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STAR - Enterprise Product Lifecycle

Research-to-Operations Transition Portal

The Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR) is the science arm of the National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (NESDIS), which acquires and manages the nation's operational Earth-observing satellites. NESDIS provides data from these satellites, and conducts research to make that possible. STAR supports NESDIS and NOAA in their mission to assess current conditions and predict future changes on the Earth, and to understand long-term changes in the environment.

The STAR mission is to transfer satellite observations of the land, atmosphere, ocean, and climate from scientific research and development into routine operations, and to offer state-of-the-art data, products and services to decision-makers.

STAR develops a diverse spectrum of complex, often interrelated, environmental algorithms and software systems. These systems are developed through extensive research programs, and transitioned from research to operations when a sufficient level of maturity and end- user acceptance is achieved.

NESDIS/STAR is implementing an increased level of process maturity to support the exchange of these software systems from one location or platform to another. This process, has been designated the STAR Enterprise Product Lifecycle (EPL).

STAR EPL version 3 consists of 11 process steps that take a product from initial concept through development of a pre-operational system that is ready for transition to operations. In this lifecycle, project stakeholders work together to enable a product to predictably mature as it progresses through the lifecycle steps.

  • Step 1 - Basic Research
  • Step 2 - Focused R & D
  • Step 3 - Project Proposal
  • Step 4 - Resource Identification
  • Step 5 - Project Plan
  • Step 6 - Project Requirements
  • Step 7 - Preliminary Design
  • Step 8 - Detailed Design
  • Step 9 - Code & Test Data Development
  • Step 10 - Code Test & Refinement
  • Step 11 - System Integration and Test

STAR EPL Process Asset Repository

Process Assets are a set of documents that define the enterprise standards and best practices. All of the reference documents for the STAR EPL process are STAR EPL process assets that are intended to be accessible to approved users in a Process Asset Repository (PAR).

Version 3.0 process assets include:

  • Process Guidelines
  • Stakeholder Guidelines
  • Task Guidelines
  • Peer Review Guidelines
  • Review Check Lists
  • Document Guidelines
  • Training Documents

The STAR EPL process is designed to be improvable. Comments and suggestions for improvement of the process architecture, assets, artifacts and tools are always welcome. Stakeholders can provide feedback by contacting:

Walter Wolf