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Process Asset Library Version 3.0 - Review Checklists

The STAR EPL process includes 6 Technical Reviews and 5 Gate Reviews. For each review, there is a Review Check List (CL) that captures all the objectives for a review as a set of check list items. Each item in the check list should have a "Disposition" column that contains "Pass", "Conditional Pass", "Defer", "Waive", or "N/A" (Not Applicable). Each item will also have columns for Risk Assessment and for Actions generated.

The intended users of the CLs are STAR EPL stakeholders who are responsible for participation on a review team. The CLs are also beneficial to STAR EPL stakeholders who are responsible for preparing a presentation for a review, to help them understand what the reviewers will expect from their presentation.

There are 9 Review Checklists in the 3.0 release.

Documents last updated on 02 January 2015

Review Checklists
Document Title File Name & Version
CL-5: Gate 3 Review Check List STAR_CL-05.0.0_GATE3_v3r0.xls, (XLS, 40 KB)
CL-6: Project Requirements Review Check List STAR_CL-06.0.0_PRR_v3r0.xls, (XLS, 41 KB)
CL-7: Preliminary Design Review Check List STAR_CL-07.0.0_PDR_v3r0.xls, (XLS, 45 KB)
CL-8.1: Critical Design Review Check List STAR_CL-08.1.0_CDR_v3r0.xls, (XLS, 47 KB)
CL-8.2: Gate 4 Review Check List STAR_CL-08.2.0_GATE4_v3r0.xls, (XLS, 43 KB)
CL-9: Test Readiness Review Check List STAR_CL-09.0.0_TRR_v3r0.xls, (XLS, 37 KB)
CL-10: Code Test Review Check List STAR_CL-10.0.0_CTR_v3r0.xls, (XLS, 47 KB)
CL-11.1: System Readiness Review Check List STAR_CL-11.1.0_SRR_v3r0.xls, (XLS, 46 KB)
CL-11.2: Gate 5 Review Check List STAR_CL-11.2.0_GATE5_v3r0.xls, (XLS, 42 KB)

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