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2017 NOAA Satellite Aerosol Product Workshop

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25-26 September 2017
NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction (NCWCP)
Conference Center
5830 University Research Court
College Park, MD 20740-3823
By Invitation / aerosols community members
Limited to 80 attendees
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Workshop Summary

The NOAA Satellite Aerosol Product Workshop is a 2-day meeting that will highlight recent updates to the new generation GOES-16/ABI and SNPP/VIIRS aerosol products, with an emphasis on user interaction with the data. The workshop will bring together NOAA NESDIS aerosol product developers and members of the air quality satellite user community, including science and operational users. The new ABI products will be described, featuring aerosol optical depth and aerosol detection (smoke/dust masks); fire detection and fire radiative power (FRP); and various supplementary color imagery (RGB), including synthetic RGB (similar to true color but using a synthetic green channel), natural color RGB (highlights smoke plumes), and dust RGB (highlights blowing dust). The status of VIIRS aerosol products will also be presented, with a quick update on the current aerosol algorithm. Users will participate in extended interactive sessions, during which they will download and visualize VIIRS and ABI data directly using a software package developed by NOAA NESDIS. The package will be distributed to attendees prior to the workshop. The workshop will also include a break-out session that will allow data users to review and provided feedback on a new NOAA website for NRT ABI aerosol and RGB imagery. Science and operational users will present their perspectives on using current VIIRS and upcoming ABI products in their research and operational activities.

General Attendee Information

Parking map

Parking map
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If you are driving to the workshop venue, once you turn onto University Research Court, park anywhere in the lot on the right (east side). Parking is free. Walk over to the NCWCP building, which is on the left (west side) towards the end of the Court. In order to enter the building, you will need to show a driver's license or passport to the guard at the booth outside of the building.

Hotel Accommodations

There is a block of rooms at the Greenbelt Marriott hotel offered at a preferred rate available through Saturday, August 12. If you are staying at the Greenbelt Marriott hotel, there will be shuttle service to/from the workshop venue. The shuttle will leave the hotel at 8:30 AM and pick up from the workshop venue at 5:15 PM on both September 25 and 26. It is about a 15 minute drive from the hotel to the workshop venue.

Workshop check-in will be Monday and Tuesday morning from 8:30-9:00 AM on September 25 and 26. We will have morning and afternoon coffee/snack breaks, and we are providing boxed lunches both days.

Please bring a laptop to the workshop, if you have one. You will use the laptop for the break-out session.

Note that free wi-fi will be available in the NCWCP conference center during the course of the workshop.

NCWCP, College Park, MD

Agenda and Links

high level meeting agenda

high level meeting agenda
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Block schedule, (XLSX, 11 KB, 9/5/2017)

Remote Participation Information:

Remote attendees can participate via Webex.


Shobha Kondragunta ( or Amy Huff ( if you have any questions or comments.

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