.2.0_STP_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 234 KB)
DG-10.3: Code Test Document Guideline STAR_DG-10.3.0_CTD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 189 KB)
DG-10.3.A: Code Test Document Appendix Guideline STAR_DG-10.3.A_CTD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 4.72 MB)
DG-10.4: Code Test Review Report Guideline STAR_DG-10.4.0_CTRR_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 224 KB)
DG-11.1: Internal Users Manual Guideline STAR_DG-11.1.0_IUM_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 220 KB)
DG-11.2: External Users Manual Guideline STAR_DG-11.2.0_EUM_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 210 KB)
DG-11.3: Metadata Document Guideline STAR_DG-11.3.0_MDD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 174 KB)
DG-11.4: Verification and Validation Report Guideline STAR_DG-11.4.0_VVR_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 223 KB)
DG-11.5: System Readiness Document Guideline STAR_DG-11.5.0_SRD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 183 KB)
DG-11.5.A: System Readiness Document Appendix Guideline STAR_DG-11.5.A_SRD_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 4.85 MB)
DG-11.6: System Readiness Review Report Guideline STAR_DG-11.6.0_SRRR_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 224 KB)
DG-11.7: Gate 5 Document Guideline STAR_DG-11.7.0_G5D_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 164 KB)
DG-11.7.A: Gate 5 Document Appendix Guideline STAR_DG-11.7.A_G5D_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 5.47 MB)
DG-11.8: Gate 5 Review Report Guideline STAR_DG-11.8.0_G5RR_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 223 KB)
DG-11.9: Development Project Report Guideline STAR_DG-11.9.0_DPR_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 233 KB)

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