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Scott Bachmeier named NOAA Team Member of October 2010

photo of Scott BachmeierOctober 2010 - Scott Bachmeier at the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS) has played an important role in improving public awareness of NOAA's satellite applications - both for the general public and for the agency's own weather forecasters - through his satellite Web blog, the development and delivery of training sessions for NWS forecasters, and participation in GOES-14 and -15 science tests.

Scott developed the CIMSS Satellite Blog to showcase interesting meteorological conditions detected in NOAA's geostationary and polar-orbiting satellite data. His blog topics include the improved navigation and registration of GOES-14, "vog" (volcanic smog), ice motion, snow, blowing dust and other natural phenomena. His quick posting of graphics and accompanying discussion on such news items as the East Coast winter (Dec. 18-19, 2009), the Midwest blizzard (Dec. 8-9, 2009), and volcanic ash from Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption in March heightened popular interest in these events and underscored the relevance of NOAA's satellite capabilities.

Thanks to NOAA World for this photo and story.