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Wenhui Wang named NOAA Team Member of December 2011

photo: Dr. Wenhui Wang1 December 2011 - Wenhui Wang of IMSG at STAR/SMCD's Environmental Monitoring Branch was named NOAA's Team Member of the Month for December 2011 for her unique and innovative work on the management and processing of Upper-Air Temperature Climate Data Records from MSU/AMSU observations.

graph: MSU/AMSU/SSU Global Mean Layer Temperature Anomaly Time Series

MSU/AMSU/SSU Global Mean Layer Temperature Anomaly Time Series
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The project includes development of inter-satellite calibration algorithms and the correction of biases from many different error sources, implementation of these algorithms to produce merged temperature time series for as many as 14 Microwave Sounding Unit (MSU) and Advanced MSU (AMSU) channels on 16 polar orbiting satellites, trend analysis of the products, and operational support for user access to the products, including managing a web site that supplies this data to users all over the world.

STAR's data from this project were shown to have high precision when validated against other climate observations. NOAA is now planning to use this data to operationally monitor the upper-air temperature climate change. The dataset is also now being widely used by the climate community to assess the atmospheric temperature trends.

STAR congratulates Dr. Wang for her outstanding contribution to STAR and for this recognition of her work.