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Process Asset Library Version 3.0 - Process Guidelines

Users who are not familiar with the STAR EPL process should start with a review of the STAR EPL Process Guidelines. Process Guidelines describe STAR's standard set of practices and guidelines for tailoring them to specific projects.

There are 3 Process Guidelines in the 3.0 release.

Documents last updated on 02 January 2015

Process Guidelines
Document Title File Name & Version
PG-1: STAR EPL Process Guidelines STAR_PG-01.0.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 433 KB)
PG-1.A: STAR EPL Process Guidelines Appendix STAR_PG-01.0.A_v3r0.xls, (XLS, 190 KB)
PG-2: STAR EPL Tailoring Guidelines STAR_PG-02.0.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 162 KB)

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