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Process Asset Library Version 3.0 - Stakeholder Guidelines

A Stakeholder Guideline (SG) is a description of how to perform all STAR EPL standard tasks assigned to a given type of stakeholder. For each type of stakeholder, the appropriate SG provides that stakeholder with a complete description of the standard tasks for that stakeholder role, along with references to all appropriate process assets and project artifacts. This functions as a complement to the Task Guidelines (TGs), which provide a completion description of all stakeholder tasks for a specific process step.

There are 13 Stakeholder Guidelines in the 3.0 release.

Documents last updated on 02 January 2015

Stakeholder Guidelines
Document Title File Name & Version
SG-4: STAR CM/DM Guidelines STAR_SG-04.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 242 KB)
SG-7: STAR Manager Guidelines STAR_SG-07.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 343 KB)
SG-8: Research Lead Guidelines STAR_SG-08.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 207 KB)
SG-9: Research Scientist Guidelines STAR_SG-09.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 204 KB)
SG-10: Research Tester Guidelines STAR_SG-10.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 177 KB)
SG-11: Research Programmer Guidelines STAR_SG-11.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 183 KB)
SG-12: Research Manager Guidelines STAR_SG-12.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 182 KB)
SG-13: Development Lead Guidelines STAR_SG-13.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 723 KB)
SG-14: Development Scientist Guidelines STAR_SG-14.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 733 KB)
SG-15: Development Tester Guidelines STAR_SG-15.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 672 KB)
SG-16: Development Programmer Guidelines STAR_SG-16.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 705 KB)
SG-17: Technical Review Lead Guidelines STAR_SG-17.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 566 KB)
SG-18: Technical Reviewer Guidelines STAR_SG-18.0_v3r0.pdf, (PDF, 565 KB)