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STAR Goes to the 90th AMS Meeting
Paul Chang Honored with Special Award

				Kogan, ???, and Al Powell at the AMS Meeting, January 18, 201029 January 2010 - STAR was well-represented at the the 90th American Meteorological Meeting in Atlanta, GA, 17-21 January 2010. STAR personnel gave more than a dozen presentations and posters, presenting the work of more than 25 different scientists and contractors. A particular highlight was the Special Award given to Paul Chang as a member of a group recognized for "an exceptional, interdisciplinary project, resulting in continuous operational monitoring of hurricane surface winds, improved hurricane intensity advisories, and saving countless lives."

AMS Meeting Note from Tim Schmit

Animation of comparison: GOES-12 to GOES-14 east coast visible images, Dec. 19, 2009

Comparison of 15-minute interval GOES-12 and
1-minute Interval GOES-14 Visible Images

21 January 2010 - As part of his presentation to the 6th Annual Symposium on Future National Operational Environmental Satellite Systems-NPOESS and GOES-R (program), on the improved attributes of the Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) on GOES-R, T. Schmit showed several loops that demonstrated the improved temporal resolution of the ABI over that of the current imager.

As an example, he presented a comparison of 15-minute interval GOES-12 and 1-minute interval GOES-14 visible images centered off the east coast of the Delmarva Peninsula from December 19, 2009. This comparison offers a compelling demonstration of the value of more frequent imaging for monitoring the development and evolution of cloud features. During this 18:15 - 19:04 UTC time period, there were only 3 images available from GOES-12, compared to 44 images using GOES-14.