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Ocean color in the Mediterranean as seen by NOAA-20 VIIRS satellite

Satellite Oceanography & Climatology Division (SOCD)

SOCD conducts research and development of remote sensing data, derived products, and applications for ocean, coastal, and inland waters. This includes calibration/validation and data merging/fusing of multi-sensor data, and distribution of data products and information via its CoastWatch / OceanWatch / PolarWatch and Coral Reef Watch programs to diverse users and stakeholders.

Satellite Meteorology & Climatology Division (SMCD)

SMCD conducts research and development of Earth System Science-based solutions to improve and expand the use of remote sensing data for monitoring global meteorological, environmental, and climatological conditions.

Land Surface Temperature as derived from NOAA-20 VIIRS satellite

illustration: accounting and management spreadsheet

Resource Management Division (RMD)

RMD is responsible for the stewardship of financial, human, and physical resources and performs tasks such as establishing budgets, internal controls, and administrative policies and procedures.