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Three STAR Scientists Honored with Dept. of Commerce Gold and Silver Medals

17 November 2009 - Dr. Jane Lubchenco today announced the names of this year's Department of Commerce Gold and Silver Medal winners. The Gold Medal is the highest honorary award granted by the Secretary, defined as distinguished performance characterized by extraordinary, notable, or prestigious contributions that impact the mission of the Department. A Silver Medal is given for exceptional performance characterized by noteworthy or superlative contributions which have a direct and lasting impact within the Department.

STAR congratulates these three scientists for this prestigious recognition of their efforts and achievements.

photo: Changyong Caophoto: Mark Eakinphoto: John Lillibridge III

Changyong Cao, Mark Eakin, and John Lillibridge III
STAR Recipients of the 2009 Department of Commerce Gold Medal (Cao) and Silver Medals (Eakin & Lillibridge)


Gold Medal for Scientific/Engineering Achievement
Changyong Cao

For leadership in developing and implementing an international framework for generating high-quality satellite data for climate monitoring.

Silver Medal for Scientific/Engineering Achievement
Mark Eakin

Team members:
  • Mark Eakin
  • Robert S. Webb (OAR)
  • Mary Cécile Penland de García (OAR)
  • Lauri Maclaughlin (NOS)
  • Rik Wanninkhof (OAR)

For providing timely ocean information and capacity for improved global monitoring and management of coral reef ecosystems relative to climate change.

Silver Medal for Scientific/Engineering Achievement
John Lillibridge III

Team members:
  • Angelo G. Wade
  • J. Philip Green
  • Walid J. Bannoura
  • Linda Stathoplos
  • John L. Lillibridge III
  • Kim McCarty
  • Larry Ledlow
  • Brian Hill

For designing and implementing a U.S. ground system for Europe's Jason-2 satellite to support worldwide weather forecasting and climate monitoring.