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17-19 November 2020
Virtual meeting - Details below

Workshop Summary

The meeting is intended to bring together the space-based wind lidar community to discuss the status of space-based wind lidar, provide updates on latest advancements relating to technology, performance, and impact of space-based wind lidar, investigate future wind lidar missions, and provide community feedback to NOAA and NASA on moving forward. The meeting will include invited presentations, contributed talks, and significant time for discussions. A tentative list of topics that will be addressed at the meeting includes the following:

  • Aeolus mission status and impact;
  • NOAA needs and plans for space-based winds;
  • NASA needs and plans for space-based winds;
  • Future wind lidar mission concepts;
  • Progress in space-based Wind Lidar science and technology;
  • Alternative techniques for global wind measurements and complementarity with lidar winds;
  • International efforts and collaborations;
  • Next steps

This meeting is hosted by NESDIS/STAR and sponsored by NESDIS/STAR and NESDIS/OPPA under the Technology Maturation Program.

Meeting Goals

  • Exchange information on recent and planned activities relating to space-based wind observations, with a focus on lidar activities, among government, academia, and industry.
  • Review scientific needs and anticipated impact of space-based wind observations to address those needs.
  • Investigate concepts for future wind satellite missions.
  • Examine the role of wind lidar in future global observing systems.
  • Report on latest advancements in technology and retrievals relating to mainly lidar space-based wind observing systems.
  • Educate the community on agency plans and programs relating to space-based wind observations and allow community input on those plans.
  • Stimulate international collaborations on space-based wind lidar development and implementation.

Meeting Summary and Reporting

  • A closing session will focus on moving forward and summarizing inputs and discussions from the meeting.
  • Results from this session will be documented in a summary report.
NCWCP, College Park, MD

Session Recordings


high level meeting agenda

high level meeting agenda
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